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    Top 100 VS Bottom 100 Baby Name Game (US 2000)

    Hi! This game as inspired by a game I saw on here awhile ago. To play, you chose your favorite name from the options from the top 100 or bottom 100 baby names (from the top 500) of 2000 in the US. Have fun!

    1. Jacob or Orlando?
    2. Michael or Roy?
    3. Matthew or Terrance?
    4. Joshua or Kai?
    5. Christopher or Khalil?
    6. Nicholas or Graham?
    7. Andrew or Noel?
    8. Joseph or Nathanael?
    9. Daniel or Willie?
    10. Tyler or Terrell?
    11. William or Tyrone?
    12. Brandon or Camron?
    13. Ryan or Mauricio?
    14. John or Amir?
    15. Zachary or Darian?
    16. David or Jaron?
    17. Anthony or Nelson?
    18. James or Kade?
    19. Justin or Reese?
    20. Alexander or Kristian?
    21. Jonathan or Garret?
    22. Christian or Marquis?
    23. Austin or Rodolfo?
    24. Dylan or Dane?
    25. Ethan or Felipe?
    26. Benjamin or Todd?
    27. Noah or Elian?
    28. Samuel or Walker?
    29. Robert or Mateo?
    30. Nathan or Jaylon?
    31. Cameron or Kenny?
    32. Kevin or Bruce?
    33. Thomas or Ezra?
    34. Jose or Ross?
    35. Hunter or Damion?
    36. Jordan or Francis?
    37. Kyle or Tate?
    38. Caleb or Byron?
    39. Jason or Reid?
    40. Logan or Warren?
    41. Aaron or Randall?
    42. Eric or Bennett?
    43. Brian or Jermaine?
    44. Gabriel or Triston?
    45. Adam or Jaquan?
    46. Jack or Harley?
    47. Isaiah or Jesse?
    48. Juan or Franklin?
    49. Luis or Duncan?
    50. Connor or Charlie?
    51. Charles or Reed?
    52. Elijah or Blaine?
    53. Isaac or Braeden?
    54. Steven or Holden?
    55. Evan or Ahmad?
    56. Jared or Issac?
    57. Sean or Kendrick?
    58. Timothy or Melvin?
    59. Luke or Sawyer?
    60. Cody or Solomon?
    61. Nathaniel or Moses?
    62. Alex or Jaylin?
    63. Seth or Sam?
    64. Mason or Cedric?
    65. Richard or Mohammad?
    66. Carlos or Alvin?
    67. Angel or Beau?
    68. Patrick or Jordon?
    69. Devin or Elliot?
    70. Bryan or Lee?
    71. Cole or Darrell?
    72. Jackson or Jarred?
    73. Ian or Mohamed?
    74. Garrett or Davion?
    75. Trevor or Wade?
    76. Jesus or Tomas?
    77. Chase or Jaxon?
    78. Adrian or Uriel?
    79. Mark or Deven?
    80. Blake or Maximillian?
    81. Sebastian or Rogelio?
    82. Antonio or Gilberto?
    83. Lucas or Ronnie?
    84. Jeremy or Julius?
    85. Gavin or Allan?
    86. Miguel or Brayan?
    87. Julian or Deshawn?
    88. Dakota or Joey?
    89. Alejandro or Terrence?
    90. Jesse or Noe?
    91. Dalton or Alfonso?
    92. Bryce or Ahmed?
    93. Tanner or Tyree?
    94. Kenneth or Tyrell?
    95. Stephen or Jerome?
    96. Jake or Devan?
    97. Victor or Neil?
    98. Spencer or Ramiro?
    99. Marcus or Pierce?
    100. Paul or Davon?
    Charlotte - Magdalene - Caroline - Cora - Evangeline - Josephine - Georgia - Sadie - Claire - Edith - Eleanor - Emerson - Emmeline - Kirsten - Louise - Lucy - Olivia

