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    The Husband-
    Name: you pick Ethan Grant Brooks
    Age: 50

    5. Doctor

    The Wife-
    Name: Catherine Celine Brooks
    Age: 45

    4. Author

    The Kids-

    Birth #1

    3. Girl

    Names: (roll twice, once for FN, once for MN)
    1 & 5

    Taylor Lily Brooks

    Age: 26

    Birth #2
    It's a...:

    2. Girl

    Names: (roll twice, once for FN, once for MN)
    4 & 4

    Aria Olive Brooks

    Age: 20

    Birth #3
    It's a...:

    4. Boy

    Names: (roll twice, once for FN, once for MN)
    6 & 5

    Josh Carter Brooks

    Age: 18

    Birth #4
    It's a...:
    3. You pick - B/G twins

    Penelope Victoria Brooks & Liam Jackson Brooks

    Age: 17

    Taylor Rose Allen: Taylor went to college to become a pediatrician! She graduated med school a year ago. She is married to her high school sweetheart Alexander David Allen "Alex". They got married at 23 and went to med school together, as he wanted to become a surgeon. They both have wonderful jobs and they have 2 children together: Connor David Allen (3) and Alexis Catherine Allen (11 mo)

    Aria: Aria is 20. She is a junior in college and is studying to become a marine biologist! She has always been interested by the ocean and it's creatures. She is kind-hearted and caring. She has a wonderful life ahead of her!

    Josh: Josh is a freshman in college. He has no idea what he wants to do! He plays for the college football team and has always loved sports! He has great grades and a girlfriend he is planning to propose to when they graduate!

    Penelope "Penny": Penny is your stereotypical popular girl. She is not the nicest person in the world, but she's working on it. Her grades are good and she plays soccer for the school. She has gotten herself into a lot of trouble and has a 5 month old daughter named Violet Marie Brooks-Samuels with her boyfriend Asher Ryan Samuels who is captain of the football team. She now takes online school and Asher still stands by them, and even proposed.

    Liam: Liam is embarrassed of his teen-mom twin sister. Despite this, he has quite a big group of friends and he gets all-A's and is the perfect student. He plans to go to an Ivy league school to become a lawyer!
    (far right)

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