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    Call Center Employees Game Round 4


    Grandkids Time.
    For all Children Over 18 roll for relationship. Child can only be divorced/widowed every two years. So if you get too many stop and they're currently single.
    1. boyfriend/girlfriend
    2. boyfriend/girlfriend
    3. homosexual
    4. engaged
    5. If over 25 - divorced -- If under 25 married
    6. bisexual (odd-male even-female)
    7. married
    8. single
    9. single
    10. married
    11. engaged
    12. boyfriend/girlfriend
    13. single
    14. widowed
    15. boyfriend/girlfriend
    16. married
    17. divorced
    18. married
    19. boyfriend/girlfriend
    20. divorced

    You Choose Age Difference

    Roll for First and Middle Names
    2. Starts with J
    3. (new name)
    4. (city name)
    5. Contains an N and O
    6. (name closest to SO's name)
    7. (character's first or last name)
    8. Boys:
    9. (name of any college in Indiana)
    11. Boys: Felix, Finn, Austin, Avery, Brady, Nolan, Devin, Parker, Miles, Grayson, Gregory, Joseph, Bryce, Caiden, Jonah, Travis, Zion, Grant, Donovan, Edgar
    Girls: Audrey, Lorraine, Claire, Nevaeh, Mariana, Lilly, Brooklynn, Alana, Mary, Kelsey, Alicia, Kayla, Camryn, Ariel, Sarah, Peyton, Angela, Megan, Mya, Valeria
    13. Starts with K
    14. Boys: Contains a W and R
    15. (goth, transformer, romanian, basque and georgian)
    16. (for boys and girls)
    18. Ends with T
    19. Boys: Arend, Brentley, Hubert, Karcsi, Latif, Laurenz, Lavrik, Matheiu, Nuri, Stan, Vasile, Yorick, Yuri, Henry, Esau, Charles, Desmond, Finnian, Griffith, Trevor
    Girls: Flory, Strawberry, Tereska, Adelaide, Alice, Amelia, Caroline, Charlotte, Clara, Cora, Eleanor, Emma, Grace, Jane, Lucy, Olivia, Sophia, Violet, Francesca, Dorothy
    20. (parent's first, middle or last name)

    Roll for Last Names
    1. (feminine, literature, albanian and wrestler)
    3. (use neutral names)
    4. (any heroine's name)
    5. Astri, Bartholomeus, Erzebet, Georgianna, Iveth, Katrin, Octavio, Ole, Prospero, Sascha, Sashka, Sonja, Theora, Valory, Werner
    6. 4 syllables long or longer
    7. (any first or middle name)
    8. Dove, Abner, Sheba, Coco, Robby, Oliver, Jeri, Kitten, Nicholas, Holly, George, Beautiful, Sweet, Zoe, Sally, Chloe, Erin, Mac, Tucker, Shimmer
    9. (surprise me and choose)

    Number of Kids.
    Parent 20 or Under = Roll 6 sided die 1-4 = that number 5-6 = none
    21-25 = roll 10 sided die 1-6 = that number 7-8 = none 9-10 = roll 4 sided die
    26+ = roll 12 sided die 1-8 = that number 9-10 = none 11-12 = roll 4 sided die

    Parent 20 or Under = roll 6 sided die 1-4 = that number 5 = infant 6 = adopted or step-child you choose age
    21-25 = roll 10 sided die 1-8 = that number 9 = infant 10 = adopted or step-child you choose age
    26+ = roll 20 sided die 1-17 = that number 18 = infant 19-20 = adopted or step-child you choose age (if age doesn't make sense you choose age)

    Roll for First and Middle Names of Kids
    1. Ends with et or ette
    2. Same name as Grandparent, Parent, Aunt or Uncle's name
    4. Ends with D
    6. (character or actor's name)
    7. Boys: Ends with -er
    8. Boys:
    Girls: Amber, Rene, Kateri, Julia, Briana, Gina, Eliza, Isla, Maria, Olivia, Sophia, Jamie, Lee, Agatha, Amelia, Aria, Berit, Blair, Calley, Jane, Josephine, Khaleesi, Lainey, Laurel, Mae, Mallory, Messiah, Nora, Paige, Poppy, Selah, Stella, Victoria, Myka, Odetta, Eudora, Lucille, Madeline, Mette, Orchid, Noa, Lake, Jerusha, Galilee, Ashira, Daphne, Verena, Brunhild, Emma, Solange
    9. 4 syllables or longer
    10. (common and choose from last names)
    11. 8 letters long
    12. Starts with O
    13. (choose)
    14. Boys: Ends with N
    Girls: Ends with A
    15. (generate another name)
    17. (rare and opposite gender and choose a first name)
    18. (top 200)
    19. (Nebraska, 2004, top 100)
    20. (from that list)

