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    Red face Some thoughts on Penn, please?

    Expecting our third boy in Dec. Just wanting some feedback on Penn as a first name. Our two other boys are named Hudson Paul and Knox Alexander. We were having a hard time coming up with a third name and I've really been having a feeling about Penn lately. Wondering what are people's first impressions when they hear "Penn" on a little boy. Would also like some middle name possibilites...we are thinking Penn Ryan right now.

    Thanks so much

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    Penn reminds of me of Penn State (a college) so you might get a lot of associations with that..... Also it reminds me the writing utensil: a Pen.

    Maybe as a nickname, but not sure if I like it as a name, it seems like it's not complete....

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    I love Penn. We really considered it for our boy and it's the one I hope I don't regret using. With all the little Finn's running around, Penn is refreshing. We worried we would end up calling him Pig Pen, but we love Charlie Brown around here!

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    I first heard it from the actor Penn Badgley a few years ago and thought it was nice. Not my style, but I'd love to meet one in real life.

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    I like it. My only association is Penn the magician as I've never met one in real life. I agree with kkwily on Penn being refreshing with all the Finns out there.

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