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Thread: Shiloh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pansy View Post
    Actually, the dog was a boy (though I believe the dog that played Shiloh in the film was a female). I read the book as a kid when it first came out and because of that association, I always have a hard time picturing the name on a person instead of an animal. If someone were to use it on their child though, I would assume they were using it on a boy since (probably because of the book) I think of Shiloh as a male name.
    I never read the book and the one in the film is a girl. The dog's real name is Frannie So I guess that's why I think it's a girl's name.

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    Well I prefer Shiloh on a boy. I've only ever met boy Shiloh's and one of my close friends is a male Shiloh.

    I think it has masculine sounds and I don't think every body you meet will think of Brangelina's daughter. I love it, use it! -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I do see it as more of a girls' name. Every one I've met has been female:

    - one I went to high school with in the 90s
    - the daughter of a friend (Born less than a month before the Brangelina babe. Oy, her mother was heartsick...and she does get the "Like the Brangelina girl?" question.)
    - a dog

    There's also a poster on another board I used to frequent with a daughter named Shiloh Wren.

    For a lot of people, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt might be the only reference they have for Shiloh outside of Civil War documentaries. I think some association between the name and the celebribaby is inevitable.

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    I would only see this on a girl. If I met a boy named this, I would pity him growing up with a girl's name.

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    I love it. I 'discovered' it one day in church when I was little. I was very annoyed when several years later the Jolie-Pitts used it.

    The name is unisex, it's a biblical place name.

    Besides Brangelina's daughter, the former NFL player Deion Sanders has a teen son named Shilo
    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    I would only see this on a girl. If I met a boy named this, I would pity him growing up with a girl's name.
    He'd probably pity you for not knowing that Shiloh isn't a girl name

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