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    It is 1870, you’re a little immigrant girl living with your parents, uncle, and ten younger siblings in a dirty cramped tenement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Life is miserable and frightening in the slums with so much death and disease running rampant. But you try your best to keep out of trouble hoping one day to leave the slum and become a detective.

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Detective.

    Your family are immigrants from another country. Where are they from? England

    What is your name? Aurora DaphneRoryGrey
    What are you like? She takes after her mother in appearance: a thin figure of medium height with straight dark brown hair that falls beyond my shoulders, an average pale face with a dusting of freckles and large unblinking grey eyes; she’s quiet and distant, polite and ladylike.
    How old are you? Twelve

    What are your parents’ names? Michael Christopher and Diana ElisabethDiGrey
    What is your uncle's name? James BuchananBuckyGrey

    Because the adults work so much, your siblings are your best friends. They encourage you and entertain you and you love them dearly. What are their names? Sebastian ThomasTomGrey (10), Benjamin IrvingBenGrey (8), Teresa RoseTessGrey (7), Oliver HarperOllieGrey (6), Alice RosettaRose’ and Clara LouellaLouGrey (5), Julian AndersonJayGrey (4), Marion ElizabethBethGrey (3), and Theodore PatrickTeddy’ and Alexander EdwinAlecGrey (1)

    Sebastian Grey – The eldest son, Tom can be quite serious. Though fond of his younger siblings, and Aurora his older sister, he can be quite harsh on the younger ones when necessary (particularly when Aurora can’t bear to be). Aurora sees he’ll make a fine man one day, and father, for now, he is her closest confidant beside Tess. He takes after his mother as well, dark hair and grey eyes.
    Benjamin GreyBen enjoys playing practical jokes and corrupting his younger brother, Jay. Aurora, Tom and Tess, are often unpersuaded by his humour and try their best to thwart it. Ben’s hair is similar to his father, light brown hair and green eyes—full of mischief, his uncle—who happens to share his troublemaking nature—says from time to time.
    Teresa Grey – Quite like Aurora, if it weren’t for their obvious age difference of five years they could quite be twins, or so says their mother, whom they both take after. In fact, the only thing other than their age that sets them apart is the odd auburn tinge Tess’ hair as grown into. She’s bookish and quite a sad girl, rarely smiling, that is, unless she’s with little Delphi, whom she almost assumes a mother-role over.
    Oliver Grey – Six-year-old Ollie matches the intelligence of his idol and older brother, Tom. Blonde with eyes of the brightest hue of blue, he seems an outcast amongst the family. He’s independent, unless of course Tom’s around, and can be quite stubborn—something he taught Jay a long while a go. He likes his older siblings over his younger siblings, and Aurora likes him for his easy handling.
    Alice and Clara Grey – Five-year-old twins, Rose and Lou couldn’t be more different. Rose takes after her mother in nature, being adventurous and extroverted, but shares her looks with Ollie: blonde with baby blues. Lou on the other hand copies her older sisters’ introverted persona and looks: dark brown hair with grey eyes. The two couldn’t love each other more though and enjoy games shared between them. Where Rose enjoys the company of her brothers Ben and Jay; Lou feels more comfort in the company of Tom, Tess and, Ollie and Delphi. Aurora loves both her sisters, though she can’t deny she takes a shine to Lou, Rose always manages to make her amused.
    Julian Grey – Most likely to follow his father’s humorous ways in the path of Ben and mother’s extroverted adventurous ways in the path of Rose, four-year-old Jay simply likes to be entertained by his older siblings. Overlooked often by Aurora, Tom and Tess; Jay has a strong attachment to Ben. His hair is blonde and his eyes are green.
    Marion Grey – Three-year-old Beth has dark brown hair and green eyes and seems to have an attachment to Ollie, though he hasn’t exactly taken to her. Her twin sisters, Rose and Lou are most often the two to give her attention, treating her like a new doll for them to play with. She also seems to have a strong connection with Ben and Aurora, and the two propose she’ll be as introverted as them and Tess.
    Theodore and Alexander Grey – Only of their first year, many of the children aren’t exactly allowed their fair share of play time with Teddy and Alec, as they so fondly have been pet named. As adorable as they are, the rest of the children can’t help but complain of their loud cries.

    You also have a best friend from the Five Points District. He is a slick little pickpocket who, as far as you know, has been an orphan his whole life. You met him after he saved you from an angry shopkeeper whom you were trying to steal goods from to food your family and you've been pals ever since. What is his name? Maxwell TobiasMaxRueben

    What is he like? Max has round soft features, quite unlike the angular Grey clan, which reflect his softy attitude, not that Aurora doesn’t love him for his sweet side. His hair is brown, and so are his eyes. He’s not quite as tall as Aurora.

    You, Max and Tom make the best of life in the slums by doing tricks in the streets for pennies and exploring the streets of New York in your spare time. You are happy to have such a large, loving family and the freedom to do as you please. But then, tragedy strikes.... Your father and uncle are murdered in a pub brawl.

    Because of the fire your life is turned upside down. It is now impossible for your mother to feed and clothe you and your siblings on an immigrant’s wages. You decide it would be best if you, as the oldest, try to make your own way in the world. So at the age of thirteen you leave your family behind and join Max on the streets of New York as a pickpocket.
    Eyes aglow like burning coals, look away!
    Look away! For those who spy them ought pray.

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