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    Help finding names with nicknames "Liv" or "Livi"

    Olivia... my all time love affair name from the time I was 12. But then I grew up and realized that I could never name my baby girl a top 5 name that is heard truly everywhere! But my favorite part about the name was the use of the letter V and the adorable nicknames Liv and Livi. If I can find a similar name that accomplishes those nicknames I'd be in heaven!
    Lucky mama to Violet Elisabeth and dreaming of naming future baby #2!

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    How about just Livia or Livana? Liv is a super cute nn.

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    Just to comment on pp -

    Livana is gorgeous, and the connection to the moon is very meaningful to me. Liv is a family name too so I've toyed with this one off and on. Violet and Livana is a little far flung to me though.

    Livia I like but I just imagine a life of mishearing as Olivia.

    I do like Liv on its own. It has a lot of history and meaning. However I think everyone would assume she's an Olivia.

    Libby works from Elizabeth, so Livvy might not be such a stretch with a V middle name...or you could go with Elisavetta or something if you're bold. Elizabeth is a good fit with sister Violet.

    Liv rhymes with Viv so that might work by rhyming. Elizabeth Vivian could totally be Liv to me.

    Genevieve could work as Viv too. Laura Genevieve nn Liv or something. Lydia Genevieve.

    I've also toyed with Lily with a V middle called Liv. Lily Verena is one I like a lot, also Lily Vera. But I'm more flexible with nicknaming than many are. Violet and Lily is nice to me, although I know most people want to avoid flower sets : D.

    Hope this helps! If you like any I've mentioned feel free to use, I am not possessive of my combos : D.

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    Oh, I'll also add I love Oliva, but that seems destined for a life of confusion with Olivia and Oliver.

    I also really like Olivet, Olivette, and Olivetta, but especially Olivet is exactly the same letters as Violet, and even Olivette seems kind of close. Violet and Olivetta might be more passable, but it's still pretty close and a weird combo of familiar and exotic. But I thought I'd mention it.

    Oliva/Olivet/Olivette/Olivetta might be additional middle options to help you get to Liv, especially with an L first name.

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    Ohh I could just about die for Liv as well, but seeing as I am Viv, i just couldn't do that to a future daughter!

    I think I have seen this used as a nickname for Lively, but it's a very out there name. Olive would be another option, and Violet & Olive go stunningly together!

    Hmmm, weird thought, but would you ever consider nicknaming Violet, Liv? All the letters are in there....

    xo Viv
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