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    Mar 2011
    Cair Paravel :)
    Screen name: ashthedreamer
    First name in real life: Ashley
    Age (doesn't have to be exact): 24
    Have any kids? If so, what are their names, and how old are they? If not, got any siblings?: No kids yet (although I'm dying to adopt!). I have three younger siblings--John Robert, III (Johnny), Rebecca Eileen (Becca), and Natalie Ruth (Tallie).
    Are you married?: Not yet.
    Do you have any pets? What are they, and what are their names?: No. Pets hate me and I hate them. lol. We had two dogs when I was younger, though--Sasha and Lady--both girls.
    Country you're from: Narnia! Just kidding. America.
    What's your Naming Style? (find out here: Classic Eccentric (35%). Classic Unusual was only 5% behind, though. So I guess a pretty even mix of both. I really don't know what either of those really means, lol. They both sound pretty similar to me.
    Favorite part about Nameberry: The advice. The friends I've made. I've pretty much made up my mind on my favorites when I joined Nameberry, but the cyber friends I've met here are pretty great.
    Other interests you would like to share with us: lol, I don't know? I love to read, write, and do oil painting, when I have the time. And I love being with kids.
    Favorite BNG (if you have one): Don't really have one. I hardly ever play name games anymore.
    What's your one current Name Crush (boys or girls): Erm. I don't know. If we're talking about crushes I love but wouldn't use... Today, Ayelet for a girl (seems very unusable to my non-Jewish-at-all self, although I think Aya, Lettie, and Etta are adorable), and I guess Atticus for a boy. I love it, but it's too unusual for my other favorites. If we're just talking about names I would use and am pretty obsessed about, Brody or Avery for a boy, and Aurora for a girl, I guess. Although I'm not sure I would use Aurora, either. As a FN, it's terribly "R" heavy with my already "R" heavy surname. :/
    Ashley | namenerd | Christian | storyteller

    princesinhas e príncipes:
    Isabelle Aurora GraceAdele Sofia EloiseEverett Joshua CharlesCasper Nathaniel Eden

    thinking about today:
    Violet Fiala Elisabeth Daniel Torin Elijah Evangeline Dagny Hope Hugo Emerson Jack
    Claire Everly ▪ Jack Jasper ▪ Delphina Lily "Della" ▪ Thomas Brynjar ▪ Hazel Isabella
    Sebastian Malachi ▪ Katherine Aurora ▪ Grayson Amory ▪ Grace Amélie ▪ Reuben Sebastian

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    Wishing for Greece, stuck in the US
    Screen name: Dantea
    First name in real life: Angel
    Age (doesn't have to be exact): 21
    Have any kids? If so, what are their names, and how old are they? If not, got any siblings? 2 sibs -- Amber Dawn and Zachary Nathaniel
    Are you married? yes
    Do you have any pets? What are they, and what are their names? 3 cats -- black male named Pan, black and white male named Zen and calico named Loki. Also a Gray and black teddy bear hamster named Firefly.

    Country you're from: USA
    What's your Naming Style? (find out here: -- Mythological, eclectic, old fashioned
    Favorite part about Nameberry: The insightful and polite responses (that aren't just "use Madison, Claire, Maire etc")
    Other interests you would like to share with us: I like writing, drawing, singing, playing my instruments
    Favorite BNG (if you have one): I don't really play them
    What's your one current Name Crush (boys or girls): I like a ton of names so I can't answer this one! -- My Amazon Author Page

    Represented by:

    Proud Mama to:
    Persephone Elysia Willow -- June 5th, 2013
    Amelia Lorien Sophia -- December 2015.

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    Screen Name: violetgray
    First name in real life: Kristina
    Age: about 17
    Siblings: Kaylie (sister) I wont list my brothers name becuase its not common
    Are you married? No
    Do you have any pets? Yes. 2 cats. Danny and Ally
    Country: US
    Whats your naming style? Classic Unusual (apparently)
    Favorite part about nameberry: Allof it
    Other interests: Reading, writing, sketching, art in general, softball, and I love watching movies
    Favorite BNG: don't have one.
    Current Name Crushes: Hmm...Eloise and Jack
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    Screen name: erinlw
    First name in real life: Erin
    Age: 15
    Kids/siblings: no kids, a younger brother named Finn
    Are you married? Nope, I'm a bit young for that, haha
    Any pets? No, but I'm dying for a kitten
    Country you're from? Canada
    Naming style? Classic Conservative, but I'd say it's more of a mix
    Favourite part of Nameberry? Giving people advice/opinions on names!
    Other interests I'd like to share? Writing and soccer
    Favourite BNG: The name quizzes
    Name crushes? Liam for a boy and Kate for a girl
    Last edited by erinlw; September 30th, 2012 at 04:53 PM.
    I'm Erin, a teenaged writer who loves names (and dessert).

    Girls names of the moment: Delaney | Eleanor | Georgia | Kate | Lucy
    Boys names of the moment: Felix | Harry | Liam | Theo | Tobias

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    Aug 2012
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Screen name: mscrabby
    First name: Zoe
    Age: 20
    Kids/Siblings: Younger sister named Kali (pn Callie)
    Married: Not yet, waiting till I graduate college; I live with my boyfriend
    Pets: Luna, my adorable princess puppy
    Country: USA
    Naming Style: 40% Classic Conservative, 30% Modern Conservative, 20% Classic Eccentric
    Favorite part about Nameberry: I like the name pages that have snarky descriptions and the original form of the name, the lists are also useful
    Favorite BNG: the quiz/chance ones
    Current Name Crush: Magnolia

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