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    Baby is already here!! Ruby, Violet, or Ellie or Julia or ...


    My daughter was born (early) 2 weeks ago and I was so lost for what to name her that I left the birth certificate blank.

    I've been calling her Ruby but have so many doubts about it. Is it a weird name? Is Ruby the girl in the class who eats glue? Why didn't I just give her a name that everyone else has? I know it's a trending name, but it still seems a bit "weird" - is it?

    So since I didn't lock anything in on the birth certificate, I can still give her any name.

    Please let me know honest opinions. I can do almost anything. How does Ruby compare to Violet or Ellie or Julia or Vivian or ...

    And I haven't even gotten anywhere close to a middle name Please help. My beautiful daughter is asleep in my arms right now, and it kills me that I still really don't have a name for her.

    My last name is similar to "Seefeld" so let's just go with that for the purposes of a name.

    Thank you for all opinions.
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    I think Ruby is a cute name. Violet & Ellie are pretty popular too and I don't care much for Vivian.

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    I adore Ruby! Violet would be my second choice!
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    Ruby is gorgeous, there's nothing weird about it. As a teacher I can assure I don't think Ruby sounds like a girl who eats glue ha!

    Ruby Seefeld sounds perfect to me but if you don't love it maybe it isn't the one?!

    Ellie is just a nickname, Violet Seefeld sounds great too but Violet is probably trendier than Ruby.

    Ruby Vivienne Seefeld or Ruby Eleanor Seefeld would be gorgeous!
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    Ruby is a great name and definitely not weird. I vote stick with it!

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