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    It is 1870. You little immigrant girl living with your parents, uncle, and 3 younger siblings in a dirty cramped tenement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Life is miserable and frightening in the slums with so much death and disease running rampant. But you try your best to keep out of trouble hoping one day to leave the slum and become a (career...roll below).

    What do you want to be when you grow up (roll)?
    1or 2: Doctor or Nurse

    Your family are immigrants from another country. Where are they from (roll)?
    1 or 2: England

    What is your name? Margaret Temperance Halls "Maisie"
    What are you like? Maisie Halls is has a fighting spirit and protects her siblings like a lion would her young, ferociously. She has oak colored hair and stunning blue-green eyes along with a angular face.
    How old are you? #odd=11

    What are your parents names? Barnabus Howard Halls and Alice Ren Halls

    What is your uncle's name? Mortimer Alistair Halls "Mort"

    Because the adults work so much, your siblings are your best friends. They encourage you and entertain you and you love them dearly. What are they're names?
    Siblings: Mabel Josephine Halls , 8 (she resembles Maisie to a tee except for her blonde hair.)
    Magdalena Cleo Halls "Maggie", 4 (she is a firecracker with a sassy personality, she has brown eyes and blonde hair)
    Molly Helena Halls "Moll", 1 (she is a smart little girl with Maisie's brown hair, Maggie's brown eyes, and Alice's face)

    You also have a best friend from the Five Points District. He is a slick little pickpocket who, as far as you know, has been an orphan his whole life. You met him after he saved you from an angry store keeper when you stole from his trash and you've been pals ever since. What is his name?
    Name: Simon Isaac Grendale, 12.

    He is cunning and smart, like a fox, and sickly skinny. He is quite and quick, and slick. He is greasy in appearance and has shinny black hair and gray eyes.

    You, Simon and Mabel make the best of life in the slums by doing tricks in the streets for pennies and exploring the streets of New York in your spare time. You are happy to have such a large, loving family and the freedom to do as you please. But then, tragedy strikes....

    What happens (roll)?

    7 or 8: There is an accident in the factory where your (father or mother) works. It either kills them or leaves them crippled. (Kills father and leaves mother crippled).

    Because of the accident your life is turned upside down. It is now impossible for Alice and Uncle to feed and clothe you and your sibling(s) on an immigrants wages. You decide it would be best if you, as the oldest, try to make your own way in the world. So at the age of 12 you leave your family behind and join Simon, 13, on the streets of New York as a pickpocket.

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