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    A.) It is the first day of winter (Dec. 21) and snow is gently falling to the frost-covered ground when your first daughter comes into the world. It is 6:02 in the morning. As you struggle to make your final decision on what to name her, an image flashes before your eyes.

    To view it, open a new tab and copy and paste the link below into the address bar.

    What does this mean? Maybe, you think, it's what she'll look like when she gets older. The girl you saw looked about 12 years old. Well, that helps a lot. Maybe picking a name will be easier now. Keeping the image of the girl in mind, you choose the name from your final three that fits her best.

    Your choices are:
    1. Catherine Winter
    2. Saralynn Snow
    3. Nicole Blythe

    Just as you are about to fill out the birth certificate, you remember your guilty pleasure- Echo Frost. It may be a bit outlandish to some, but it seems to fit your daughter well enough. What should you choose now?

    After a bit of thought, you decide to call her Catherine WinterWinnie”.

    B.) Then, nearly 3 years later, it is October 7th and while the air is crisp and cool, the sun still shines bright, making the outdoors a dazzling display of golden beams of light and ruby red leaves falling one by one, like pieces of confetti drifting in the wind after a birthday party. It is 11:16 a.m. and you have just welcomed another baby girl into the world. This time you haven't narrowed down your name choices to the final three, or even found any good first and middle combos. After all, the baby wasn't due until November 14th. But again you are saved by a mysterious force that gives you a glimpse of the future.

    You know exactly what to name her, and it's Antonia Dovasary CorynAnnie”.

    C.) It's June 18 when you welcome your first son. It's 2:39 in the afternoon, and the day is warm and sunny. Wildflowers are everywhere. You have decided that your son's first name will be the name of a favorite book character. By now you're expecting what happens next. You smile when you see the face of your son 12 years from now. You've proven that theory, because your lovely daughters are now 12 and 14.

    You decide you will call him Theodore Jacob SufjanTeddy”.

    Post the names you came up with for A, B, and C. Thanks for playing!

    Catherine Winter, Antonia Dovasary Coryn and Theodore Jacob Sufjan
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