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Thread: Thoughts???

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    Question Thoughts???

    I am currently in love with the name Kaisa and love the middle name Soleil. Kaisa Soleil. What are your thoughts/opinions?

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    Is Kaisa pronounced "kay-sah" or "kai-sah"? Either way, I really like how Kaisa Soleil looks!
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    I'm assuming it's pronounced KAH-ee-sah? Thats the only pronunciation of it I think I like
    I do like it though, nn Kai is always adorable, and Soleil is pretty and feminine which balances the more modern sound of Kaisa out
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    If it's pronounced Kay-suh, I like it quite a bit with Soleil. I like the repeated long 'a' vowel. Gives the feel of a nice alliteration, without actually being alliteration. Gives the name a great rhythm, too. If it's pronounced like 'eye' in the middle, I don't like it as much, but still think it's nice. Any other way and it just wouldn't be one I'd like.
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    Again, not sure how you're pronouncing it (kay-suh, kye-suh, kay-zshuh, kye-zshuh). With the last two pronounciations I like it with Soleil, but with the first two I feel like there is too much 's' sound.
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