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    An eccentric white haired man lives in an ornate wooden manor deep in an old overgrown forrest. The home is detailed but sturdy and the surrounding gardens have high hedges and walls of ambrosial roses. His wife is a delicate woman with long light gray hair she wears in a sleek braid down the center of her back. She's a soft spoken and patient woman with an artist's heart. The pair is extremely quirky but unfailingly romantic. The unconventional man is an avid reader with insatiable interest in different cultures, myths, ledgends, rituals, history, nature, language, philosophy, art, and music. They often travel together to far away locations for long peroids of time and leave the manor and their children in the care of trusted staff.

    The manor is called: Goldenrod Manor

    The eccentric man is named: Phineas Sylvester

    The artistic woman is named: Celestia Irene

    Their first daughter is a strong young woman who flourishes on attention and praise. She's organized, athletic, and authoritative. She loves to get out of the house and leads her siblings on fun adventures often. She loves to try new things and go new places. She's given a lot of responsibility with her siblings and loves them dearly. She thinks of herself as independant and capable of anything given the chance. She's always looking for an opportunity to shine. She is 17 and has always kept her shiny light brown hair long and tidy.

    The oldest daughter is named: Mary Indigo Rose

    The second daughter is an enthusiastic 16 year old who does her best to keep order in the home. She's eager and alert with endless energy. She loves to dance and dedicates a lot time to making sure she is technically correct. She's methodical, rational, and intelligent. She is always the voice of reason but she can be blunt and come across as cold or indifferent. Her hair is naturally wavey and she rarely brushes her long chaotic tangle of dark brown curls.

    The second daughter is named: Catherine Naomi Rue

    The third daughter is a slim, sprightly young woman who is very opinionated and loud. She's inventive, imaginative, & a goof-ball. She's stubborn and more prone to pouting or complaining. When she is happy she is witty, flippant, and funny. Her favorite thing to do is make people laugh but she will never keep her opinion to herself. She is 15 and spends a lot of time talking about boys, relationships, jewelry, and clothes. She is always fixing her red-brown hair in different braids and styles.

    The third daughter is named: Alice Aurora Violet

    The fourth daughter is quiet, patient, and bookish. She is often too consumed with her own thoughts to chime into the fast-paced conversations of her older sisters. She is quietly watchful and notices things the others don't. She's 14 and loves to plant things and garden. Her green thumb is responsible for much of the food the family grows. She's a fantastic cook and takes pride in her baking abilities. She is the most empathetic sister and often comforts her siblings when they feel slighted or sad. She keeps her shoulder length hair loose and usually hides behind the thick curtain of dark brown.

    The fourth daughter is named: Helena Matilda Lucy

    The fifth and sixth daughters are fraternal twins who are now 12 years old. They are both short and wear their hair to their elbows but the fifth sister has light honey brown hair and the sixth sister has shiny black-brown hair.
    The fifth sister is mischievous and persuasive. She loves to explore in the woods and is fearless and brave. She loves all kinds of animals and doesn't mind getting dirty.
    The sixth sister is a dreamer. She's always telling fanciful stories to explain the trouble the twins get into. She's a romantic who is attracted to shiny, pretty, girly things but often finds herself talked into crazy situations by her twin.

    The fifth daughter is named: Johanna Cecily Charlotte

    The sixth daughter is named: Sybil Isabella Iris

    The seventh daughter has strawberry blond hair that is stick straight and very fine. She is 10 years old and loves to sing. She has always been very musical and spends a lot of her time learning or playing different instruments her father has brought home over his long life traveling. She loves to spend time playing with the twins but is not easily talked into their shenanigans. She's cautious but creative and very sweet to her sisters.

    The seventh daughter is named: Emmeline Viola Vivian

    The eighth daughter has short dark brown hair. She is 9 years old and she is delicate, pale, and dainty. She was born early and has always been fragile. She loves to read and write but she rarely shares her writing with her sisters, or anyone, for fear of being mocked. She's shy and sensitive and often feels sick when she becomes overwhelmed or embarassed. Her sisters are very protective of her and try to include her in the things they do but she'd rather read close by or pour her thoughts and feelings into a journal.

    The eighth daughter is named: Flora Elianna Sophie

    The nineth daughter is 7 years old and is a tomboy. She loves to fight and wrestle. She climbs everything she can and she's not afraid of falling. She's brave and proud of how strong and fast she is. She's interested in everything and is a little bit of a show-off but she is also very determined. She doesn't give up easily and she loves to laugh. Her hair is light brown and usually a mess of wild curls.

    The nineth daughter is named: Laurel Magdalena Julie

    The tenth daughter is 6 and is very smart. She has a photographic memory, she's quick to learn, and she listens well. She's athletic but prefers dancing to rough housing. She is a cheerful helper in the garden and the kitchen. She has natural grace, flexability, and balance that make her very good at gymnastics. She has long, thick, straight, black hair that is the darkest hair of all the sisters.

    The tenth daughter is named: Lililth Genevieve Josie

    The eleventh and twelth daughters are identical twins. They are both 5 and have medium brown hair they insist on wearing the same every day. They often dress alike and love to confuse their family, teachers, and the manor staff.
    The eleventh daughter is very cuddly and sweet. She is cooperative and inclined to do as she is told without argument. She has a soft spot for furry animals and she is always holding or playing with a kitten or dog.
    The twelfth daughter loves to talk and is not timid in voicing her feelings and thoughts. She is energetic and loud and likes to make noise. She's very crafty and is constantly taking things apart to use them for something else.

    The eleventh daughter is named: Eve Alexandria Circe

    The twelfth daughter is named: Wren Persephone Primrose

    The nanny is a soft, older, motherly woman who always wears a long skirt and keeps her hair covered when she is outside. She has worked for the family as long as they have had children. She lives in the manor all the time and even sleeps on the same floor as the children. She is a wonderful chef and a fantastic baker and she always makes the children help her prepare meals and clean up afterward.

    What the children call the nanny: Granny Elle
    The nanny's name is: Eleanor Frances

    The gardener is a jolly old man with broad shoulders and large hands who is constantly wearing a large floppy sun hat. He is very strong and can usually be found hauling wheelbarrows or tending the roses. He will put idle hands to work if they hover near him too long. He lives in a small one bedroom house located on the edge of the manor's grounds, right next to the woods.

    The gardner's name is: Jameson Arthur

    The butler of this manor is an older gentleman who has been a close friend of the eccentric man for a very long time. He is a quiet man who enjoys order and cleanliness. He humors the children when they want his attention but he is also known to disappear to his quarters when they begin to get loud and rambunctious.

    The butler's name is: Rupert Oliver

    The maid is 28 and is the butler's niece. She got the job at the manor when she was 18, after her disastrous first marriage was dissolved. She's very beautiful but not very social or outgoing. She lives in the manor but frequently spends the night away with family in the closest town. She is a hard working but melancholy woman.

    The maid's name is: Molly Josephine

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