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    Screen name: jc54
    First name in real life: Jacqueline
    Age (doesn't have to be exact): 32
    Have any kids? If so, what are their names, and how old are they? If not, got any siblings? I have three boys, but would rather not give real names right now. I have two siblings, Marie Michelle, Bernard Michael.
    Are you married? Yes
    Do you have any pets? What are they, and what are their names? I have 2 cats, Tiger and Carlie and 1 dog, Boom Boom
    Country you're from: United States of America
    What's your Naming Style? (find out here: Classic Conservative and a little Modern - I also like Vintage/Victorian
    Favorite part about Nameberry: I like the blogs and learning classic names and learning the meaning of names
    Other interests you would like to share with us: I paint and cross stitch
    Favorite BNG (if you have one): I like these shorter ones!
    What's your one current Name Crush (boys or girls): My name crush is Aurora. My favorite Disney movie has always been Sleeping Beauty and I've always loved that name. Now it's popular, so I don't want to use it!!
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