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    LN: Jenkins

    DH: Shane Patrick *29* (firefighter)
    DW: Callie Rose *29* (author)

    DS/DS: Flint Quinlan & Quill Finley *7*
    DD/DD: Eden Anniston & Autumn Emerson *5*
    DS: Jude Ryan *3*
    DS: Chance Lyric *1*
    Cat: Lady
    Kitten: Oreo
    Kitten: Smokey
    Kitten: Buttercup
    Kitten: Penny

    The Jenkins Family
    Shane & Callie
    Flint, Quill, Eden, Autumn, Jude, Chance
    Lady, Oreo, Smokey, Buttercup & Penny

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    Dec 2012
    The Husband-
    Name: William Reid Francis "Will"
    Age: 31
    Career: Musician

    The Wife-
    Name: Amanda Violet Francis
    Age: 25
    Career: Makeup Artist

    The Kids-

    Birth #1
    It's a boy
    Phoenix Morgan Francis
    Age: 6

    Birth #2
    It's a boy
    Damien Lazarus Francis
    Age: 5

    Birth #3
    It's a girl
    Monique England Francis
    Age: 2

    Birth #4
    It's a boy
    Ezra Noble Francis
    Age: 5 months

    The Pets-
    2 dogs: Pixie and Edgar

    List your whole family!

    Amanda & Will
    Phoenix, Damien, Monique, and Ezra
    Pixie and Edgar

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    Jun 2010
    New York State
    Frederick Arthur Sauls, 42, lawyer
    Laurel Margaret Sauls, 40, teacher

    Nolan Ezra Sauls, 10
    Victoria Lake Sauls, 10

    Everett Julian Sauls, 7

    Abel Lev Sauls, 4
    Blythe Rosemary Sauls, 4

    Merit Hartwell Sauls, 1

    And, a pet bird named Rosalie.

    Nolan, Victoria, Everett, Abel, Blythe, and Merit.
    Currently crushing on:

    Russell. Calloway. Brighton.

    Evadne. Cecelia. Thomasina.

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    Sep 2012
    Name: Rupert David Wells
    Age: 35
    Career: Police Officer

    Name: Jessica Hazel Wells
    Age: 35
    Career: Book Editor

    DS: Ezra Forrest (5)
    DD: Gretchen Michelle (2)
    DS: Phoenix Alexander (1)
    DD: Verity Tessa (nb)

    5 pets!
    a cat (Norman), turtle (Eugene), rabbit (Elsie), hedgehog (Rufus), and a dog (Clementine)

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    Jan 2013
    Chicago, Illinois
    The Husband-
    Name: Jason Gale O'Connor
    Age: 38
    Career: Doctor

    The Wife-
    Name: Laura Lynn O'Conner
    Age: 36
    Career: Singer

    The Kids-

    Birth #1
    It's twins, a boy and a girl

    Names: Milah Violet and Blake Luca
    Age: 14

    Birth #2
    It's a...: Boy

    Name: Jayden Jonathan
    Age: 11

    Birth #3
    It's a girl

    Names: Cassidy Leona
    Age: 7

    Birth #4
    It's twins
    Names: Ava Veronica and Lucia Natalya
    Age: 4

    The Pets-
    How many pets: 2
    Type of pets: Dog (female) and Reptile (male)
    Talia and Burt

    Jason Gale O'Connor
    Laura Lynn O'Connor
    Milah Violet O'Connor
    Blake Luca O'Connor
    Jaden Jonathan O'Connor
    Cassidy Leona O'Connor
    Ava Veronica O'Connor
    Lucia Natalya O'Connor

    And the pets: Talia the dog and Burt the reptile

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