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    Pregnancy Cravings.

    Just wondered if any of you had strong cravings whilst you were pregnant. Smells or Food? My sister had a really strong craving to use jasmine for everything, her house literally smelt of jasmine. She craved the smell!

    With Biggest Girl I craved fruit juice and cheese (I had it on everything, well not everything!)
    With Middle Girl I couldn't stop eating peppers - especially yellow.
    With Small Girl it wasn't just a craving, I was addicted to garlic bread and jammy dodgers.
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    Addicted to BLT's, I never liked tomatoes before. Sandwiches are one of my biggest cravings (this include burgers... OMG burgers!!!), meats and cheese with either lettuce, tomato, onion and/or pickles, deliciously carby. Drinks, milk and just recently orange juice. I drink water all the time and think I am getting bored of that because I am always thirsty and fresh squeezed orange juice is a nutritious supplement, since I don't drink any other store bought juices. I always loved OJ though. I also crave tomato soup lots and Caesar's (virgin of course), extra celery salt made with pickle juice (I used to drink this cocktail with pickles before so that is not new). Other than that I crave Mango Smoothies and apples/oranges. I am not sure if the fruit is more of a craving or just the fruits that I find appetizing right now. Lots of meaty, salty and acidic foods for me. Since my appetite is still small though thank god I can eat my cravings and still be healthy.

    I do NOT want anything sweet, ice cream, chicken unless its breaded and fried or eggs. I used to love these things. I would eat eggs for breakfast every morning and now it makes me feel ick.

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    Most of my cravings come and go within a few hours. I'll want something so badly and by the time it's bought and made it's the grossest thing in the world. I have a few exceptions to that - chicken skin in particular. I just can't get enough of it. Fried or baked, as long as there's no sauce. I want macaroni and cheese every few days, BLTs, that chocolate milk in the glass bottle from the grocery store, chicken pastry (which I just cannot find a good recipe for), and I've had a few cheesecake weeks. I promise I eat really well... these are all pretty restricted. Oh, and a new one that just started, a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich - turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and miracle whip.

    Most of my other regular cravings are things that I can't have (or I'm just too afraid to risk having). Beer is a big one, which of course I won't touch. I've actually found that drinking Pellegrino really, really quickly can sometimes help with that. Dippy eggs, hot dogs (which I usually hate), lox, beef jerky, liverwurst. The biggest one is probably Jimmy John's Hunter's Club... SO says he'll have a couple delivered to the hospital after I deliver. I don't think they do that.

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    For this pregnancy the first week I got cravings was fish....everyday. Salmon, Tilapia, Tuna Salads. Now I'm starting to feel morning sickness (and lucky me it strikes in the middle of the night when I should be getting some sleep so now I'm sick and I'm growing sleep deprived and I'm 7 weeks!) and I'm not really noticing one craving.

    For my first pregnancy I wanted chocolate milk all the time. I could not hold down mexican the entire pregnancy, but loved tacos. There was a month where all red meat smelled rotten to me so that was out. Then at the end Burger King had introduced the Mushroom Swiss Burger, and I had one of those every day (sometimes twice!) until they stopped making them.

    My second pregnancy was probably the most vicious. I couldn't hold hardly anything down, was seriously surprised I gained any weight at all. I remember craving Chinese food a lot then.

    For my third pregnancy I only remember craving subs and tabouli (I was working at a middle eastern restaurant for the 3rd and 4th pregnancies). And that I *HAD* to have a Buffalo Chicken sub as soon as that baby came out. Which I took one bite out of and my poor stomach was still not in any condition to handle it.

    Chicken Fatoush Salads and Lentil Soup were pretty much what I ate at work for the majority my 4th pregnancy. I'd get lamb once in awhile.

    ACK! Now I want a sub....AND a piece of salmon. It's almost 3 am. Grumpy pants.
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    Gigigibbons I normally eat tons of Buffalo Chicken sanwiches but I love them even more now, especially the one at Denny's! Are your previous kid boys or girls? I am trying to make some craving guesses. BLTs, cheeseburgers and mango smoothies everyone tells me leans more toward boy. I don't like my smoothies sweet, just juicy lol. I haven't had Tabouli in over a year and it sounds pretty delicious right now. I just tried to eat Blueberry Mini Wheats, my once favorite cereal and 3 bites then it made my feel sick and repulsed. The only breakfast food that makes me feel good is bacon... and newly discovered onion bagel with cream cheese. I should try that with bacon lol.

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