    Roll for Careers
    4. Your Choice

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    1. Shiloh Tiana Baby (26) {bi}
    --DW: Laney Dora {Bru} Baby (30)
    ---Postal Carrier
    ----DS: Derrick Rhett Baby (5)

    2. Felicia Rose {Rant} Garrison (30)
    ----DS: Oscar Nanuq Rant-Gay (14)
    ----DD: Margo Jayne Rant-Gay (13)
    ----DS: Chris Isaac Rant-Gay (11)
    --DH: Armstrong Harold Garrison (30) "Army" --Virginia's nephew--
    ---Undercover Cop
    ----DSD: Aylin Tiana Edwards (16)
    ----DSD: Rebecca Dee Edwards (15)
    ----DSS: Kyle Taft Edwards (14)
    ----DSS: Fiachna Duke Edwards (13)
    ----DSS: Tyrique Prince Garrison (7)
    ----DSD: Rickiana Ariana Garrison (6)
    ----DS: Vance Quinn Garrison (4)
    ----DS: Bruce Ilric Garrison (4)
    ----DD: Ilena Alexa Garrison (3)
    ----DD: Tabby Jessy Garrison (2)
    ----DS: Thyme Hrafn Garrison (1)

    3. Minnie Michelle Gracie (34)
    --DF: Omar Jaylen Priscilla (32)
    ----DD: Gayle Natalie Gracie-Priscilla (14)
    ----DD: Meredith Kristina Gracie-Priscilla (11)
    ----DS: Michael Maximus Gracie-Priscilla (10)
    ----DS: Ron Ichabod Gracie-Priscilla (10)
    ----DS: Dayton Jacob Gracie-Priscilla (8)
    ----DS: Cooper Jensen Gracie-Priscilla (1)
    ----DD: Rennie Olivianna Gracie-Priscilla (7 months)

    4. Jaylen Sean Gordon (22)
    ----DS: Tyler Griffin Santana (6)
    ----DS: Winston Wren Lynch-Gordon (1)

    5. Virginia Jasmine Garrison (61)
    ----DS: Vaughn Alexander Garrison (36)
    ------DGF: Sigil Euria Moriah (32)
    ---Environmental Scientist

    6. Folton Leopold St. Thomas (59)
    ----DS: Tenskwatawa Chris Gallegos-St. Thomas (32) "Chris"
    ---Medical Billing and Coding Specialist
    --------DS: Tom Spitfire Mac (15)
    --------DD: Shen Lattrice Destiny (10)
    --------DD: Rory Amber Destiny (8)
    --------DS: Bud Harvey Destiny (7)
    --------DS: Luca Marshall Destiny (5)
    --------DS: Ivan Dash Destiny (4)
    --------DS: Chik Ward Destiny (3)
    --------DD: Toni Stella Destiny (1)
    ----DD: Sierra Elle {Sims-St. Thomas} Rascal (21)
    ---Local Government Worker {City Counsel}
    --------DS: Iron Kristopherson Sims (4)
    ------DH: Jeremy Coquitlam Rascal (26)
    ---Interior Designer
    --------DSS: Griffin Ron Nova-Rascal (7)
    --------DS: Bartlet Morgan Rascal (11 months)
    --------DD: Ophelia Emery Rascal (11 months)
    ----DD: Calista Ziti O'Connell (9)

    7. Cathryn Florentine {Cox} Sandler (20) "Cat"
    ----DS: Victor Quinton Wood (3)
    ----DD: Irma Paula Wood (1)
    --DH: Berkley Quincy Sandler (20)
    ---Maintenance & Repair Worker
    ----DSD: Taja Macy Nunez-Sandler (3)
    ----DSD: Tesla Clarity Nunez-Sandler (2)
    ----DAS: Unity Elijah Sandler (1) "TT"
    ----DAD: Cherish Tina Sandler (1) "Cherry"
    ----DAS: Treasure Everett Sandler (1) "Tre"

    8. Alfred Kimball Stalt (49) "Alfie"
    --DGF: Madison Carolie Peaches (46)
    ---Art Restorer
    ----DD: Camilla Urbana Peaches-Stalt (25)
    ---Forklift Operator
    ------DBF: Owen Row Katrin (30)
    ---Massage Therapist
    ----DS: Niles Barton Peaches-Stalt (22)
    ------DW: Kaylah Erin {Quinlan} Stalt (22)
    ---Youth Minister
    --------DD: Lyra Stanka Stalt (4)
    ----DS: Murphy Ian Peaches-Stalt (19)
    ---Construction Worker
    ------DF: Eddie Aria Vandyke (21)
    ---Pediatric Registered Nurse

    9. Thomas Victor Percy (24) "Tommy"
    ----DS: Alexander Nahuel Percy (8)
    ----DD: Isobel Iris Percy (7)
    --DW: Beverly Anabel {Afro} Percy (23)
    ---Auto Body Customizer
    ----DSD: Briella Risa Afro (4)
    ----DSS: Hank Nanook Afro (2)

