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    My Boy Combos - Updated WDYT?

    I have more names but haven't found combo yet.

    Aries Schindler
    Arrow Oliver
    Basil Edgar
    Aubrey Layton
    Benjamin Zenon
    Aesop Nicodemus
    Anakin Jade
    Sparrow Kal-El
    William Scarlet / William Avenger
    Thomas Batman
    Captain Robert
    Harlowe Frederick
    January Elahrairah
    Maximilian Thor
    Phoenix Nightingale
    Walter Maxwell
    Robin Grayson
    Shepherd Thomas
    Templeton Avery
    Thaddeus Rupert
    Bruce Wayne
    Caspian Michelangelo
    Chester Hemingway
    Damian Nightwing
    Kal-El Clark
    Damon Eclipse
    David Journey
    Elijah Moses
    Fox Evangelos
    Hamlet Lysander
    Harper Lee
    Hazel Warren
    Indiana Atreyu
    Lazarus Abednego
    Lex Lucius
    London Harlow / London Piper
    Mercury Loki
    Moses Elijah
    Paris Joaquim
    Perseus Shiloh
    Raine Joplin
    River Jordan
    Thor Magnus
    Onyx England
    Atlas Henry
    Noir Capsian
    Juniper Odin
    Cedar Ransom
    Poem Christian
    Brick Edinburgh
    Heathrow Spyridon
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    I like Atlas Henry, Elijah Moses, Harper Lee, Walter Maxwell, and Basil Edgar.

    It seems you're a Batman fan. I think Bruce Wayne or Robin Grayson would be perfectly acceptable ways to name your son after Batman characters. But I'd really think twice before using Thomas Batman, or Damian Nightwing. Then again, he can always hide his nickname if he doesn't like it - I hate mine, and have just never shared it with people. As far as your choice of Anakin... If he hates Batman he may still be totally fine as Bruce, Robin, Thomas, or Damian. But if he doesn't share your enthusiasm for Star Wars, he'll probably be unhappy about being called Anakin - it's totally a Star Wars name, with no nickname possibilities that I can think of. I also don't like Captain Robert, because of the whole built-in title thing.

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    I love the first name Aries, but with the middle name Schindler, it makes me think of Schindler's list.
    I also like Phoenix as a first name, but with the middle name Jordan, Joplin, or Elijah.

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    Aries Schindler - Aries is such an aggressive sign, and Schindler makes me think of elevators. Don't care for it.
    Arrow Oliver - Arrow is super-cool, and I like Oliver a lot. The O's kind of bump into each other, I'd like Oliver Arrow more.
    Basil Edgar - a very British, very old man, but it could grow on me. Kind of charming in its way. I'd like Dashiell Edgar more.
    Aubrey Layton - all girl to me, both names.
    Benjamin Zenon - I like this!
    Aesop Nicodemus - This is too much name. Nicodemus Aesop might be a little better since he could always be Nick/Nico.
    Anakin Jade - WAY too Skywalker for my taste. Jade is a girls' name. Anakin also sounds like Annika. Go for Luke Anakin if you must.
    Sparrow Kal-El - Sparrow is kind of cool like captain Jack, but also girly. Kal-El, you must be silly here? Jack Sparrow is my suggestion. Or Sparrow Clark / Sparrow Kent / even Sparrow Clark Kent.
    William Scarlet / William Avenger - William is a classic, I wouldn't use either middle, but I also think anything goes so OK.
    Thomas Batman - I love Thomas, I would highly advise Thomas Bruce / Thomas Wayne even Thomas Bruce Wayne, Thomas Wayne Bruce.
    Captain Robert - Love Robert, please do Robert Captain.
    Harlowe Frederick - Harlowe feels very girl, I do like Frederick a lot. Frederick Harlowe would be nice.
    January Elahrairah - January is very girly, I don't know what that middle name is. Eliakim January is my suggestion.
    Maximilian Thor - Maximilian's a mouthful but Max is a classic. Thor is intense, but, at any rate, this one works OK.
    Phoenix Nightingale - the only Phoenix I know is a girl, but this could work on a boy. Nightingale is very Florence (and Phoenix kind of reinforces that). Felix Nightingale would be much more wearable, or maybe just Felix Night / Felix Knight (also gets in your batman there)
    Walter Maxwell - quite nice!
    Robin Grayson - This one is pretty good. Robin still feels girly, but it could work esp with nn Rob. Robert would be my preference.
    Shepherd Thomas - I like it!
    Templeton Avery - not my style, but I have no objection.
    Thaddeus Rupert - this is pretty nice!
    Bruce Wayne - I mean, it's too much I think, and neither name is very stylish right now. Stick them both in the middle if you must.
    Caspian Michelangelo - Caspian Michael would be easier, but this is fine. Caspian's handsome!
    Chester Hemingway - old mannish, but fine.
    Damian Nightwing - I think Nightwing's silly, but Damian's fine and it's in the middle, so sure.
    Kal-El Clark - please keep Kal-El to the middle if you must use it. Glad to see Clark considered.
    Damon Eclipse - Damon is fine, Eclipse is kind of cool, I like it.
    David Journey - LOVE.
    Elijah Moses - LOVE.
    Fox Evangelos - Fox is a cool name, I just worry it's too cool, change the vowel a little and you have a bad word etc. Evangelos is awesome! Evangelos Fox would be my pick.
    Hamlet Lysander - Hamlet? He is not an un-loaded namesake. And then there's all the "ham". Lysander I like, although it makes me think of lysol. I'd prefer Lysander Hamlet. Leander Hamlet would be less lysol-y.
    Harper Lee - She was an actual woman, so no. Lee Harper would be preferable.
    Hazel Warren - Hazel on a boy? Warren Hazel is fine.
    Indiana Atreyu - I don't love it, but I can't necessarily fight it.
    Lazarus Abednego - LOVE.
    Lex Lucius - it's OK. Alexander nn Lex would give him more options.
    London Harlow / London Piper - either is all girl.
    Mercury Loki - Two trouble makers? Nah.
    Moses Elijah - LOVE
    Paris Joaquim - Paris is all girl. Joaquim is an awesome name. Joaquim Paris is my recommendation.
    Perseus Shiloh - no huge objection, but both names seem hard to wear.
    Raine Joplin - Raine is all girl, especially spelled this way. Rainer would be a huge improvement, I really like that name.
    River Jordan - I mean, besides it being so place name heavy, this is OK.
    Thor Magnus - That is a lot to live up to. I guess it's OK. Magnus Thor would be my preference.
    Onyx England - Onyx feels very girly. Can't endorse it.
    Atlas Henry - I'd much prefer Henry Atlas. Atlas, you know, not an un-loaded namesake.
    Noir Capsian - Caspian Noir is much better.
    Juniper Odin - Juniper is very girly.
    Cedar Ransom - LOVE
    Poem Christian - this is quite nice. I'd prefer Christian Poem, but it could work.
    Brick Edinburgh - Brick seems loaded with teasing potential....
    Heathrow Spyridon - the airport? Heath is nice.

    Good luck!

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