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    People who abuse French names

    There are some people who name their child "Soleil'... For your information, the french think it's like the weirdest and one of the dumbest names ever. You wouldn't call your daughter Sun or Moon either. It doesn't work, it is ridiculous. I think those people are dumb, they probably want their daughter's name to sound elegant or classy.. Instead, it sounds childish and stupid to me. That's what most French people think anyway, so I'm certainly not the only one who feels that way.

    Mireille, Fréderique, Océane, Adrienne, Amandine, Clarisse and Claudine are all fine. Why would someone name their child Soleil? Stick to your own language, please. Personally, I LOVE French names, but they gotta be REALISTIC.

    Seriously, stop trying to be so yooneek, what's wrong with classic names anyway.

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    I wouldn't say someone naming their child Soleil is "abusing French names." You have a right to your opinion, but it's coming off as rude. The people here in the US who name their children Soleil aren't thinking about how it's going to be percieved in France, they're thinking that they found a pretty name that sounds nice. Parents don't always research a name before they use it. And even if they did, "sun" isn't the worst meaning to have. People name thier children Moon and Luna, it's not a huge deal.

    Soleil has been used for years, and so has Moon, River, Pheonix, ect. They've managed thorugh life just fine. The fact that you find it stupid and childish doesn't mean that all should stop using it. And the people who use Soleil aren't dumb, they liked a name (maybe they knew the meaning, and liked it.) Even if you live and France or speak flunet French, you can't tell people not to use it, or to stick to their own language.

    I find more issue with using Fréderique or Océane in the USA, since the accents over the e's are sure to not to be percieved well.

    I'm sorry if I'm too blunt, but I think that your post came off as rude and a bit childish. Accusing people who name their daughters Soleil of abusing a language is ridiculous.
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    I wouldn't say naming your daughter Soleil is stupid or trying to be unique. I think it's a beautiful name and if your not in France I really don't see the problem. I'd actually like that my name meant "sun". Tia is a name commonly used in America but it means "aunt" in spanish. If I met someone named Sun I'd think it was cool and really, really pretty!

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    So... by this logic, no one should be naming their daughters Luna (moon) either?

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    Well, I do know a girl named Moon and it's far from the craziest name I've ever heard.
    If classic names are your thing, that's awesome that you know your style, but I don't think using a word name in another language is stupid. I love Fern, but since it's such a humble plant am I stupid for not sticking with a flower name? Is someone who uses Naveah dumber than you? Are you better than them cause you prefer Caroline? Or cause you speak French?

    Names are a personal thing and none of us are right or wrong.

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