    10. Mayim Meryl St. Croix (57) "Mimi" {bi}
    ----DAS: Bliapequio Sanford St. Croix (31) "B"
    ---Debt Collector
    ------DGF: Chiyo Khloe Werner (33)
    ---Middle School Math Teacher
    --------DS: Zale Theodore Werner (6)
    ----DD: Akela Ethena St. Croix (30) {bi}
    ---Massage Therapist
    --------DS: Zaid Porter St. Croix (2)
    ----DAS: Orion Quinoa St. Croix (30)
    ------DF: Angela Meghan Nelida (32)
    ---Market Trader
    --DW: Blake Mona Alexander (55)
    ----DSD: Jilliana Vixen {Alexander} Angel (39)
    ---Civil Engineer
    ------DH: Johnny Roshan Angel (38)
    --------DD: Berlind Mattie Angel (17)
    --------DD: June Diamond Angel (15)
    --------DS: Hayden Oliver Angel (13)
    --------DS: Ross Foster Angel (9)
    --------DS: Alexander Peter Angel (7) "Xander"
    --------DD: Anna Laurette Angel (6)
    ----DSD: Timpani Vienna {Alexander-Hill} Titania (34)
    ------DH: Matt Monty Titania (29)
    --------DD: Young Kirsten Titania (9)
    ----DSD: Layla Dearest Alexander-Hill (33)
    ---Building Mechanic
    ------DEXH: Drew Warren Mary (32)
    ---Records Processor
    ------DEXH: Javon Leo Van Horn (30)
    ---Assistant Manager
    ------DF: Marco Orion Caroline (33)
    ---Food Scientist
    ----DSD: Elisha Darby {Alexander-Hill} Garcia (29)
    ---Assembly Line Worker
    ------DEXH: Avery Ben Garcia (32)
    ---Procurement Clerk
    --------DS: Jubilee Diaz Garcia (9) "JD"
    ------DBF: Matt Laurent Newman (28)
    ---Aircraft Riveter
    --------DSS: Zion Elrond Bartelsonia-Newman (6)
    --------DSD: Yesenia Winona Bartelsonia-Newman (4)
    --------DSD: Matilda Christiana Bartelsonia-Newman (2) "Tilly"
    ----DSD: Ayelen Angelina Alexander-Hill (27)
    ---Silverware Cleaner
    ------DBF: Jonathan Laurenz Orinthia (26)
    ---Medical Secretary
    --------DS: Ozzy Eliasson Alexander-Hill-Orinthia (6)
    ----DSS: Coyote Ashton Alexander-Hill (26)
    ---Insurance Agent
    --------DS: Lloyd Macintosh Quintonison-Alexander-Hill (11)
    --------DS: Gerald Boba Quintonison-Alexander-Hill (10)
    --------DS: George Fret Quintonison-Alexander-Hill (9)
    --------DAD: Paisley Ashley Hatchison (5) {Coyote's now ex-girlfriend daughter he adopted, Ben's half sister}
    --------DS: Ben Cody Hatchison (3)
    ----DAS: Willy Quinton St. Croix (21) {bi}
    ---Air Force Private
    --------DS: Alex Otis Iveth-St. Croix (4)
    --------DD: Tsura Leslie Iveth-St. Croix (2)
    ------DEXH: Nuri Jordan Blob (21)
    ---Medical Records Retrieval Specialist
    --------DSD: Parker Rowan Blob (4)
    --------DSD: Pumpkin Kiana Blob (3)
    ------DH: Rodger Wabash {Audrey} St. Croix (20)
    ---Public Bus Driver
    ----DS: Taylor Tom St. Croix (19)
    ---Freight Handler
    ------DLW: Cayla Ana {Moose} St. Croix (19)
    ---Costume Designer
    --------DS: Moses Kriztoph St. Croix (4)
    --------DD: Maisie Kelly St. Croix (2)
    ------DGF: Mandy Bethany Szalinski (18)
    ----DS: Joshua Ike St. Croix (7)

    11. Bradley Maximus Sue (40) "Brad"
    ----DD: Kiara Isabelle {Hodge-Sue} Chloe (21)
    ------DEXH: Itumeleng Sandro Chloe (21) "Ice"
    ---Pharmacy Tech
    --------DS: Tiberius Claude Chloe (5) "Ty"
    --------DS: Madrid Chesney Chloe (4) "Mad"
    ----DD: Ursula Xochitl Sue (14)
    ----DS: Murphy Ole Sue (6)
    --DW: Zacaria Lucia {Robinson} Sue (25)
    ---Casino Customer Service Representative
    ----DSS: Herschel Roland Robinson-Stewart (4)
    ----DD: Jarika Lindsay Sue (9 months)