    William - Nathaniel - Kane - Adam - Colton - Clark - Dallas - Luke - Austin - Charles - Easton - Ellis - Jackson - Colin - Keaton - Keegan - Connell - Gabriel - Nicholas

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    My favourite names are in all caps…

    JACOB or Orlando
    MICHAEL or Roy
    MATTHEW or Terrance
    JOSHUA or Kai
    CHRISTOPHER or Khalil
    NICHOLAS or Graham
    ANDREW or Noel
    JOSEPH or Nathanael
    DANIEL or Willie
    TYLER or Terrell
    WILLIAM or Tyrone
    BRANDON or Camron
    RYAN or Mauricio
    JOHN or Amir
    ZACHARY or Darian
    DAVID or Jaron
    ANTHONY or Nelson
    JAMES or Kade
    Justin or REESE
    ALEXANDER or Kristian
    JONATHAN or Garrett
    CHRISTIAN or Marquis
    AUSTIN or Rodolfo
    DYLAN or Dane
    ETHAN or Felipe
    BENJAMIN or Todd
    NOAH or Elian
    SAMUEL or Walker
    Robert or MATEO
    NATHAN or Jaylon
    CAMERON or Kenny
    Kevin or BRUCE
    THOMAS or Ezra
    Jose or ROSS
    HUNTER or Damion
    Jordan or FRANCIS
    Kyle or TATE
    Caleb or BYRON
    Jason or REID
    LOGAN or Warren
    AARON or Randall
    Eric or BENNETT
    BRIAN or Jermaine
    GABRIEL or Triston
    ADAM or Jaquan
    JACK or Harley
    ISAIAH or Jesse
    Juan or FRANKLIN
    Luis or DUNCAN
    CONNOR or Charlie
    CHARLES or Reed
    ELIJAH or Blaine
    ISAAC or Braeden
    Steven or HOLDEN
    EVAN or Ahmad
    Jared or ISAAC
    Sean or KENDRICK
    TIMOTHY or Melvin
    LUKE or Sawyer
    Cody or SOLOMON
    NATHANIEL or Moses
    ALEX or Jaylin
    Seth or SAM
    Mason or CEDRIC
    RICHARD or Mohammad
    CARLOS or Alvin
    Angel or BEAU
    PATRICK or Jordon
    Devin or ELLIOT
    BRYAN or Lee
    COLE or Darrell
    JACKSON or Jarred
    IAN or Mohamed
    GARRETT or Davion
    Trevor or WADE
    Jesus or TOMAS
    CHASE or Jaxon
    ADRIAN or Uriel
    MARK or Deven
    Blake or MAXIMILIAN
    SEBASTIAN or Rogelio
    ANTONIO or Gilberto
    LUCAS or Ronnie
    JEREMY or Julius
    GAVIN or Allan
    MIGUEL or Brayan
    JULIAN or Deshawn
    Dakota or JOEY
    ALEJANDRO or Terrence
    JESSE or Noe
    Dalton or ALFONSO
    BRYCE or Ahmed
    TANNER or Tyree
    KENNETH or Tyrell
    STEPHEN or Jerome
    JAKE or Devan
    Victor or NEIL
    SPENCER or Ramiro
    MARCUS or Pierce
    PAUL or Davon
    ~ Violet Elizabeth Rose ~


