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    do you know anyone named Miriam? Opinions Please!

    A couple different (long, meaningful) paths have led me to REALLY consider the name Miriam. What is the general opinion of this name? What kind of girl or woman would a Miriam be? Do any of you have the name in your families or circle of friends? What's people's experience with "Miriam"? It's #342 in 2011. That's a lot of Miriam's. What three words come to mind to describe this name or how it makes you feel?

    I really like
    Miriam Lior (meaningful),
    Miriam Margaret (family name),
    Miriam Eleanore (my name in the middle),
    Miriam Nicholas (SO's name in the middle - I know this seems weird but it is a thing in my family & would carry on a sweet tradition),
    And some other middles like Arden, Maple, Io, Colette... What sounds good with Miriam? Last name sounds like Garris. Thanks Berries.

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    I have a friend Miriam nn Mimi! 3 words: sweet, funny, kind. I'm really really loving this name though I love the French version Myriam a little bit more, the name makes me happy and in a good mood when I think about it on a little girl. I think Miriam Eleanore is beautiful! I have it with Beatrice as one of my combos so I think that, Elizabeth and Victoria (which I usually don't care for) are good options
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    I love Miriam Lior! I have never met anyone who went by Miriam but I love the name. Miriam makes me think... happy, full of life, smart, a deep thinker. I could never imagine an idiotic Miriam. I could imagine a girl/women in any life stage named Miriam. A Miriam could be an artist, a lawyer, a farmer, a teacher, anything. I also like Miriam Eleanore.
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    I have known an idiotic Miriam, and also a literally crazy Miriam (not an idiot, just very mentally ill) but I do like the name. I've known a few. It's a bit of a little black dress to me, there's one for almost any type. I could see it working at any age. It's not my favourite Biblical girl's name, but it is timeless and striking.

    I like it, though I think I would choose Mara over it, just because Mara feels more underused. Miriam is a strong name though. I like Miri as a nickname, or Mira.

    I realized I had a very strange reaction, but I can't picture a Miriam Margaret at all. I'm sure they're out there, I guess it's just the contrast of flavours, as it were. Miriam Lior feels more natural to me but don't not do a family name just because I can't quite visualize it.

    Miriam Ayelet
    Miriam Tamar
    Miriam Naomi
    or, if I try to branch out a bit:

    Miriam Rue - instead of Miriam Ruth
    Miriam Cassia - instead of Miriam Keziah, but maintaining the contrast of meanings between "bitter" and "cinnamon")
    Miriam Pearl - Reference to Margaret.

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    My cousin is named Miriam and goes by Mimi. She is creative, kind of free spirited, but also driven. I like her and her name very much.

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