    12. Sade Alicia Rocko (47)
    ----DD: Velma Violet Rocko-Conley (30) {homo}
    ---Drywall Installer
    --------DS: Xavier Raider Rocko-Werner (16)
    --------DS: Kristoph Marko Rocko-Werner (13)
    --------DD: Olivia Adalind Rocko-Werner (10)
    --------DS: Camlo Justin Ruby (5)

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    13. Laura Sage St. Oliver (52)
    ----DS: Kyle Bellamy St. Oliver-Snyder (36)
    --------DS: Jack Macintosh Clara (17)
    ------DW: Sabrina Skyla {Vanmeter} St. Oliver-Snyder (32)
    ---Shipping Clerk
    --------DSS: Doc Nicholas Quinlan (17)
    --------DSD: Tyrette Kayla Quinlan (16)
    --------DS: Edgar Kaden St. Oliver-Snyder (11) "Eddie"
    --------DS: James Macklin St. Oliver-Snyder (11)
    --------DD: Rebecca Ida St. Oliver-Snyder (5)
    --------DD: Savannah Neva St. Oliver-Snyder (4)
    ----DD: Iris Elisabet {St. Oliver-Snyder} Sashka (35)
    ---Truck Loader/Unloader
    ------DH: Thomas Brady Sashka (36)
    ----DD: Myra Georgina St. Oliver (29)
    ---Herbicide Sprayer
    --------DD: Harriette Juliette St. Oliver-Velasco (11)
    --------DS: Fuller Mard St. Oliver-Velasco (8)
    --------DD: Octavia Maia St. Oliver-Velasco (8)
    --------DAD: Kaylind Morgan St. Oliver (5)
    --------DAD: Yvette James St. Oliver (4)
    --------DAS: Rudolph Orval St. Oliver (3)
    --------DAS: Dave Anderson St. Oliver (2)
    --------DAD: Isla Emma St. Oliver (1)
    ----DD: Lena Sugar {St. Oliver} Iveth (22)
    ---High School Guidance Counselor
    ------DH: Steve Brent Iveth (22)
    --------DS: Victer Peppermint Iveth (5)
    --------DD: Dusty Fantress Iveth (5)
    --------DS: Ayden Master Iveth (2)
    --------DD: Colette Jade Iveth (1)
    ----DS: Rick Isaac St. Oliver (20)
    ---Executive Assistant
    ------DEXW: Daichi Ariel {Elise} St. Oliver (19)
    --------DS: Winston Henrietton St. Oliver (3)
    --------DS: Chet Finniantal St. Oliver (1 month)
    --------DD: Kaylee Amethyst St. Oliver (1 month)
    ----DS: Trey Nicholas Briggs (11)

    14. Sophia Cameron Kate (56)
    --DF: Brian Ambrose Karson (64)
    ---Mortgage Officer
    ----DD: Vienna Kathy Kate-Karson (36)
    ---Social Worker
    --------DS: Phebian Arnold Quentin-Karson (15)
    --------DS: Orion Pauly Karson (9)
    --------DS: Discord James Karson (1)
    ----DD: Iris Phylis Kate-Karson (8)

    15. Taft Billy Gordon (24)
    --DW: Kristi Chase Gracie (29) --Minnie's sister--
    ---Tour Guide
    ----DSS: Owen Justin Gallagher (11)
    ----DSS: Chad Ens Gallagher (10)
    ----DSD: Tonya Isis Gracie (3)
    ----DSD: Ira Jaylee Gracie (2)
    ----DS: David Muscowequan Gordon (3 months)

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    1. Delta Faith Conley-Hart [54]
    DH: Kirk Toliver Hart [47]
    -Philosophy Professor

    2. Joseph Wesley Reagan "Joe" [18]
    DGF: Jada Conner Cyrus [21]
    DS: Henry Julian Reagan [NB]

    3. Jeff Rich Fortt [39]
    DW: Zoey Madison (Steely) Fortt [27]
    -School Counselor

    4. Glenn Falcon Avery [34]
    DGF: Lydia Serene Tambor [32]

    5. Chance Jeremy Nathan [22]

    6. Franz Maximilliano Bishop [45]
    DW: Laylah Amy Princess Bishop [36]
    -Clothing Model
    ADD: Ingrid Tessa Bishop [11]
    ADS: Isaac Bear Bishop [11]
    ADD: Ivy Thelma Bishop [8]
    ADS: Ivan Fox Bishop [7]

    7. Zadie Virginia (Rose) Jefferson [59]
    DH: Ed Allen Jefferson [54]
    DSS: Chipper David Jefferson [37] Ed's son
    -DFiancee: Lilly Marian Voss [33]
    --Financial Advisor
    DS: Wilbert Alexander Jefferson [34]
    --File Clerk
    -DFiancee: Mya Rose Quinlan [32]
    --Landscape Arc
    DS: Jesse Dexter Jefferson [12]

