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    NameBerry Challenge

    Since I'm a name freak like some of you on this site, I decided to create a little challenge for you to complete. I'm going to pretend I'm writing a 4000 page novel. If you accept this challenge, all you have to do is look at the charecters characteristics and name the charecter. If you are one of those in depth namers which is good for this challenge you can look at the meaning of names and really dig deeper. So now I'll begin with the charecters! Also bonus points if you come up with some extras and why their name is what it is.Example Annabeth for an architect because in the movie Percy Jackson a chatecter named Annabeth wants to be an a architect.
    Main Charecters
    Charecter 1- This is the main charecter, female, in love, 18 years old, great singer, shy, beautiful, nice, smart, creative, artistic, kind of like the girl everyone wants to date. She enters a singing competition and wins but gives prize money to Charecter 3 for her family! This girl has brown hair and brown eyes with fair skin.
    Charecter 2- The mean girl, with a unique name, she is very glittery but got into the competition cuz her daddy's a judge and he's got big bucks. Her voice is terrible though. Age 22. She has light cheanut hair, tan skin, and green eyes.
    Charecter 3- This next charecter is the youngest person in the competition, she's nervous, doesn't know what to expect in life but she has a voice better than ALL the other competitors, she comes from a poor family and her mothers very Ill. She is African American has deep brown eyes and big poufy black her which you can tell she never cuts!
    Charecter 4- This girl is dark, mysterious and sneaks around. She prefers to be alone but it's hard with Charecter 1 constantly trying to become friends though in the end she does become friends. Many people call her "hoodie girl" because she never tells her name to anyone because she's unsure of what people would think. Age 19.
    Charecter 5- A boy, he's handsome, sensitive, artistic, smart, and athletic and 19! He has dirty blond hair, fair skinned, with blue eyes. He has a major crush on chatecter one but even though he's like the most romantic person on the face of the earth he's freaking out because she's pretty much perfect.
    Charecter 6- Charecter 2's dad. Harsh critic on everyone except daughter. Threatens judges to love his daughter every round or else they will get fired!
    Extra's With Jobs
    Extra 1- Celeb mix like Zendayla or Bella Rose, choose a Disney star! Create a personality for her as well. And write it under her name replacing all of this!
    Extra 2-Celeb Mix from Nickolodean Create personality for HIM.
    Extra 3- Celeb Mix Singer create personality for HER.
    Extra 4- Celeb Mix Host create personality for HIM/HER.
    Extra Contestants
    EC1- Create personality make her fake nice on TV, BTW she's out first. She has blond long hair and hazel eyes.
    EC2- Create personality/looks for Haitian/Egyptian mixed Girl. She's out 3rd.
    EC3- Create a boy from scratch your unsparing is nature, create his personality/looks.
    Right here you can make your OWN charecters that seem needed. You can go crazy and can begin making a plot!! Once you've read this message you can backspace it and create! Don't forget to describe them!

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