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    Pick your favorites names off my list?

    Here is my list of favorite girls names! I would so appreciate if you would tell me which ones you like and which ones you don't! Thanks in advance!

    Felicity (Fizzy)
    Liberty (Libby or Bitty)
    Charlotte (Lottie)
    Annabel (Annie or Bella)
    Elizabeth (Lizzie)

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    I love Felicity, Charlotte and Annabel! But not so keen of the nickname Fizzy for Felicity. I would go for Fliss, Lissy, Flick but that's just me! I'm not keen on Liberty but I adore the nn Libby, I would use it on it's own or as a nickname for Elizabeth.
    Some real nice names you have there though!
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    Felicity (Fizzy) - Love Felicity, not sure about Fizzy.
    Liberty (Libby or Bitty) - Love Libby. Liberty is maybe a guilty pleasure. Lilibet would be easier to use, still calling her Libby.
    Charlotte (Lottie) - I like Charlotte but neither Lottie nor Charlie do anything for me.
    Annabel (Annie or Bella) - I adore Annabel but hate Annie. Bella is fine though.
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) - Libby is cuter than Lizzie. But Liz is still cute.

    Of your options, Elizabeth and Annabel are my favourite, Bella and Lizzie/Libby.

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    Felicity - quite like Felicity, but I'm not a fan of Fizzy at all, sorry. I like just Izzy so much more.
    Liberty - LOVE Libby, but I can't see Liberty aging well. It almost seems too patriotic, too--what if she isn't especially passionate about Liberty? I like it for Libby, but I don't think I would use it. I think Elizabeth nn Libby works better.
    Charlotte - LOVE Charlotte! It's on my short list. While I like Lottie (used to LOVE it), I like Lola as a nn much more now.
    Annabel - by far my favorite of your options. I'm not sure if in general I prefer Charlotte or Annabel, but I absolutely adore Annabel, it'd probably be on my list if Isabelle wasn't, and I adore the nns Annie and Bella. I think it's just wonderful.
    Elizabeth - I love the classic Elizabeth, but I'm not super crazy about Lizzie (even though I like it). My concern with Lizzie that it'd easily become Liz, and I don't like Liz at all, sorry. I think Eliza, Elle/Ella, Libby, Izzy, Ibby, Abby, Betsy, etc., would all be very cute for Elizabeth.

    Annabel, then Charlotte, then Felicity, then Elizabeth are my favorites. I pretty much love them all, haha.
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    Liberty & Felicity are my favorites, in that order. Good luck

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