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    The Husband -

    Name: Connor James Valentine
    Age: 40
    Career: Author

    The Wife -

    Name: Eleanor Jane Valentine
    Age: 38
    Career: Counsellor

    The kids -

    Willow Marie Valentine - 18
    Zoey Olivia Valentine - 16
    Eva Kali Valentine - 14
    Nathaniel Ezra Valentine - 11

    The Pets -

    1 Corgi - Scout
    2 Collies - Hannah and Toby
    2 Budgie - Bertie and Bella
    Just a teenage girl who's been obsessed with names since the age of 5...

    Current favourite girl names: Willow, Lily, India, Ava & Jamie

    Current favourite boy names: Caden, Lucas, James, Cole & Nathan

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    Ft. Myers
    The Husband-
    Name: Michael "Mike" Allen Foster
    Age: 43
    Career: Lawyer

    The Wife-
    Name: Brianna Leigh Foster (nee Campbell)
    Age: 36
    Career: Travel Agent

    The Kids-

    Birth #1
    It's a Boy
    Name: Wyatt Allen Foster
    Age: 11

    Birth #2
    It's Twins, a boy and a girl
    Names: Aurora "Rory" Madison Foster and Maxwell Ryan Foster

    Birth #3
    It's a Girl
    Name: Tess Paige Foster
    Age: 6

    Birth #4
    It's a girl
    Name: Piper Alison Foster
    Age: 2

    The Pets-
    How many pets: 4
    Type of pets: Dog, Dog, Cat, Cat
    Gender: Male, Male, Female, Female
    Male Dog- Beagle named Charlie
    Male Dog- Dalmatian named Parker
    Female Cat- Black and white American shorthair named Lucy
    Female Cat- Grey tabby named Maggie

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    Southern Tennessee, believe it or not.
    The Husband-
    Name: Joseph Nathaniel Parks
    Age: 34
    3. Lawyer

    The Wife-
    Name: Madison Elise Parks
    Age: 33
    5. Singer

    Birth #1: It's a boy!
    Jordan David, 10.

    Birth #2: It's another boy!
    Matthew Asher *Matt*, 8.

    Birth #3: It's twins! A boy and a girl!
    Piper Mia and Alexander Jude *Alec*, 5.

    Birth #4: It's a girl!
    Caitlin Lileas *Cate*, 3.

    Female Cat: White cat named Sugar
    Female Cat: Brown tabby cat named Spice
    Male dog: Golden Retriever named Toby
    Female hamster: Russian Dwarf hamster named May

    Joseph and Madison, and their children, Jordan, Matt, Piper, Alec, and Cate, and their pets, Sugar, Spice, Toby, and May.
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    Madison, 14-year-old name nerd! My style is all over the place, my favorites change all the time.

    Boys: David, Eric, Finlay, George, James, Jude, Lee, Michael, Paul, Richard, Rory.

    Girls: Emmanuelle, Frederica, Jayne, Juliet, Lauren, Mary, Molly, Nora, Raffaela, Stella.

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    United States
    The Husband-
    Name: Rhett Nathaniel Langston
    Age: 24
    Career: Musician

    The Wife-
    Name: Ashley Johanna Langston
    Age: 23
    Career: Teacher

    The Kids-

    Birth #1
    It's a...: Girl!
    Name: Sydney Isabella
    Age: 5

    Birth #2
    It's a...: Girl!
    Name: Alison Reese
    Age: 3

    Birth #3
    It's a...: Boy!
    Names: Reid Anthony
    Age: 2

    Birth #4
    It's a...: Boy!
    Name: Charles Theodore
    Age: 6 months

    The Pets-
    How many pets: 3
    Type of pets: Dog (Male), Cat (Female), Lizard (Female)

    Rhett and Ashley have Sydney, Alison, Reid, and Charlie! The pets are Tater, Glitz, and Pippi

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    Levi Thomas Anderson (26) Musician
    Stacey Marie (26) Author
    DS/DD: River Jacob / Lily Taylor (6)
    DD: Alexandria Lauren (3)
    DS: Samuel Dean (2)
    DS: Brady Wesley (5 months)

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