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    What do you think of this sibset?

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    I love it! The only thing I would change is Luca James instead of Lucas

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    Declan George: is Irish as compared to the rest of the sibset, though a great name
    Britta Natalie: I think of the water filter, Brita. Britta goes with Declan, seeing as they are both harder-sounding names that are less popular, though with nothing else.
    Lucas James: rhymes. Goes with Noah Andrew perfectly, seeing as they are both Biblically based.
    Noah Andrew: see above, except it doesn't rhyme.
    Felicity Grace: Love, though way out of the sibset. Also feels a little Puritan/frilly/trandscendent with two virtue names.

    It seems to me to be two different naming styles going on, plus a Felicity Grace.
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    I love your names individually, especially Declan George. So gorgeous!

    I think all the names go together well, except for Britta, which I think is quite a bit more unusual than the others (not saying this is a bad thing, just that it's less common). I also think Felicity and Britta might be too similar, as Felicity can be shortened to things like Kitty, Flit, and Flicka, all of which sound similar to Britta. Sadly even if you don't shorten the name, you can't control what family and friends call them! I agree with the post above that Luca James to me works better than Lucas James, however in the sibset I think Luca and Noah sound too similar. Maybe you could swap the middle names George and James, so it's Declan James and Lucas George?

    But not a bad sibset at all, just some things you may want to consider!

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    I would not change anything, i like this!
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