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    I like Vitali the best from your list.

    My maiden name is Marek and I've always liked that as a first name, it just doesn't go very well with my married name.

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    We have family that has already used Alec. Other than Vitali and Arkadi, we have pretty much decided against the other traditional Russian names. We had the same thoughts as jesba on Rodion. We threw out Rurik because of the double "r" and tends to sound odd in English and Russian.

    Radek is Czech, so it sounds somewhat natural to the Russian speakers in the family. We discussed Marek as well, for the same reason.

    Ronak is an Indian name that I think just sounds good.

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    I am not really a fan of your name choices. I am so not an expert on Russian names. I do like Alexei.

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    Thanks. What about Vladimir, nn Vlad, Vladic?

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    Vladimir/Vlad is OK in that it's familiar, but I think it's clunky / lots of Americans only associate it with Putin, which isn't exactly positive. The VL is kind of weird in English, too.

    I'd go with Dimitri or Fyodor over Vladimir...

    Fyodor I really kind of like. I do think people would get confused with Theodore, but it is familiar a bit because of Dostoyevsky.

    Could Leo work? Like Tolstoy?

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