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    What Animated Movies Are Good For Little Ones?

    I'm not a mom yet, but I work with kids at our church. I also watch a lot of Disney and other animated movies at home.

    But, I've noticed that some of them could be quite scary for younger kids. Lots of them are somewhat violent and have several scary scenes. A lot of them also have magical creatures and places that might be quite scary to some.

    My sister and I were able to watch every Disney movie we had just fine, without any problems, but we don't scare easily and were never prone to nightmares.

    So, what animated movies do your kids watch? Do you think Disney and other movies of the same sort are just fine for young kids (like age 3-6)?

    What ones do you think young kids could enjoy without being scared? I think of Cinderella, The Jungle Book and the AristoCats right away.

    Just curious to know your thoughts.
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    My daughter LOVES Winnie the Pooh (the newish movie) and I don't think it really has anything scary in it. There is a "monster" but it's just in their imaginations and even then is sort of cute. In general anything with animals too she likes. Haven't seen these in awhile so I'm not too sure about the "scary" content, but what about Lady and the Tramp or 101 Dalmatians?
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    My kids and I are huge fans of the Dvds that They Might Be Giants havemade...great songs (educational too), catchy and not annoying imho. My older two are currently into stuff like American pickers on netflix, craft wars, cake boss etc. Linus (almost 6) was really into Thomas the Tank Engine for a while, Bob theBuilder etc. We tend to do more "15 minute episodes" then full length movies though. The newer Curious George tv show is cute. Super Why, Sid the Science kid, all good as well. Like I said before, we are not as much into the full length videos. Mykids would probably beok with some of them,but in general I do not likethe whole "Damsel in distress" idea many Disney movies portray and that a girl needs true love (in a handsome man) in order to fullfill her hearts destiny. Not all of them are like that, but, I would rather stick to other themes at the ages they are now.

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    The Disney movies my son loves: Tangled (mostly because of the horse and the chameleon, but he likes anything with music), Robin Hood, Jungle Book, Sword in the Stone, Cinderella, Aristocats, old Winnie the Pooh, Rescuers Down Under, Finding Nemo (ocean animals are his favorites), Lady and the Tramp. That's all I can think of at the moment. We stick to the older movies a lot cause they just seem more low-key to me. My son is 2 by the way.
    He also like VeggieTales, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, and Blues Clues (thank you Netflix :-)
    Oh and his first show he ever watched was Baby Signing Time, and he still loves it and Signing Time. He knows well over 100 signs now, and he started signing at 10 months. Great, entertaining, and educational kids shows :-)

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    I'm only a teenager so don't have kids yet. When I was young I didn't watch many movies but the Disney ones I remember liking were Finding Nemo and Sleeping Beauty, and I didn't find them scary. My sister and I pretty much grew up watching The Sound of Music- we were about 4 and 7 the first time we watched it and I still love it (for different reasons now though ). I guess it was a bit scary but I never got nightmares or anything.

    Just thought you might want to hear it from a different perspective!
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