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    Your name is Raven Jane Barthelme, you're 16 years old and you've started a new high school. Name some of the people you meet along the way.
    (Your new best friend)
    Name- Felicity Grace Williams
    (Your other friends)
    Names- Leah Marie Beckett & Jaeda Shay Ross
    (Your crush)
    Name- Leon Emmett Martin
    (Your lab partner)
    Name- Cheyenne Jezebel Li
    (The class clown)
    Name- Joshua Christopher Morris
    (The boy who has a crush on you)
    Name- Evan Neil Rogers
    (The mean girls)
    Names- Miranda Rose Chestnut & Carly Renee Davenport
    (Your volleyball team mate)
    Name- Arianna Wren Evans
    (Your favourite teacher)
    Name- Mr. Samuel Irving Thomas
    (Your little sister)
    Name- Macy Rain Barthelme
    Little Bean #1: Due June 27, 2017
    Will the baby be
    Korra Jane, or
    Kai Woodford?

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    You're name is Haley Marie Olmtech, you're 16 years old and you've started a new high school. Name some of the people you meet along the way.

    New best friend: Adrianna Judith Stems
    Other friends: Olivia Grace Palmer *Liv* & Taylor Alicia Mackenzie
    Crush: Tyler James Brawley *Tye*
    Lab partner: Rebecca Juliet Won
    The class clown: Damian Caleb Samson
    Boy who has a crush on you: Kyle Alexander Williams
    The mean girls: Brittany Sarah Kite & Kelsey Anne Morrison
    Volleyball teammate: Hannah Sadie Thompson
    Favourite teacher: Mr. Thomas Rohan
    Little Sister: Zoey Paige Olmtech

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    Me-Samantha Lee Hughes
    Best Friend- Michelle LeAnne Collins
    Other friends- Bridget Jo Dock, Allyson Grace Shepherd
    Crush- Alexander Nicholas Andrews
    Lab Partner- Mikayla Joy Barnes
    Class Clown- Dominick Jay Hartford
    Boy with crush on me- Eddie Michael Clark
    Mean girls- Katherine Sharpay Alberts, Mary Hannah Anderson
    Volleyball team-mate- Destiny Mae Hollings
    Favorite Teacher- Mr. Richard Ellis Hale
    My little sister- Delilah JoAnne Hughes

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