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Thread: Name Quiz!

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    Name Quiz!

    I was bored, and I find it so fun to take these little name quizzes, so I decided to make up one of my own using my favourite names. I hope you enjoy!

    Daughter #1

    FN: What's your favourite colour?
    Red: Audrey
    Pink: Lillian
    Purple: Grace
    Green: Delaney
    Blue: Thea
    Other: Elodie

    MN: What's your ideal vacation?
    Camping: Georgia
    Beach resort: Emma
    Tour of Europe: Violet
    Road trip: Charlotte
    Safari: Hazel
    Cruise: Evelyn

    Son #1

    FN: What is your favourite sport to play/watch?
    Soccer: Thomas
    Football: Beckett
    Tennis: Liam
    Swimming: Jack
    Other: Declan
    I don't play/watch sports: Harry

    MN: How many siblings do you have?
    0: Carter
    1: James
    2: Levi
    3: Caleb
    4+: William
    You're a twin, triplet, etc.: Max

    Daughter #2

    FN: If you could live abroad, which city would you live in?
    London: Bridget
    Paris: Katherine
    Cairo: Stella
    Hong Kong: Annika
    Sydney: Lucy
    Other: Fleur

    MN: What is your favourite flower?
    Rose: Annelise
    Daisy: Beth
    Orchid: Eleanor
    Lily: Jane
    Sunflower: Reese
    Other: Eve

    Son #2

    FN: If you adopted a pet right now, what animal would it be?
    Dog: Luke
    Cat: Isaiah
    Hamster: Aidan
    Bird: Theo
    Reptile: Gray
    Other: Simon

    MN: What colour are your eyes?
    Blue: Rhys
    Green: Tobias
    Hazel: Benjamin
    Brown: Nicholas
    Grey: Jacob
    Other: Noah

    My answers are:
    Thea Violet
    Thomas James
    Bridget Eve
    Isaiah Nicholas
    I'm Erin, a teenaged writer who loves names (and dessert).

    Girls names of the moment: Delaney | Eleanor | Georgia | Kate | Lucy
    Boys names of the moment: Felix | Harry | Liam | Theo | Tobias

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    Adalyn, Adelaide, Blythe, Charlotte, Eloise, Emery, Evelyn, Everly, Fallon, Fia, Fio, Gabriella, Grace, Hadley, Hera, Ivy, Jane, Leah, Leila, Lilac, Lilah, Lyra, Mary, Thea.

    Ace, Alec, Anthony, Atlas, Axel, Brice, Cassius, Cormac, Clyde, East, Eli, Emerson, Emmett, Eric, Everett, Ezra, Falcon, Kai, Lander, Leander, Liam, Lucas, Micah, Pace, Parker, Pilot, Solomon, Tobias, and Zeus.

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    Delaney Charlotte -- I really love this combo!
    Thomas Caleb -- Caleb is really nice and this combo sounds nice.
    Fleur Eve
    Simon Benjamin

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