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    Food BNG :)

    Hi! I'm new here, but I'm going to try my hand at this.

    Girl #1:

    FN: Your favorite Pizza toppings (celeb inspired)

    Plain- Blake
    Veggie Lovers- Callista
    Pepperoni- Demi
    Extra Cheese- Evangeline
    Meat Lovers- Sienna
    Ham & Pineapple- Keira
    Everything- Leighton
    Other- Anniston

    MN: Your favorite drink (supermodel names)
    Water- Caprice
    Coffee- Oluchi
    Tea- Irina
    Juice- Suvi
    Soda/Pop- Natasha
    Energy Drink- Frederique
    Other- Lara

    Boy #1:

    FN: What do you order at fast food restaurants? (Jane Austen names)
    Hamburger/Cheesburger- Elliot
    Chicken Nuggets/Strips- Grey
    Chicken Sandwich- Bertram
    Fish Sandwich- Elton
    Salad- Price
    Kid's Meal- Clay
    Breakfast food- Fitzwilliam
    Other- Russell

    MN: Favorite Lunch Meat (Video game names)
    Turkey- Banjo
    Ham- Goku
    Bologna- Kage
    Chicken- Link
    Salami- Raiden
    Other- Tidus

    Girl #2

    FN: Ice Cream Flavor (Royal Names)
    Vanilla- Anne
    Chocolate- Cecily
    Twist- Elizabeth
    Strawberry- Joan
    Cookies n Cream or Cookie Dough- Philippa
    Mint- Agatha
    Other- Blanche

    MN: Cookies! (Colonial names)
    Chocolate Chip- Comfort
    Peanut Butter- Hecuba
    Sugar- Mahala
    Oatmeal- Prudence
    Snickerdoodle- Temperance
    Other- Azuba

    Boy #2

    FN: Fruit (Mythological)
    Apple- Castor
    Orange- Mars
    Banana- Zephyr
    Grape- Cadmus
    Strawberry- Jupiter
    Other- Silvanus

    MN: Veggie (Saints)
    Corn- Conan
    Carrot- Lorcan
    Peas- Austin
    Green Beans- Fabian
    Broccoli- Romeo
    Tomato- Bruno
    Other- Jonah

    My Answers:
    Girl #1- Sienna Caprice
    Boy #1- Bertram Banjo
    Girl #2- Elizabeth Comfort
    Boy #2- Cadmus Fabian

    Let me know what you like/dislike about this. I hope you had fun!

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