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    The “have it all” caf: Quiz + gen + challenge + initials + dice

    You will name this family – four generations deep – by first answering the quiz question and then following the prompt attached to your answer. Good luck!

    DH80 & DW76

    Question: Do you prefer old-fashioned names or current names more?

    Last name: If you prefer old-fashioned, choose an occupation LN. If you prefer modern, start yours with M
    Wife’s Maiden name: If you prefer old-fashioned, choose a regal LN. If you prefer modern, choose a street name.
    The Husband’s FN: If you prefer old-fashioned, names, choose something Presidential. If you prefer modern, go with a crush you’ve had previously
    The Husband’s MN: If you prefer old-fashioned, start yours with H. If you like modern, pick a guilty pleasure.
    The Wife’s FN: If you prefer old-fashioned, base yours on an author or artist. If you like modern, go with a celeb name.
    The Wife’s MN: If you prefer old-fashioned, pick a flower/garden name. If you prefer current, start yours with C.
    The Oldest Son FN: Start this with K regardless of preference.
    The Oldest Son MN: Regardless of preference, end this in -y.
    The Next Oldest Son FN: If you like old-fashioned names, pick a modern name. If you like modern, pick an old-timey name.
    The Next Oldest Son MN: If you like old-fashioned, choose a friend’s name. If you like modern, choose someone you dislike for this name
    The Daughter FN: If you prefer old-fashioned, choose a color name. If you prefer modern, choose a character you have liked from a movie or book.
    The Daughter MN: Go with something from the decade you were born.
    The Next Youngest Son FN: If you like old-fashioned, choose an old-fashioned. If you like modern, choose a modern name.
    The Next Youngest Son MN: Pick a name you’re tired of hearing/seeing all the time.
    The Youngest Son FN: If you like old-fashioned names, pick a name of someone’s pet you’ve met. If you like current names, choose a coworker or classmate you’ve had.
    The Youngest Son MN: Pick a name you would choose for your own child (or have already!)


    -DS55 (from above)

    Question: Are you at least 5’7? Or are you under 5’7?

    Wife’s Maiden name: If you’re under 5’7, pick something fancy. Otherwise, pick something simple.
    The Husband’s name: The oldest son from above.
    The Wife’s FN: If you’re under 5’7, choose a “mom-like” name. If you’re taller, choose a “young” name.
    The Wife’s MN: Choose between the following: Allison, Ada, Ava, Alice, Alyse, Anna, Aria, Adele
    The Oldest Son FN: If you’re under 5’7, spell a common name differently. If you’re 5’7 or taller, go with a common name & traditional spelling.
    The Oldest Son MN: If you’re under 5’7, choose an athlete name. Otherwise, choose a friendly name.
    The Next Oldest Son FN: Under 5’7? Pick a long name. 5’7 or over? Pick a 1-syllable name.
    The Next Oldest Son MN: Are you Under 5’7? Start this with G. If you’re taller, start with L.
    The Daughter FN: Regardless of your answer, start & end this name with vowels.
    The Daughter MN: If you’re under 5’7, choose a beachy name. If you’re taller, choose a wintry name.
    Wife’s Maiden Name: Pick a “word” name, regardless of your answer.
    The Husband’s Name: If you’re under 5’7, choose something familiar. Choose something less common if you’re taller.
    The Wife’s FN: If you’re under 5’7, makeover your own FN. Otherwise, makeover a relative’s name.
    The Wife’s MN: Start this with R.
    The Daughter’s FN: Choose something light & airy if you’re under 5’7 and clunky if you’re taller.
    The Daughter’s MN: Under 5’7? End this name with E. 5’7 or over? End this name with A.


    Choose from the namebanks for all corresponding answers:
    Wife’s Maiden Name: Tegg, Underwood, Voorhees
    Husband’s Name: 2nd son from above
    Wife's FN: Willow, Yvette, Zara
    Wife's MN: Astrid, Belinda, Cate
    Older daughter’s FN: Demetria, Elinor, Fern
    Older daughter’s MN: Gwen, Harper, Ivy
    Younger daughter’s FN: Jacquelyn, Kelsey, Lucia
    Younger daughter’s MN: Margot, Noelle, Oakley
    Twin1’s FN: Peter, Quinn, Rylan
    Twin 1’s MN: Silas, Travis, Urias
    Twin 2’s FN: Vinson, Wendell, Xander
    Twin 2’s MN: Yardley, Zane, Abbott
    Boyfriend’s Last name: Banner, Collins, Deacon
    Girlfriend’s Name: 26 y/o daughter’s name from above
    Boyfriend’s FN: Elias, Frederic, Gable
    Boyfriend’s MN: Hart, Idris, Jax
    His daughter’s FN: Kira, Leda, Maya
    His daughter’s MN: Nicole, Olivia, Paisley


    Question: Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry?

