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    For Boys I have 3 (Justus, Titus, Caspar), for girls not a single one. And I haven't had "the one" for years, since I had to dump Emma. It's frustrating as a name crazy person. I mean if it was out there I'd read it by now...

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    I struggle with this - especially with my girls' list; it's quite long, but when it comes down to it, only a handful of them are ones that I would actually use. Usually the problem's include:

    1. Doesn't go with our last name - this is possibly my biggest frustration, followed closely by...
    2. Partner doesn't like the name
    3. Love it on paper, but feel like i'm forcing it, or having to pay too close attention on how to pronounce it out loud, which leads to...
    4. The name being too ...different, or not suiting a blue eyed (likely fair haired & skinned) little person.
    5. Too similar to my son's name (Leo) eg. Sharing first initial, or a long "e" sound

    There are more reasons of course, but it shortens my list (for first names) quite significantly. Middles i'm not quite to worried about.

    So, from my list names that I would actually use:


    Given how long my girls' list is (at least 100 names) its actually seems pretty insane how many get written off when it comes down to it.

    I don't find boys' names as difficult, my list is a lot shorter and is pretty steadfast, it's not often that a name on that one gets axed completely, nor is it added to as frequently as my girls' list.
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    Three "It" names for girls. ONE "It" name for boy.

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    For a boy- Cole (family name on husband's side, will be used as a first), Joseph (family name on my side, would be used in the middle spot), & Noah- just love this one & would definitely use it for a 2nd son.
    For a girl- Catherine (family name, definitely will be used as a middle if I have a girl), Eva, Ana, Tessa are my "it" names for firsts at the moment. This changes far more frequently than my boy "it" names.

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    My current "it" name (it has been for almost a year) is Georgiana. It's beautiful, elegant, I adore the more tomboy nickname Georgie but even that can fit a girly girl. It ages well, and it fits our last name. I will definitely use it if I were having a daughter!
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