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    Cool looking for tomboy names/nick names-not necessarily unisex names!

    I am back again…Last time I posted that I was looking for similar names to Phoebe and Lucia. My husband and I have quite different tastes in names-he is very much on the side that girls names should be girls names (like most of the people on this site-I think)! I however have a unisex name (Jo) so I am quite happy to use Hadley or Kennedy. (My husband sees these name as too masculine)!
    I am now having the re-think that perhaps I could go with a girly name (not too frilly though)! And use a tomboy nickname. I have read the blog of tomboy nick names and I am sure there are others out here. It would be a nice way to please both mum and dad-and she can decide which she prefers depending on if she is a girly girl or a tom boy!
    (Phoebe and Lucia are still high on the list-but please don’t comment on these names-just need some help with suggestions ).
    Alexi-is a name that he has okayed. BUT Alexandra really is getting too frilly/formal for me (Just so you can get the jist of my naming style-pretty simple)
    Thank you in advance!

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