    Last Name: Hyphenate DD50’s Maiden with Wife’s Maiden
    Wife’s Maiden Name: If you pick chocolate, choose a long LN. If you pick vanilla, pick a short one. If you pick strawberry, choose one similar to your own.
    Wife (50) Name: Daughter from above
    Wife (40) FN: Chocolate or strawberry, choose something elegant. Vanilla, choose something tomboyish.
    Wife (40) MN: Vanilla or Chocolate, start with F or P. Strawberry, start with G or Z.
    Daughter FN: Vanilla or Strawberry, pick a sweet, angelic name. Chocolate, pick something strong & brave.
    Daughter MN: Pick a wildlife-inspired name.
    Son FN: If you pick chocolate, start with C. If you pick vanilla, start with V. Strawberry, start with S.
    Son MN: If you pick chocolate, choose something nature-related. If you pick vanilla, pick something colorful & bright. If you pick strawberry, pick something historical.


    Question: Are you a parent?

    Wife’s maiden name: Yes: end in -er. No: end in -ck
    Husband’s name: 2nd youngest son from above
    Wife’s FN: Yes: Choose something fit for a queen. No: Choose a warrior name.
    Wife’s MN: Yes: Ends in S or L. No: Ends in Y
    Oldest daughter’s FN: Choose a celebrity you’re tired of hearing about
    Oldest daughter’s MN: Choose a celebrity you admire
    Triplet 1 (male) FN: Yes: Go with something brawny & athletic. No: Go with something soft.
    Triplet 1 (male) MN: Yes: Start with J or K. No: Start with M or T
    Triplet 2 (male) FN: Yes: Choose a name from your family No: Choose a name you don’t like at all
    Triplet 2 (male) MN: Yes: Pick from Nigel, Noah, Noble, or Norris. No: Pick from Dallas, Dean, Darren, Douglas
    Triplet 3 (female) FN: Pick the name of someone younger than you
    Triplet 3 (female) MN: Pick the name of someone older than you
    Middle daughter (15) FN: Yes: Choose a food-inspired name. No: Choose a music-inspired name.
    Middle daughter (15) MN: Yes: Piper or Bea. No: Sadie or Wren
    Middle daughter (13) FN: Yes: Choose something Italian or Greek No: Choose something French or English
    Middle daughter (13) MN: Yes: Choose a sentimental name. No: Choose a popular name from the last 10 years
    Younger son FN: Yes: Pick a ‘surname’ FN. No: Pick an old-fashioned FN.
    Younger son MN: Start with the same letter as this child’s FN.
    Youngest daughter FN: Yes: A four letter name. No: A six letter name.
    Youngest daughter MN: Yes: Choose someone you know. No: Choose a variation of Elizabeth


    Roll a 6-sided die to determine which name bank you’ll be choosing each first, middle, and last name from. Namebanks below:

    Wife’s Maiden Name:
    Dad’s name: Youngest son from above
    Wife’s FN:
    Wife’s MN:
    Older son’s FN:
    Older son’s MN:
    Younger son’s FN:
    Younger son’s MN:
    Older daughter’s FN:
    Older daughter’s MN:
    Younger daughter’s FN:
    Younger daughter’s MN:

    Rolled a 1
    Last names: Anderson, Alvarez, Akroyd, Ashworth
    Male names: Adler, Austin, Aaron, Archer
    Female names: Ayla, Adrienne, Ashley, Annelise

    Rolled a 2
    Last names: Bell, Beckford, Blythe, Burnett
    Male names: Bennett, Broderick, Brice, Benjamin
    Female names: Bella, Bria, Britney, Bess

    Rolled a 3
    Last names: Frankweiler, Fitz, Fuller, Frost
    Male names: Farley, Frye, Felix, Floyd
    Female names: Faith, Felicity, Farrah, Francesca

    Rolled a 4
    Last names: Judd, Jensen, Jeffries, Jiminez
    Male names: James, Jude, Joshua, Jackson
    Female names: June, Juliet, Jada, Jessa

    Rolled a 5
    Last names: Paulsen, Patridge, Patrick, Pulley
    Male names: Phillip, Preston, Pierce, Penn
    Female names: Pia, Primrose, Paige, Phoebe

    Rolled a 6
    Last names: Tyler, Truitt, Tallman, Tucker
    Male names: Thatcher, Trace, Theodore, Tomas
    Female names: Thandie, Thea, Tess, Tamra
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    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    The Monroe Family

