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    Variations of Scott

    My husband and I are discussing names for a son. Our dads both have the middle name Scott, as does my brother, so we would like to use it as a middle name. We're looking for suggestions for alternate (longer) forms of Scott since the first name will likely be Ned (my grandfather's name). Our last name is two syllables, similar to Clay-Cole. The only thing we've come up with is Prescott, which just doesn't quite feel right to us.

    We're not really looking for alternatives for a first name (no Edward or Edmund, etc.) and no similar names from that era--this was my grandpa's name and is very special for that reason.

    Here's hoping you all are more creative/imaginative than we are!


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    What about Scotland? Ned Scotland sounds nice, and Scott means "From Scotland", so there's definitely a connection there. Sorry, that, Prescott and Scotto were the only alternatives I could come up with.
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    I think the thing to do might be to just go with Ned Scott. I think 1-1 rhythm can work with boys, especially, and it's not like the middle gets used too often. It does sort of rhyme with "Dread Scott" but I hardly think that's at the forefront of most people's mind.

    I just am stumped. Prescott was pretty inspired. I guess besides Scotland and Scotto there's
    Scottsdale (the city in AZ - but with no connection to it, just to the name Scott, that seems odd, athough it sounds nice).

    OH - You could do MacScott/McScott or Scottson or Fitzscott or O'Scott, to go with clan/family naming traditions.
    Scotter is a surname I've heard occasionally.

    Good luck!

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    What about adding an -ie and going with Scottie? It worked for Scottie Pippen?

    But I'm with Jesba above. There's nothing wrong with Ned Scott. It's a strong name.

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    I think Ned Scott would be fine, as well. The only other thing I can think of that would age well is Scotland. My cousin is a Scott, and while when he was younger he did go by Scotty, he rarely goes by that now as an adult. Even with family. But, realistically, if I'ts a mn and won't be used as often, it would work.

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