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    Name Quiz

    Son #1
    FN: Your Zodiac sign:
    Aries: Arlo
    Taurus: Travis
    Gemini: Jensen
    Cancer: Channing
    Leo: Elliot
    Virgo: Virgil
    Libra: Levi
    Scorpio: Spencer
    Sagittarius: Sawyer
    Capricorn: Crispin
    Aquarius: Aldo
    Pisces: Pierce

    MN: Your Chinese Zodiac (astrological) animal:
    Rat: Rhys
    Ox: Owen
    Tiger: Tiernan
    Rabbit: Rupert
    Dragon: Declan
    Snake: Seamus
    Horse: Hamish
    Goat: Gavin
    Monkey: Murray
    Rooster: Ryan
    Dog: Dylan
    Pig: Patrick

    Daughter #1:
    FN: The last digit of your birth year:
    0: Zoe
    1: Ottilie
    2: Tessa
    3: Tilly
    4: Flannery
    5: Fiona
    6: Shemariah
    7: Sylvia
    8: Echo
    9: Neala

    MN: The last letter of your middle name:
    A-G: Caitlin
    H-N: Kimberly
    O-T: Quilla
    U-Z: Winter

    Son #2:
    FN: The last digit of your phone number:
    0: Zeke
    1: Otter
    2: Tennyson
    3: Truman
    4: Fritz
    5: Fraser
    6: Silas
    7: Schroeder
    8: Emmett
    9: Noble

    MN: The number of siblings you have:
    0: Hart
    1: Gage
    2: Quay
    3: Bronx
    4+: Chord

    Daughter #2:
    FN: The first letter of your birth country (state if in the US):
    A-G: Lillia
    H-N: Gwendolen
    O-T: Bethany
    U-Z: Antonia

    MN: The color you want to paint your house:
    White: Whitney
    Grey: Georgiana
    Green: Grace
    Blue: Bliss
    Brown: Brenna
    Yellow: Yola
    Red: Ruby
    Other: Oona

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