    DH80 & DW76: Michael Moseley Monroe & Emma Cassandra Monroe (Hendrix)
    -DS55: Kellan Murphy Monroe
    -DS52: Holden William Monroe
    -DD50: Margaret (Meg) Sarah Monroe
    -DS48: Sawyer Harrison Monroe
    -DS45: Mitchell (Mitch) Callister Monroe

    Michael & Emma + Kellan, Holden, Meg, Sawyer, and Mitch Monroe

    -DS55: Kellan Murphy Monroe
    -DW52: Jenna Allison Monroe (Kristofferson)
    --DS28: Niklas (Nik) Stephen Monroe
    --DS25: Aleksander (Aleks) Gael Monroe
    --DD22: Evangelyne (Evie) Calla Monroe
    --DS28: Niklas (Nik) Stephen Monroe
    --DW27: Chaela Rose Monroe (Flagg)
    ---DD4: Brynne Cosette Monroe

    Kellan & Jenna + Nik, Aleks, and Evie Monroe
    Nik & Chaela + Brynne Monroe

    -DS52: Holden William Monroe
    -DW49: Zara Belinda Monroe (Tegg)
    --DD26: Elinor (Elly) Gwen Monroe
    --DD23: Lucia Margot Monroe
    --DS/DS19: Rylan Xander Monroe & Silas Abbott Monroe
    --DD26: Elinor (Elly) Gwen Monroe
    --DBF31: Gable (Gabe) Jax Collins
    --(his)DD9: Kira Nicole Collins

    Holden & Zara + Elly, Lucia, Rylan, and Silas Monroe
    Elly Monroe & Gabe + Kira Collins

    -DD50: Margaret (Meg) Sarah Monroe-Cole
    -DW40: Josephine (Joey) Finley Monroe-Cole
    --DD13: Madeleine (Maddie) Fox Monroe-Cole
    --DS9: Vernon (Vern) Milo Monroe-Cole

    Meg & Joey + Maddie & Vern Monroe-Cole

    -DS48: Sawyer Harrison Monroe
    -DW44: Nora Casey Monroe (Glick)
    --DD21: Kendall Ava Monroe
    --DS/DS/DD18: Auden McCabe Monroe, Gregory Dean Monroe, and Brianna (Brie) Angela Monroe
    --DD15: Aria Sadie Monroe
    --DD13: Poppy Olive Monroe
    --DS8: Amos Anderson Monroe
    --DD4: Camila Ellen Monroe

    Sawyer & Nora + Kendall, Auden, Gregory, Brie, Aria, Poppy, Amos, and Camila Monroe

    -DS45: Mitchell (Mitch) Callister Monroe
    -DW47: Francesca (Franky) Paige Monroe (Ashworth)
    --DS18: Theodore (Theo) Joshua Monroe
    --DS15: Jude Benjamin Monroe
    --DD12: Ayla Faith Monroe
    --DD9: Primrose (Prim) Tess Monroe

    Mitch & Franky + Theo, Jude, Ayla, and Prim Monroe
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    DH80: Daniel Etienne Miller
    DW76: Anna Caroline Savoy
    -DS55: Kaleb Findlay Miller
    -DS52: George Alex Miller
    -DD50: Veronica Emily Miller
    -DS48: Nolan Joshua Miller
    -DS45: Isaac Gabriel Miller


    -DS55: Kaleb Findlay Miller
    -DW52: Jennifer Alice Hathaway
    --DS28: Tiler Ryan Miller
    --DS25: Alexander Gideon "Xander" Miller
    --DD22: Arianne Sailor Miller
    --DS28: Tiler Ryan Miller
    --DW27: Rayabel Rosalie Worth
    ---DD4: Isla Natalie Miller

    -DS52: George Alex Miller
    -DW49: Zara Cate Voorhees
    --DD26: Elinor Ivy Miller
    --DD23: Kelsey Margot Miller
    --DS/DS19: Rylan Travis Miller and Vinson Yardley Miller
    --DD26: Elinor Ivy Miller
    --DBF31: Elias Hart Collins
    --(his)DD9: Kira Nicole Collins

    -DD50: Veronica Emily Miller
    -DW40: Victoria Felicity Sheridan
    --DD13: Darcy Gaia Sheridan-Miller
    --DS9: Cassius Brook Sheridan-Miller

    -DS48: Nolan Joshua Miller
    -DW44: Xenia Amy Dominick
    --DD20: Kylie Emma Miller
    --DS/DS/DD18: Logan Tate Miller/Edward Dean "Eddie" Miller/Alana Zoe Miller
    --DD15: Demi Wren Miller
    --DD13: Juliette Ava "Jules" Miller
    --DS8: Clark Chrlie Miller
    --DD4: Lila Bette Miller

