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    Middle Name or Names?

    Hey loves!

    Would two middle names be too much? I would like to name my kids in a English First Name English Middle Name Igbo Middle Name format, so they can embrace their Nigerian heritage, of course they wouldn't be walking around answering to the whole thing, but those would be their names. For example if my son was named Jude Aaron Obiuto, I might call him Jude or sometimes Obi. What do you think? All suggestions are appreciated!
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    I personally like more than one middle name, both because it's unique and because I love way too many names to just use two per child!

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    I don't think it's too much, especially because you will be honouring their heritage. I quite like two middle names, i'm bad enough at coming up with First & Middle combos to attempt it myself though!
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    Oh good, thanks! Yeah, I have way too many favorite names to limit myself to just two per child, thanks so much all of you!

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    I have different opinions on double middle names based on this situation, but in your scenario I think it's ok.
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