    8. Sergio Zev Zane [28]
    DW: Priscilla Kimble (Carroll) Zane [39] deceased
    -Correctional Guard

    DW: Shirley Una (Gunvor) Zane [28]
    SDS: Tobey Corbin Gunvor [9] Shirley's son
    SDD: Bree Pallas Gunvor [8] Shirley's daughter
    ADS: Buck Barley Zane [7] adopted with Priscilla
    SDD: Fawn Angelina Gunvor [6] Shirley's daughter

    9. Gary Christopher Rice [64]
    exDW: Shelley Emerson (Conley) Rice [62]
    -Speech-Language Pathologist

    DGF: Nelly Anne Nylund [61]
    DS: Ephraim Iago Rice [42] with Shelley
    -DW: Regina Dorothy (Gentle) Rice [42] deceased
    --Dermatology Nurse Practitioner

    ---DS: Miles Benjamin Rice [17]
    ---DS: Warren Jared Rice [15]
    ---DS: Silvester Ethan Rice [12]
    ---DS/DS: Valentin Ajax Rice / Zion Jaxon Rice [10]
    ---DD: Janice Alicia Rice [9]
    ---DS: Martin Gerald Rice [7]
    -DGF: Vanessa Grace Silver [30]
    --Real Estate Agent
    ---DD: Frankie Lotus Silver Rice [3]
    DSS: Hector Wayna Nylund [39] Nelly's son
    -DGF: Edie Suzume Elise [36]
    --Computer Analyst
    ---DD: Emery Bell Elise [20]
    ---DD: Viola Kim Nylund [17]
    ---DD: Rochelle Reese Nylund [16]
    ---DD: Dottie Mae Nylund [8]
    DSD: Lulu Viola Nylund [35] Nelly's daughter
    --Housetrailer Servicer
    -DBF: Cedrick Virgil Werner [36]
    --Ornamental Plasterer Helper
    ---DD: Kasia Charley Nylund [17]
    ---DD: Arabella Eva Nylund [10]
    DS: Isaiah Herman Rice [33] with Shelley
    -DGF: McKenna Kanon Valory [27]
    ---DS: Zaid Michael Rice [17]
    ---DD: Salma Emily Rice [12]
    DSD: Harmonie Nina Nylund [32] Nelly's daughter
    -exDH: Lancelot Nuri Cinders [54]

    ---DS: Yves Lancolet Cinders [16]
    ---DD: Babette Star Cinders [10]
    ---DS/DS: Nestor Montgomery Cinders / Green Nuri Cinders [8]
    -exDH: Wayne Ronin Alma [47]

    ---DS: Orion Drummer Alma [6]
    ---DS: Foster Phoenix Alma [2]
    ---DS: Virgil November Alma [NB]
    DSS: Laszlo Dinga Nylund [32] Nelly's son
    --Computer Support Specialist
    -DGF: Kitty Gracin Dardana [25]
    --Court Reporter
    DSS: Prancer Melba Nylund [31] Nelly's son
    --Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
    -DGF: Leah Drew Caroline [27]
    --Registered Nurse
    DD: Clio Vienna Rice [30] with Shelley
    --Professional Athlete
    DS: Tatum Erick Rice [19] with Nelly
    -DGF: Kinzee Kay Tinder [17]
    ---DD: Sammie Diamond Tinder-Rice [NB]
    DS: Luther Aiden Rice [18] with Nelly
    -DGF: Savannah Cate Vogel [18]
    DD: Maribel Indigo Rice [15] with Nelly

    10. Dezirae Shiloh Tovia [22]
    DD: Camilla Jynx Tovia [3]

    11. James Alfred Dorsey [62]
    DGF: Ruby Zuzanna Emerson [60]
    -Tarot Reader
    DS: Jeremiah Ignatius Dorsey [40]
    --Mechanical Engineer
    -DGF: Veronica Callie Bailey [39]
    ---SDD: Taylor Ingrid Bailey [21]
    ---DS/DS: Oliver Pattin Dorsey / Justin Percival Dorsey [12]
    ---DS: Alexander Scott Dorsey [6]
    ---DS: Nicholas Chester Dorsey [3]
    ---DS: William James Dorsey [2]
    DD: Theodosia Nayeli Emerson [37]
    --White Metal Caster
    DD: Shadow Spirit Dorsey [24]
    -exDH: Kent Kolby Katrin
    --College Professor

    ---DS: Felix Karter Katrin [3]
    -DBF: Joseph Kenneth Tucker
    --Maintenance & Repair Worker
    DD: Unity Allegra Emerson [21]
    --Event Planner
    -DBF: Tim Gregory Specter [23]
    --Executive Assistant

