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    A boy's name that could be shortened to Xan?

    My husband and I love the nickname Xan for a boy but a close friend has just used Alexander so we wouldn't use it. We weren't keen on Alex as a nickname so maybe it's a good thing! Can anyone think of any other boys names that could be shortened to Xan? Other than Xander lol!

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    Christian would work, abbreviated Xian, gets you to Xan easily enough. If the religious implications are OK for you.
    Xavier with an N middle name could work. Xavier Nathaniel or something. or Xavier Andrew. You can take this further and anything with an X followed by an An name. Max Anthony. Felix Anselm. Etc.
    If it's just the sound and not the letter X, maybe Zane could be nn'd Zan.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for your suggestions. I particularly like the suggestion of x as last letter of first name followed by 'an' sound in second name. We like fairly mainstream names so this works well for us. Thanks!

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    I love Alexander. It's such a great name that has been used for so long, by so many people. If you really like it, I'd think about possibly using it as his middle name and still referring to him as Xan. I know if I had a friend who wanted to use any of my children's names, I wouldn't care personally (there's a reason that I picked it But, I do know that it Really bothers others. Though, using it in a middle spot and with a nn that the other person doesn't use, I don't see a problem at all. Especially since it isn't an uncommon name that you "stole" from them.

    Just a thought.
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