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    Jacob or Orlando?
    Michael or Roy?
    Matthew or Terrance?
    Joshua or Kai?
    Christopher or Khalil?
    Nicholas or Graham?
    Andrew or Noel?
    Joseph or Nathanael?
    Daniel or Willie?
    Tyler or Terrell?
    William or Tyrone?
    Brandon or Camron?
    Ryan or Mauricio?
    John or Amir?
    Zachary or Darian?
    David or Jaron?
    Anthony or Nelson?
    James or Kade?
    Justin or Reese?
    Alexander or Kristian?
    Jonathan or Garret?
    Christian or Marquis?
    Austin or Rodolfo?
    Dylan or Dane?
    Ethan or Felipe?
    Benjamin or Todd?
    Noah or Elian?
    Samuel or Walker?
    Robert or Mateo?
    Nathan or Jaylon?
    Cameron or Kenny?
    Kevin or Bruce?
    Thomas or Ezra?
    Jose or Ross?
    Hunter or Damion?
    Jordan or Francis?
    Kyle or Tate?
    Caleb or Byron?
    Jason or Reid?
    Logan or Warren?
    Aaron or Randall?
    Eric or Bennett?
    Brian or Jermaine?
    Gabriel or Triston?
    Adam or Jaquan?
    Jack or Harley?
    Isaiah or Jesse?
    Juan or Franklin?
    Luis or Duncan?
    Connor or Charlie?
    Charles or Reed?
    Elijah or Blaine?
    Isaac or Braeden?
    Steven or Holden?
    Evan or Ahmad?
    Jared or Issac?
    Sean or Kendrick?
    Timothy or Melvin?
    Luke or Sawyer?
    Cody or Solomon?
    Nathaniel or Moses?
    Alex or Jaylin?
    Seth or Sam?
    Mason or Cedric?
    Richard or Mohammad?
    Carlos or Alvin?
    Angel or Beau?
    Patrick or Jordon?
    Devin or Elliot?
    Bryan or Lee?
    Cole or Darrell?
    Jackson or Jarred?
    Ian or Mohamed?
    Garrett or Davion?
    Trevor or Wade?
    Jesus or Tomas?
    Chase or Jaxon?
    Adrian or Uriel?
    Mark or Deven?
    Blake or Maximillian?
    Sebastian or Rogelio?
    Antonio or Gilberto?
    Lucas or Ronnie?
    Jeremy or Julius?
    Gavin or Allan?
    Miguel or Brayan?
    Julian or Deshawn?
    Dakota or Joey?
    Alejandro or Terrence?
    Jesse or Noe?
    Dalton or Alfonso?
    Bryce or Ahmed?
    Tanner or Tyree?
    Kenneth or Tyrell?
    Stephen or Jerome?
    Jake or Devan?
    Victor or Neil?
    Spencer or Ramiro?
    Marcus or Pierce?
    Paul or Davon?

    Orlando or Michael?
    Matthew or Kai?
    Khalil or Graham?
    Andrew or Joseph?
    Daniel or Terrell?
    William or Camron?
    Maricio or John?
    Zachary or David?
    Anthony or Kade?
    Reese or Alexander?
    Jonathan or Marquis?
    Austin or Dylan?
    Ethan or Benjamin?
    Elian or Walker?
    Mateo or Nathan?
    Cameron or Bruce?
    Thomas or Ross?
    Hunter or Francis?
    Tate or Caleb?
    Reid or Warren?
    Aaron or Bennett?
    Brian or Gabriel?
    Adam or Jack?
    Jesse or Franklin?
    Luis or Charlie?
    Reed or Elijah?
    Isaac or Holden?
    Evan or Jared?
    Kendrick or Timothy?
    Luke or Solomon?
    Nathaniel or Alex?
    Seth or Cedric?
    Richard or Carlos?
    Beau or Patrick?
    Elliot or Lee?
    Cole or Jackson?
    Ian or Garrett?
    Trevor or Tomas?
    Jaxon or Uriel?
    Mark or Maximillian?
    Sebastian or Antonio?
    Lucas or Julius?
    Allan or Brayan?
    Julian or Dakota?
    Terrence or Jesse?
    Alfonso or Bryce?
    Tanner or Kenneth?
    Jerome or Jake?
    Niel or Ramiro?
    Pierce or Paul?