    -DS45: Isaac Gabriel Miller
    -DW47: Jessa June Paulsen
    --DS18: Jude Felix Miller
    --DS15: Tomas Aaron Miller
    --DD12: Phoebe Juliette Miller
    --DD9: Bria Tess Miller
    [COLOR="#990099"]Aimee Keren . 18

    Under Construction

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    DH (80): James Henry Mason
    DW (76): Gillian Rose Mason (MN: Windsor)
    DS (55): Kristopher Timothy Mason
    DS (52): Brooks David Mason
    DD (50): Melanie Savannah Mason
    DS (48): Samuel Hunter Mason
    DS (45): Rudy Theodore Mason

    DS (55): Kristopher Timothy Mason
    DW (52): Cindy Adele Mason (MN: Harrison)
    DS (28): Johnathon Thomas "John" Mason
    DS (25): Benjamin Gregory Mason
    DD (22): Olivia Moana Mason
    DS (28): Johnathon Thomas "John" Mason
    DW (27): Lauren Rebecca "Lo" Mason (MN: Winters)
    DD (4): Charlotte Brielle Mason
    DS (52): Brooks David Mason
    DW (49): Zara Cate Mason (MN: Underwood)
    DD (26): Elinor Gwen "Ellie" Mason
    DD (23): Lucia Noelle Mason
    DS/DS (19): Peter Silas Mason & Xander Abbott Mason
    DD (26): Elinor Gwen "Ellie" Mason
    DBF (31): Frederic Idris Banner
    DD (9): Maya Nicole Banner
    DD (50) Melanie Savannah Mason
    DW (40) Alexa Paige Fort
    DD (13): Lily Ariel Mason-Fort
    DS (9): Vincent Noah Mason-Fort
    DS (48): Samuel Hunter Mason
    DW (44): Louisa Emily Mason (MN: Merrick)
    DD (21): Kimberly Selena Mason
    DS/DS/DD (18): Owen Michael Mason & Oscar Darren Mason & Ainsley Elizabeth Mason
    DD (15): Aria Wren Mason
    DD (13): Isabelle Mia Mason
    DS (8): Philip Peter Mason
    DD (4): Sophia Eliza Mason
    DS (45): Rudy Theodore Mason
    DW (47): Tess Annelise Mason (MN: Blythe)
    DS (18): Joshua Bennett Mason
    DS (15): Felix Floyd Mason
    DD (12): Bella Felicity Mason
    DD (9): Thea Britney Mason
    Lauren, Teenberry
    Too many favorite names to list...

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    Far North Queensland
    DH: George Henry Lister (80)
    DW: Frida Marguerite (Sherbourne) Lister (76)

    DS: Kasimir Barnaby (55)
    DS: Campbell Christopher (52)
    DD: Violet Kara (50)
    DS: Edmund Jackson (48)
    DS: Mac Oliver (45)


    DS: Kasimir Barnaby Lister (55)
    DW: Sharon Ada (Carter) Lister (52)

    DS: Misha Ian (28)
    DS: Benedict Graeme (25)
    DD: Adeline Coral (22)

    DS: Misha Ian Lister (28)
    DW: Elzbieta Roxanne (Bell) Lister (27)

    DD: Fairuza Emmeline (4)


    DS: Campbell Christopher Lister (52)
    DW: Willow Astrid (Underwood) Lister (49)

    DD: Elinor Ivy (26)
    DD: Lucia Margot (23)
    DS/DS: Peter Silas & Wendell Yardley (19)


    DD: Elinor Ivy Lister (26)
    DBF: Frederic Idris Banner (31)
    (his)DD: Maya Paisley (9)


    DD: Violet Kara Lister (50)
    DW: Josephine Petra Oxenbrigg (40)

    DD: Betsy Rosamund (13)
    DS: Caspian Forrest (9)


    DS: Edmund Jackson Lister (48)
    DW: Maeve Lucy (Merrick) Lister (44)

    DD: Kimberly Emma (21)
    DS/DS/DD: Owen Theodore, Victor Dean & Sophia Shannon (18)
    DD: Melody Wren (15)
    DD: Apolline Charlotte (13)
    DS: Ernest Evander (8)
    DD: Eudora Ailsa (4)


    DS: Mac Oliver Lister (45)
    DW: Felicity Farrah (Ackroyd) (47)

    DS: Theodore Aaron (18)
    DS: James Thatcher (15)
    DD: Primrose Phoebe (12)
    DD: June Thea (9)
    22. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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