    12. Bonnie January Sharp [67]
    DBF: Riley Douglas Thompson [63]
    DD: Mischa Tina Thompson [32]
    --Applications Developer
    -DFiance: Arthur Owen Lewandowski [34]
    --EMS Helicopter Pilot
    ---DS: Morgan Braeburn Thompson [14]
    ---DD: Jubilee Angelina Thompson [11]
    ---DS: Amos Oswald Thompson [9]
    ---DD: Essie Nichelle Lewandowski [4]
    DD: Miriam Penny Thompson [26]
    --Racing Driver
    ---DS/DS: Rylan Hezekiah Thompson / Riley Lorenzo Thompson [9]
    ---DS: Romario Edward Thompson [5]
    DS: Murphy Barry Thompson [26]
    --Scenic Designer
    ---DD: Olive Ingrid Thompson [5]
    ---DD: Marigold Brenna Thompson [1]
    DS: Marshell Wyatt Thompson [16]

    13. Zebediah Reynaldo Chevy [48]
    DW: Elly Payson (Charles) Chevy [46]
    -Car Rental Agent
    DSS: Mack Arnold Charles [15] Elly's son
    DS: Tucker Miles Chevy [11]
    DS: Vick Logan Chevy [2]

    14. Mason Maxwell Gray [26]
    DW: Laney Fallon Currie-Gray [38]

    15. Liberty Mona Somporn [63]
    exDH: Ellison Davies Ibrim [58]
    -Engineering Writer

    DH: Julius Mohammed Persap [74]
    -Hydraulic Technician
    SDD: Winona Mae Persap [39] Julius's daughter
    --Casual Worker
    -DFiance: Keagan Zane Robby [32]
    --Dental Hygienist
    ---DD: Annaleigh Rachel Persap [18]
    ---DS: Leonidas Fox Persap [14]
    ---DS: Lawrence Dash Persap [11]
    ---DD: Abigail Sapphire Persap [7]
    DS: Lonnie Jack Ibrim [37]
    --Residential Roofer
    -DGF: Jewel Rose Morgen [28]
    ---DD: Miri Claire Dove [12]
    SDD: Heloise Plum Persap [36] Julius's daughter
    --Fitness Trainer
    -DBF: Gil Tamaz Quentin [37]
    --Fitness Trainer
    SDS: Orson Blair Persap [35] Julius's son
    --Respiratory Therapist
    -DGF: Barrie Jessica Leech [29]
    --Web Developer
    ---DS: Oscar Basset Persap [17]
    ---DS: Pierce Willard Persap [15]
    ---DS: Laure Douglas Persap [13]
    ---DSS: Hayden Owen Leech [10]
    ---DS: Raymond Duke Persap-Leech [6]
    DD: Kayla Lauren Ibrim [34]
    --General Counsel
    -exDH: Wright Esau Audrey [39]
    --Naval Aircrewman Tactical Helicopter

    ---DD: Mayra Lynette Audrey [11]
    ---DS: Zachariah Rex Audrey [10]
    ---DS: Jeremy DeForest Audrey [4]
    -DBF: Rawley Conrad VanBuren [38]
    --Private Investigator
    ---SDD: Oceania Shelby VanBuren [8] Rawley's daughter
    DD: Glory Dulce (Ibrim) Adamance [31]
    --Heating Engineer
    -DH: Grant Austin Adamance [35]
    --Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
    ---DD/DS: Laurel Esma Adamance / Nathaniel Dann Adamance [13]
    ---ADS: George Boyd Adamance [8]
    ---DS: Nicholas Glenn Adamance [5]
    DS: Clarence Quince Persap "Clay" [26]
    -exDW: Joli Tama Giselle [24]

    DS: Lewis Pepper Persap "Lewey" [24]
    --Private Investigator
    DD: Beatrice Jayde (Persap) Patrick "Bea" [22]
    --Cost Estimator
    -DH: Kai Zviadi Patrick [35]
    --Clinical Laboratory Technician
    ---DSS: Nero Amadeus Patrick [10] Kai's son
    ---DD: Eloise Agnes Persap [7]
    ---DD: Selah Mona-Lisa Persap [5]
    ---DS/DS: Orin Aurelius Patrick / Claudius Thu Patrick [4]
    ---DS: John-Michael Jaren Patrick [3]
    DS: Vincent Tracy Persap "Vinny" [22]
    --Music Arranger
    -DGF: Flory Valeria Morgaine [21]
    --Massage Therapist
    DS: Justice Hawk Persap [19]
    --Childcare Worker
    -DGF: Aimi Gabrielle Castellanos [19]

