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    The Substitute Teacher

    You are a substitue teacher for a high school sophomore class. You anxiously wait for your 30 students to arrive.

    First to come in is a pair of shy girls who quietly say hello to you, then sit in the back corner of the classroom. They talk together and barely look at anyone else. What are their names?

    Next comes a group of giggling girls. They sit ontop of the desks in the middle of the room, and talk amongest themselves. What are their names?

    In comes a mob of 7 boys. They run in and fill up all but one seat on left side of the room. There seems to be a leader, and he introduces you to him and his friends. You can't help but notice one of the shy girls blushing when he walks by her to get drink of water. What are the boys' names?

    Shortly after the mob of boys, comes a mob 5 of girls. They strut in with their hair piled ontop of their heads, and immediately shove their way into the circle of boys. Three of the guys wrap their arms around a girl. What are the girls' names?

    Next comes a boy who doesn't look up from his book when entering the room. He quietly sits alone in the front corner of the room. What is his name?

    In comes a girl who is wearing a skirt that definately does not meet the dress code. She joins the large group and one of the guys comes up to her and hugs her. What is her name?

    After the girl comes a trio of nerdy looking boys. They shyly say hi to the 3 giggling girls, and you can't help but feel sorry for them when the girls simply ignore them. They move on and sit next to the boy reading in the corner. What are their names?

    Next into the classroom are two couples. The walk in holding hands. One of the couples is very outgoing saying hi to everyone, including you and the nerdy boys. The other couple is not as chatty, simply waving hi to you then taking a seat in the back next to the quiet girls. What are the two couples names?

    Shortly after the couples comes 2 girls and a boy. The girls seem to be very clingy to him, although he seems more interested in one of the shy girls. They sit in front of the quiet girls, but you can hear the two girls that walked in with the boy arguing over who gets to sit by him. What are their names?

    Just as the bell rings, a boy rushes in carrying a skateboard. The boys from the group all shout his name, and he sits in the seat saved for him. What is his name?

    You call attendance, and surprisingly, the class is well behaved.

    Hope you enjoyed it!
    If you want another grade just let me know!

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