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    1st Child: Merida May
    2nd Child: October Anna "Toby"
    3rd Child: Lily Amethyst "Amethyst"
    4th Child: Isla Cosette

    Merida and Toby grow up to be outdoorsy, sporty kids, fitting, considering their backstory. Merida is adventurous, preferring things like rock climbing and karate. She initially rejected archery based on the connection to her name, but grew to love it once she had to actually try it in gym class. Her favorite sport is hang gliding, after much negotiation got her lessons for her tenth birthday. Toby loves swimming and also enjoys soccer, softball and basketball. She loves being part of a team. Amethyst is a geeky science kid after her mom's own heart. She chose to go by her middle name in second grade when she realized that it was a gemstone, and then started a rock and mineral collection. Her favorite is a colorful lab-grown bismuth crystal. She once asked me why her middle name wasn't Bismuth instead. XD She also spends a lot of time playing computer games. Spore is her current favorite. Isla is the quiet, creative one. She reads a lot and plays the piano. She's more outgoing when she's dancing; she loves swing dancing. Her favorite books are Harry Potter, and she can't wait until she's old enough to read the book her middle name comes from, Les Miserables.
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