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    Faith Nicole {Asbury} Penelope (49)
    ---Call Center Employee
    --DLH: Isaiah Brian Penelope (49)
    ---Substance Abuse Counselor
    ----DS: Max Liam Penelope (33)
    ---Credit Union Member Relationship Representative
    --------DS: Alonzo Hubert Tooth-Penelope (17)
    ------DEXW: Lexus Velvet {Titterington} Penelope (27)
    ---Family Practice Doctor
    --------DS: Stevie Ramon Penelope (5)
    --------DS: Bernard Ishani Penelope (4) "Bernie"
    ----DD: Maisie Brinley {Penelope} Ginny (30)
    ---Paper Baling Machine Operator
    ------DH: Jim Happy Ginny (32)
    ---Membership Solicitor
    --------DD: Eden Rochette Ginny (11)
    --------DD: Cora Nicoletta Ginny (4)
    ----DS: Irish Ignatius Penelope (25)
    ---Freight Clerk
    ------DGF: Saskatoon Renee Cameron (29) "Sassy"
    ---Newspaper Photojournalist
    ----DS: Icarus Israel Penelope (25)
    ---Oil Field Transportation Driver
    ------DF: Trine Stefanie Beautiful (24)
    ---Developmental Psychologist
    --------DD: Liza Beautiful Penelope (7)
    ----DD: Rosalie Wilhelmina Penelope (23) {homo}
    ---Tax Inspector
    --------DD: Calley Pretend Darejan (5)
    ------DGF: Blair Ibtihaj Alexander (24)
    ---Rope Machine Setter
    --------DSD: Amethyst Charani Smokey (5) "Amy"
    --------DS: Ahmed Omen Alexander (1) --used a donor--
    --------DD: Ripa Jofranka Alexander (6 months) --used a donor--
    ----DS: Oliviero Isi Penelope (8)

    Bazindo Augustus Gray (65) "Baz"
    ---Call Center Employee
    --DEXW: Adoria Demetria {Dake} Gray (61)
    ---Plant Maintenance Technician
    ----DD: Sacagawea Wynn {Gray} Quillan (30) "Sissy"
    ---Private Investigator
    ------DEXH: Johnathan Justin Quillan (35) "JJ"
    ------DBF: Mate Zion Jeri (36)
    ---Looping Machine Operator
    --------DSD: Juniata Freya Nicholas (18)
    --DW: Alison Janessa {Uthera} Gray (64)
    ---Advanced Foreign Counterintelligence Agent

    Jasmine Rhiannon Howard (51)
    ---Call Center Employee
    --DBF: Conrad Graham Atara (50) --Cory's Brother--
    ----DS: Tyler Helix Atara (34)
    ---Security Guard
    ------DEXW: Miah Kinsley {Villarreal} Atara (28)
    ---Crematorium Worker
    --------DS: Omar Lloyd Atara (9)
    ------DW: Kazuki Tricia {Zoe} Atara (36)
    ---Wood Fence Installer
    ----DD: Riley Destiny Atara (23)
    ---Rebar Worker
    ------DBF: Andrew Quillan (29)
    ---Medical Student
    --------DSS: Fitzwilliam Quillan (6) "Will"
    --------DS: Tiberius Harry Quillan (3) "Ty"
    --------DD: Trinity Jane Quillan (2)
    --------DD: Teo Lucille Quillan (1)

    Isabella Feray {Lee} Ozneth (48) {bi}
    ---Call Center Employee
    --DH: Joel Cappuccino Ozneth (52)
    ---Human Resources Specialist
    ----DD: Vera Sarah Ozneth (21)
    ---4th Grade Teacher
    ------DS: Bailey Alexander Valencia (4)
    ------DD: Reagan Antoinette Valencia (4)
    ------DD: Marlene Maudette Ozneth (2 months)
    ----DD: Brianna Lena {Ozneth} Iveth (19)
    ---Army Private
    ------DH: Milton E Iveth (19)
    ---Dollar Store Sales Associate
    --------DD: Chloe Orla Iveth (2)
    ----DD: Aylen Fuschia {Ozneth} Caroline (18)
    ---UPS Package Handler
    ------DH: Frederick Manchester Caroline (18) "Freddy"
    ---Navy Cadet
    --------DD: Castle Wright Caroline (4) "Cassie"
    --------DS: Barsali Aberana Caroline (1)
    ----DS: Joseph Tom Ozneth (13)
    ----DS: Calvin Ike Ozneth (13)
    ----DD: Vivienne Nicole Ozneth (11)

