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    I like it! Strong but not harsh, unusual but not unheard of, and goes wonderfully with Hudson and Knox. I think you've got a winner!

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    I like Penn
    Perhaps more as a nickname for Penrose and Pendry/Penry, but just Penn is quite wonderful as well ^^
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    I absolutely love Penn! Like if I was a rock star or maybe just a little more daring I would absolutely name my child Pendragon and call him Penn lol. Robert Penn Warren and Penn Jillette are very cool bearers of this name and it fits amazingly with your other boys names. Penn Ryan is nice, although I think a longer middle like Penn Gabriel or Penn Campbell would be nice (depending on how it flows with your last name).
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    I love Penn! We considered it strongly for our younger son but quite frankly, simply chickened out. But i often regret it, especially now that Penn Badgley has officially made it cool and attractive. I think it goes great with your other boys' names. I'd stick just with Penn and not torture it into a longer form -- I think Penn is much stronger and more appealing than Penrose or Penry or any other possibility.
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    I think Penn goes really well with your other boys' names, but all I can think of is Penn Jillette (whom I can't stand) and the penitentiary.

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