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    My "it" girl's name was Rowan since I was about 13, and now that I have used it I'm kind of lost on another it name for the next child. I believe Asher is my it boy's name, because I keep coming back to it. When I think about having a son, I always call him Asher in my head and it just feels right. I do worry about the rising popularity though. I'm completely stumped on another girl's name I love as much as Rowan right now though.
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    My it-name is deffinetly Dorothea. I've only just thought of using it for my grandmother, Dorothy. But something about it is just so... I can't describe it. I absolutely adore it. I can't imagine NOT having a daughter named Dorothea.
    I can just see my dad spoiling a little girl named Dorothea, me saying "Well, Dorothea and I decided to take the scenic route on our way to school." I can imagine being married and my husband saying "Should I get Dorothea from school, or will you?" If I could have main control over what my children are named when I get married, Dorothea is deffinetly being used.


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    Oh lots, lol.

    I have my top five picked out already, in a sibset order. So if I had quintuplet girls now, I'd have them all named no problem. Lol.

    For my first daughter I definitely want an A name, and Alessandra's front runner. It's flawless to me, but I have other ones in case when I meet her she doesn't feel like an Alessandra anymore.
    Those are:
    Alexia, Adriana, Aurora, possibly Allegra.

    Other names I'm just waiting to use are:
    Olivia, Victoria/Vittoria, Katerina, Elena, Emma and Gabriela pretty much in that order.

    As for boys, I'm so sure that Nathaniel is my future son. Without a doubt!
    I also just love Henry, Eli, Eric, Leo, Lucas, Jack, Alaric, Cody.
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    The two girls' names I'd use in a heartbeat are Kate and Delaney. Georgia would be too, except my cousin is named that, so it's not usable. For boys, most definitely Liam. I think it's actually the only name I've ever truly loved. Kate and Delaney and Georgia are definitely names I really like, but I like so many girls names I don't know which ones I really love. I like less boys names so I think it's easier to know which ones I really love.
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    Arden has been my "it" girl name since I was 16. Everything else ebbs and wanes
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