    Rylee Joan Morgan (47)
    ---Call Center Employee
    ----DS: Indigo Lance Morgan-Uhl (25)
    ---Works from Home
    ------DF: Jamie Alana Emily (24)
    ---Home Maker
    ----DD: Okapi Beulah {Morgan-Uhl} Fix (25)
    ------DH: Warren Sly Fix (31)
    --------DS: Twilight Parker Fix (3)
    --DF: Samson Alan Lydia (43)
    ---Court Reporter
    ----DSD: Tae Date {Lydia} Valenzuela (27)
    ---Child Protective Services Conservatorship Worker
    ------DEXH: Caiden Von Sophie (27)
    ---General Laborer
    --------DS: William James Sophie (13)
    ------DEXH: Kade Avery Valenzuela (33)
    ---Personal Banker
    --------DS: Drummond Todd Valenzuela (3)
    --------DS: Crocket Dominic Valenzuela (2)
    --------DS: Jubilee Colton Valenzuela (11 months) "JC"
    ------DBF: Yi Devin Branson (25)
    ----DSD: Irene Kristi Lydia (24)
    ---Computer Hardware Engineer
    ------DBF: Dryade Jeltz Feathers (28) "DJ"
    ---Car Salesman
    --------DSD: Charlette Gena Bling (1) "Chara"
    ----DSS: Teddy Lachlan Lydia (23)
    ---Pharmacy Tech
    ------DEXW: Violet Josie {Loca} Lydia (21)
    ---Software Developer
    ----DSS: Sparrow Daniel Lydia (22)
    ---Finish Carpenter
    ------DLW: Dorothy Lorraine {Vasquez} Lydia (20) "Dora"
    ---Rescue Technician
    ------DW: Olufunmilayo Jasmine {Nicholas} Lydia (23) "Oli"
    --------DD: Willette May Lydia (1) "Willa"
    ----DSD: Shanti Brianne Lydia (21)
    ---Refractory Tile Installer
    ------DBF: Sly Sterling Pesky (18)
    ---Data Processor
    ----DS: Johnny William Morgan (15)
    ----DS: Darrin Kevin Morgan (9)

    Diaz Qamar Natalya (36)
    ---Call Center Employee
    --DW: Quinn Shiron {Anonna} Natalya (35)
    ---Postal Carrier
    ----DSD: Brinley Fay Anonna (20)
    ---Bill Collector
    ------DBF: Les Quinn Quentin (19)
    ----DSD: Teagan Nannie {Anonna} Stanhope (18)
    ---Anthropology Student
    ------DH: Mower Winnipeg Stanhope (18) "Mo"
    ---Computer Hardware Engineer Student
    --------DS: Taylor Bodie Stanhope (4)
    --------DS: Lawrence Adams Stanhope (2)
    ----DSD: Carina Cate Anonna-Heroux (12)
    ----DS: Fiachra Edamame Natalya (3) "Fenn"

    Veronica Tiffany {Tabitha} Pontius (58)
    ---Call Center Employee
    ----DAD: Tetra Saqui Tabitha (38)
    ---Property Developer
    ------DBF: Brantford You Hammersteadton (40)
    ---Banking Manager
    --------DD: Jofranka Quintessa Hammersteadton (15) "Jo"
    --------DD: Ophelia Morgan Hammersteadton (7)
    --------DD: Merida Kaitlyn Hammersteadton (6)
    --------DD: Oona Perry Hammersteadton (4)
    ----DD: Scout Jessica Saffell (36)
    ---Brazing Machine Operator
    --------DD: Magdalena Opal Theora (17)
    --------DS: Ron Arthur Mignon (14)
    --------DS: Leonardo Alessandro Mignon (13) "Leo"
    --------DD: Marigold Agatha Mignon (12)
    --------DD: Lyra Yvette Saffell (6)
    --------DD: Molly Sydney Saffell (4)
    ------DBF: Chipper Taiki Cecilia (42)
    ---Township Clerk
    --------DSD: Alexiana Cadence Mac-Cecilia (5)
    --------DSD: Shauna Jamie Sophia (1)
    ----DS: Ikarus Aquila Viggiano (28)
    ---High School English Teacher
    --------DD: Tabitha Evan Viggiano (6)
    --------DS: Ben Bernaed Viggiano (3)
    ----DD: Goldie Jelly {Viggiano} Melanie (24)
    ---School Bus Driver
    ------DH: Halifax Chiyo Melanie (23)
    --DH: Teddy Legacy Pontius (50)
    ---Financial Advisor
    ----DS: Quinn John Pontius (11)
    ----DS: Orlando Ike Pontius (11)
    ----DD: Dawn Ukaleq Pontius (10)

    Santee Owen Vivienne (40)
    ---Call Center Employee
    --DLW: Cory True {Atara} Vivienne (42) --Conrad's Sister--
    ---Computer Hardware Engineer
    ----DAS: Fredrick Yeremy Vivienne (18)
    ---Stand Up Comedian
    ------DEXW: Joselyn Ken {Quinlan} Vivienne (18)
    ---Front Desk Clerk
    --------DD: Astrid Georgette Vivienne (4)
    --------DD: Aloe Isabella Vivienne (1)
    ------DF: Vivian Elise Sophia (19)
    ---Anthropology Student
    ----DAS: Gabriel Tucker Vivienne (13)
    --DGF: Weyeneth Ursula Beckham (44) "Becks"
    ---Human Resources Assistant
    ----DD: Rosalie Iridessa Vivienne (1)
    ----DD: Hallie Ripley Vivienne (1)
    ----DAS: Chad Nathan Vivienne (1)

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