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Thread: Síofra?

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    I found Síofra (SHEE-fra) on behindthename a couple days ago and I've decided I like it. And even better, so does my fiance!
    The tricky part is the spelling and pronunciation. Being gfrom the Midwest I doubt most people would be able to pronounce it correctly just by seeing it. However I think after hearing it they'd be able to say it correctly. Is there a way to spell it to get the sound right by reading it without creating a monstrousity? Or is it easy to say after being told how?
    Also I've been playing with Síofra Summer and Síofra Jane. Any other suggestions?

    And if you want the quick and easy question without reading, what's your thoughts on the name?

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    I don't mind it. The spelling is a bit tricky and you'd probably get a lot of people saying see-off-ra, but like you said, once corrected I think people would remember. I'm not a huge fan of the sound right now, but it may grow on me. Maybe you could try Shifra, but I don't really think you need to change the spelling. Síofra Jane is my favourite of your combos.
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    I really like it, but I already knew how to say it. However, I think it's not so hard people can't get it. At least on the East Coast, Siobhan and Sinead are reasonably well known and they're not really any easier, and I expect Saoirse to be becoming more popular.

    I don't think correcting people (nicely) is the end of the world either, I did it all the time as a child and I was okay with it.

    The elf/sprite/faery/changeling meaning appealed to my husband, who is Irish descent and likes Gaelic mythology. I had mostly been thinking of it as a middle name though.

    I like Siofra Jane, or Siofra May. Maeve would also be pretty and still pretty soft and easy to deal with, without losing the Gaelic feel?

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    I love Síofra. I wouldn't change the spelling, people will remember when you correct them. Its a really pretty, mystical name.

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    I think it's pretty and although it would be somewhat tricky, I do think it's "gettable" - really the S for Sh and the random o are the only "weird things" there. And I think people can get used to S saying SH - not just Siobhan and Sinead, but also the very familiar Sean have kind of set the stage for that.

    It's also just visually appealing, it kind of "looks like" Sophia/Sofia and Fiona which are in right now.

    I will point out that Shifra is actually a totally different name with a different history. It's a Hebrew name for a very positive bit character in the Bible - women in the Bible are often bit characters : D -

    She was one of the midwives who delivered Moses, and was under instruction (together with the less-appealingly-named Puah) from Pharoah to kill him, but they both defied Pharoah. If you're at all Jewish or Christian, this is pretty awesome.

    If on the other hand you're totally secular, at least she's a positive character. BUT I do think people who know their Bible well would assume you were at least mildly religious (and, for that matter, more likely Jewish than Christian, I think) upon hearing it. On the other hand, I think plenty of religious people don't obsess over names like I do, and wouldn't recognize it.

    I like both Siofra and Shifra, and of the combos your'e considering prefer either with Jane, although Summer is fine.

    Good luck!

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