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    Instead of Lorcan, try: Levon, Lachlan, Larson, Lael, Linus

    Instead of Harry, try: Cary, George, Henry, Louis

    Instead of Bellatrix, try: Bellamy for a boy?

    Other random suggestions:

    Girls - Ione, Aravis, Rosalie, Desdemona, Isla

    Boys - Edmund, Hugo, Caspar, Julius

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    I am of no help to you, but I love Hermione! We're pretty set on Gemma Hermione as a girl name (won't know what gender is for many months yet) but even if my daughter sways us otherwise Hermione is staying in the middle. I wanted to put it in the first name position but my husband just doesn't love it as much.

    It's sort of funny because my other huge love was Fleur. Which my husband also wasn't such a fan of. So I got a little HP vibe going on too
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

    Bouncing Baby Boy: Tristan Ambrose * Ambrose Galahad* Gabriel Beauregard
    Little Lady: Genevieve Claire * Josephine Adele * Fleur Josephine * Morgana

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    Me too! I really love Bellatrix and Narcissa. The character gave me a bit turn off, but it still pretty. So, I prefer to focus on the astronomical association rather than HP (Bellatrix is a star's name from Orion).
    For Hermione, yes it's very HP. but it's also the name of Helen of Troy's daughter. so.. another reference.

    I also like Anzhelina, Svetlana, Itacha, Echo, Leonid, and Klaus.
    I prefer Sophoronia than Sephrenia. Then about Megaera. Do you mean Megara, like the Herakles' wife?

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    I LOVE Hermione too. My aunty said that if she ever had another baby that she would call it Hermione and my mum would call hers Polly! CUTE!

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    I understand loving a series... I'm a Lord of the Rings fan, so top names on my list were Eowyn, Arwen, and Rohan. Eowyn still hangs on, but I don't think I'll be able to convince him of it - I was able to turn him onto Willow though, so maybe!

    I think that maybe if you really want to use them, why not give them as middle names? I do like themes with sib sets, as long as they aren't super obvious. i.e, we like names that have a "y" in them, or switch out an "i" for a "y"... but we wouldn't name all our children with names that start with a "Y" (I'm from one of those families, so I'm not bashing!). And Ron Howard and gave middle names to their children based on where they were conceived (Bryce DALLAS Howard), which again, unless you know the story, it wouldn't be super obvious. So giving it to them as middle names might be a viable option.

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