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    List of SNL cast members' kids' names

    I know that several of the more recent Saturday Night Live cast members have had interestingly named children, so I thought I would compile a list of the names of the children of all of the cast members over the years.

    It isn't entirely complete, but it's as comprehensive as I could make it. I provided birth years and middle names when I could find them. Some of the names provided are likely nicknames (Joe, Mae Mae), but I couldn't find their full names listed anywhere, and I tried to provide genders where I thought it might be ambiguous.

    Dan Aykroyd
    Danielle Alexandra (1989)
    Belle Kingston (1993)
    Stella Irene (1998)

    Morwenna Banks
    Dolly Loveday (2001)
    Ezra Beckett (2004)

    Jim Belushi
    Jamison Bess (1999) (female)
    Jared James (2002)

    Dana Carvey
    Dex (1991)
    Thomas (1993)

    Chevy Chase
    Cydney Cathalene (1983)
    Caley Leigh (1985)
    Emily Evelyn (1988)

    Billy Crystal
    Jennifer (1973)
    Lindsay (1977)

    Jane Curtin
    Tess (1983?)

    Joan Cusack
    Dylan John

    Robert Downey Jr
    Indio Falconer (1993)
    Exton Elias (2012)

    Rachel Dratch
    Eli Benjamin (2010)

    Christine Ebersole
    Elijah (1993)
    Mae Mae (1996)
    Aron (1997)

    Chris Elliott
    Abigail "Abby" (1987)
    Bridget "Bridey"

    Siobhan Fallon

    Will Ferrell
    Magnus Paulin (2004)
    Mattias Paulin (2006)
    Axel Paulin (2010)

    Tina Fey
    Alice Zenobia (2005)
    Penelope Athena (2011)

    Al Franken
    Thomasin (1981)
    Joe (Likely a nickname for Joseph.) (1984)

    Ana Gasteyer
    Frances (2002)
    Ulysses (2008)

    Gilbert Gottfried
    Lily Aster (2007)
    Max Aaron (2009)

    Christopher Guest
    Anne (1986)
    Thomas (1996)

    Bill Hader
    Hannah Kathryn (2009)
    Harper (2012)

    Brad Hall & Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    Henry (1992)
    Charles (1997)

    Darrell Hammond
    Mia (1998)

    Phil Hartman
    Sean Edward (1989)
    Birgen Anika (1992)

    Melanie Hutsell
    Carly Rose

    Victoria Jackson
    Scarlet (1986)
    Aubrey (1994)

    Tim Kazurinsky

    Taran Killam
    Shaelyn Cado (2009) (female)

    David Koechner
    Sargent & Audrey (twins)
    Eve (2011)

    Norm MacDonald

    Michael McKean

    Mark McKinney
    Christopher Thomas (1996)
    Emma Jane (2001)

    Tim Meadows
    Isaiah Crosby

    Laurie Metcalf
    Zoe Michelle (1984)
    Will Theron (1993)
    Mae Akins (2005)

    Dennis Miller
    Holden (1990)
    Marlon (1993)

    Jay Mohr
    Meredith Daniel (2011) (male)

    Tracy Morgan
    Gitrid (1986) (male)
    Malcolm (1988)
    Tracy Jr. (1992)

    Eddie Murphy
    Eric (1989)
    Bria L. (1989)
    Christian (1990)
    Myles Mitchell (1992)
    Shayne Audra (1994)
    Zola Ivy (1999)
    Bella Zahra (2002)
    Angel Iris (2007)

    Bill Murray
    Homer (1982)
    Luke (1985)
    Caleb James (1993)
    Jackson William (1995)
    Cooper Jones (1997)
    Lincoln Darius (2001)

    Mike Myers
    Spike (2011)

    Kevin Nealon
    Gable Ness (2007) (male)

    Laraine Newman
    Lena (1991)
    Hannah (1995)

    Joe Piscopo
    Joseph Jr. "Joey" (1979)

    Amy Poehler
    Archibald William Emerson "Archie" (2008)
    Abel James (2010)

    Randy Quaid
    Amanda Marie (1983)

    Chris Rock
    Lola Simone (2002)
    Zahra Savannah (2004)

    Maya Rudolph
    Pearl Minnie (2005)
    Lucille (2009)
    Jack (2011)

    Adam Sandler
    Sadie Madison (2006)
    Sunny Madeline (2008)

    Paul Shaffer
    Victoria (1993)
    Will (1999)

    Molly Shannon
    Stella Shannon (2003)
    Nolan Shannon(2005)

    David Spade
    Harper (2008)

    Pamela Stephenson
    Daisy (1983)
    Amy (1986)
    Scarlett (1988)

    Ben Stiller
    Ella Olivia (2002)
    Quinlin Dempsey (2005)

    Julia Sweeney
    Tara Mulan (2000)

    Nancy Carell
    Elisabeth Anne "Annie" (2001)
    John "Johnny" (2004)

    Damon Wayans
    Damon Jr. (1982)
    Michael (1985)
    Cara Mia (1987)
    Kyla (1991)

    Alan Zweibel
    Adam (1981)
    Lindsay (1984)
    Sari (1989)
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    Some great names here-- thanks for sharing! My favorites:

    Lola Simone
    Alice Zenobia
    Sargent & Audrey
    Belle Kingston

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    I think Will Farrell also has an Axel. Don't quote me on that though. I liked the name for a while and think he may have com eup when I was looking up info.

    Some great names on there! And I read Bossy Pants by Tina Fay and found out that Alice is her mother in laws name and Zenobia her moms name...great name choices by her nonetheless but I just wanted to add that at least Alice is named after family.
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    Wow, that's an interesting list! Most are pretty good. Here are some that stood out to me:

    Dolly Loveday - Dolly is a dog name to me (fiance's family dog) but Loveday is a friend's daughter's middle name too (first name Delilah). So interesting!
    Cydney Cathalene - wtf? Sydney Cathleen isn't nice enough?
    Indio Falconer and Exton Elias - Terrible all around except for Elias.
    Magnus Paulin and Mattias Paulin - Same middle name? Interesting.
    Alice and Penelope - Just love these names!
    Charlie, Margot, Sargent, Audrey and Eve - Poor Sargent. The rest have nice names!
    Gitrid - What is this?
    Spike - Should have gotten a dog.
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    Too bad nameberry wasn't around in Chevy Chase's time. We would have set him straight.

    I think Victoria Jackson is a bit of a nut, but I love her children's names, especially for the time period.

    I love Cara Mia. Good job Damon!

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