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    ginger, celia, or neither?

    I love the name Ginger. Always loved Ginger Rogers. Also I think of ginger root, so to me the name feels earthy and spicy. But can a Ginger grow up to be a brain surgeon or is she doomed to a life of tap-dancing or lap-dancing?

    Also Alice. As a first name, it's a bit plain, though it has heft. It's a sentimental name for my husband and I.

    Thirdly, Dear. My grandmother was nicknamed Dear. So we were thinking of it as a middle.

    Our last name starts with a G. So If we use Ginger Alice, her initials spell GAG, which is no good. But Ginger Dear sounds like Ginger Beer!

    What do you think of two middles? Too much? Ginger Alice Dear..

    We also like Celia, for the Shakespearean character and because it's an anagram of Alice. Celia Dear

    Dear as a first name? Too sweet?

    Thanks everyone!
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    I like:
    Alice Ginger Garland (classic and sweet)
    Celia Dear Garland (classic first and more unusual but meaningful middle)

    I agree that Ginger Alice Dear Garland is a bit too much.

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    Dear would be off as a first name, but I love it in the middle. I'm not very fond of Ginger at all. Alice and Celia are both favourites.

    Alice Dear and Celia Dear both sound wonderful to me, and with Dear in the middle, having a slightly plain first name is less of a problem. I also don't think of Alice as plain
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    Thank you. Both very helpful replies. I needed someone to tell me to stay away from four-part names. I'm still attached to Ginger, though I know a lot of people dislike it. I may have to just buy a goldfish and name it Ginger to get it out of my system. One thing I like about Celia Dear is that Alice can be her secret other name, so if she identifies more as an Alice, she can always use it as a nickname. I think Celia has a lovely sleekness, but is it not strong enough?

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    No one is doomed to any sort of life because of their name. I know many people with wonderful lives who have unconventional, frilly, weird, etc... names. I also know a Lot of people that I would never want my children to turn out like who have classy, timeless, very conventional names. The child/adult makes the name, the name doesn't make the child/adult. I only know one Ginger personally. She's a wonderful, kind and caring person. She's a mother of 4 and a nurse.

    If you really do like Ginger, there's no reason you shouldn't use it.

    Why did you need someone to tell you to stay away from using two middle names? It's a growing trend that lots of people like. If you want to incorporate three names, there are many lovely combinations that you could do with your choices.
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