    Orlando or Kai?
    Khalil or Joseph?
    Terrell or William?
    John or David?
    Kade or Alexander?
    Jonathan or Dylan?
    Ethan or Walker?
    Nathan or Bruce?
    Thomas or Hunter
    Caleb or Reed?
    Aaron or Gabriel?
    Jack or Jesse?
    Luis or Elijah?
    Holden or Evan?
    Timothy or Solomon?
    Nathaniel or Seth?
    Carlos or Beau?
    Elliot or Jackson?
    Ian or Tomas?
    Jaxon or Maximillian?
    Sebastian or Julius?
    Brayan or Julian?
    Jesse or Bryce?
    Kenneth or Jerome?
    Niel or Pierce?

    Kai or Joseph?
    William or David?
    Kade or Dylan?
    Ethan or Nathan?
    Thomas or Bryce?
    Gabriel or Jack?
    Elijah or Holden?
    Timothy or Nathaniel?
    Beau or Jackson?
    Tomas or Maximillian?
    Sebastian or Julian?
    Bryce, Kenneth or Pierce?

    Joseph or William?
    Kade or Nathan?
    Thomas or Gabriel?
    Elijah or Nathaniel?
    Jackson or Maximillian?
    Sebastian or Pierce?

    Joseph or Kade?
    Gabriel or Nathaniel?
    Maximillian or Pierce?

    Joseph, Gabriel or Maximillian?

    Oakley Arabella June, Caroline Evony Mae, Adelaide Loxley Joy, Winslow Elinor Cosette, Amory Susannah Lark, Tallulah Elodie Cove, Ayla Guinevere June, Adelaide Anwen Feyre, Indie Lola Wren & Blythe Aveline Odette
    Perseus Callahan Fox, Westley Garrison Hugh, Ellis Bingley Clark, Finlay Kieran Whitfield, Nehemiah Canon Boaz, Declan Alistair Ransom, Huxley Silas Theron, Finnegan Ronan Quest, Lawrence Edwin Clark & Bowen Nathaniel Cade

    "Be Just & Merciful & Brave"

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    1. Jacob
    2. Michael
    3. Matthew
    4. Joshua
    5. Christopher
    6. Nicholas
    7. Andrew
    8. Joseph
    9. Daniel
    10. Tyler
    11. William
    12. Camron
    13. Ryan
    14. John
    15. Zachary
    16. David
    17. Anthony
    18. James
    19. Reese
    20. Alexander
    21. Jonathan
    22. Christian
    23. Austin
    24. Dylan
    25. Ethan
    26. Benjamin
    27. Noah
    28. Samuel
    29. Mateo
    30. Nathan
    31. Cameron
    32. Kevin
    33. Ezra
    34. Ross
    35. Damion
    36. Jordan
    37. Kyle
    38. Caleb
    39. Reid
    40. Logan
    41. Aaron
    42. Eric
    43. Brian
    44. Gabriel
    45. Adam
    46. Jack
    47. Jesse
    48. Franklin
    49. Luis
    50. Connor
    51. Charles
    52. Elijah
    53. Isaac
    54. Steven
    55. Evan
    56. Jared
    57. Sean
    58. Timothy
    59. Luke
    60. Cody
    61. Nathaniel
    62. Alex
    63. Seth
    64. Mason
    65. Richard
    66. Alvin
    67. Beau
    68. Patrick
    69. Elliot
    70. Bryan
    71. Cole
    72. Jarred
    73. Ian
    74. Garrett
    75. Trevor
    76. Tomas
    77. Chase
    78. Adrian
    79. Mark
    80. Blake
    81. Sebastian
    82. Antonio
    83. Lucas
    84. Jeremy
    85. Gavin
    86. Miguel
    87. Julian
    88. Joey
    89. Alejandro
    90. Jesse
    91. Alfonso
    92. Bryce
    93. Tanner
    94. Tyrell
    95. Stephen
    96. Jake
    97. Neil
    98. Spencer
    99. Marcus
    100. Paul

    82 top and 18 bottom

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