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    Ruby is very sweet (:
    Ellie is pretty, but I like Elle better (:
    Violet is nice, but not one of my favorites.
    Not a fan of Vivian :/
    Have you thought about Amelia, Pippa, Caroline, Lily, Tatum, Harlow, Briar, Fallon, Gemma?

    My family called my nephew (who was named Rylee) different names for the LONGEST time before his mom finally decided. From Kyler and Abraham! :P I wanted Kyler or Jason :P Maybe next time? Haha (:

    Ruby Phillippa Seefeld is pretty (:
    Ruby Aislin Seefeld
    Ruby Angelina Seefeld
    Ruby Carolina Seefeld
    Ruby Lorelai Seefeld *
    Ruby Genevieve Seefeld
    Ruby Aberdeen Seefeld
    Ruby Catherine Seefeld
    Ruby Amelie Seefeld
    Ruby Anastasia Seefeld
    Ruby Matilda Seefeld *

    Good luck (: && sorry for any repeats!!

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    Julia Seefeld sounds very beautiful and sophisticated to me! It flows well too. (Violet is my second favorite on your list.)

    It is wonderful that you are trying to pick a name that will serve your daughter well. I do hope you use a name you love too. She will likely cherish her name more if she knows you loved it.

    Very best wishes to you and your daughter!!
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    Ruby is a strong, gorgeous name. I wouldn't chicken out and settle for Julia. Ruby Julia Seefeld or Ruby Sophia Seefeld are both beautiful, strong, classic options. Julia seems a little boring compared to Ruby.

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    I love Ruby much more than Julia, but you should go with what you think is best! No one's opinion matters more than yours. If you're still considering it, I would like to suggest Ruby Juliet. Good luck!
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    "I want her to love her name. I want one that doesn't hold her back professionally and doesn't get her teased but still is something she
    values. It's the first real thing I've given her."

    First of all, the first real thing you've given her is LIFE! Her name is secondary. People can change their names later in life, albeit for a fee, if they really need to. Her life & your love are way more important.

    IMO if you've been calling her Ruby for 2 weeks, then you've already named her. Ruby is an adorable name, and it's stuck with you for the last 2 weeks for some reason, even if you're not sure why. When Pam described Ruby as dancing in the middle of the class and being the first to have a boyfriend, I think she was describing a little girl who loves life, is true to herself no matter who is watching and who has a zest and pep for life and adventure.

    You mention that you're worried about giving her a name that doesn't hold her back professionally. If you're worried about the professional possibilities for Ruby, then give her a more classic sounding middle name. If you don't think she could be Judge Ruby Seefeld, then name her Ruby Eleanor Seefeld and she can be Judge R. E. Seefeld... or Judge R. Eleanor Seefeld (I'm not sure why I'm using Eleanor here (it's my mother's name and I really don't see her as a judge lol! but it was suggested by a pp). For a middle, if I were you, I would choose the name of a family member -a grandmother or your mom or someone who has inspired you -who has been successful in life and who has been an example to you.

    As for a child loving her name, I think all kids go through a time when they don't like their names. At one point, I didn't like my name because people often mis-pronounced it and spelled it wrong -even though it's a fairly common, easy name and even though they had known me for years. Now I'm very glad that my name is a little different -it's an easy name if people just hear it pronounced, they just get confused when they see it spelled (my parents chose the EAstern European spelling instead of the more common north american one -though they have NO ties to Eastern Europe!).

    In conclusion -you have already named her Ruby... you just have to write it down on the birth certificate.

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