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    Sibsets where the parent's taste in names seemingly changed

    A lady in my building is pregnant with a girl and she's considering FNs like Cecilia and Gwendolyn along with MNs such as Rose, Marie, etc... Also, this baby is from her second marriage. She has a daughter from her first marriage who's like middle school aged. Anyway, that daughter is named Taylor and I'm 99% certain she doesn't have a MN.

    I just thought it was interesting how her taste in names went from a shorter, popular name to longer, trendier, but not quite as common names paired with a MN.

    So, does anyone else know someone who's name tastes seemingly changed with each child?

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    I instantly thought of twins Rebecca and Debora with little brother Axel!
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    I've met a sibset where the older sister was called Sunshine and the younger brother was called Arthur
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    I know a family with girls named Zoe and Kaylee, and then the younger brother has a 4 syllable Japanese name starting with Z. They are not Japanese at all and I believe they got the name from an anime.
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    Yep... my nephew's and niece are Zebadiah, then Sebastian, then Sarah. My brother in law openly admits they couldn't be bothered with long names any more. But I also, can't get over how different each name is stylistically. It's not just the length.

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