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    Puppies and their Families (2)


    These puppies just turned 8 weeks old and are ready to go to their forever homes.
    4-15 puppies in the litter.

    For each owner roll 50 sided die and add to 20.

    Roll for Gender Odd-Male Even-Female

    Roll for Relationships.
    1. married
    2. under 30 = single 31-45 = married 46+ = divorced
    3. bisexual (odd-male even-female) roll for each ex/current SO
    4. single
    5. homosexual
    6. engaged
    7. married
    8. single
    9. married
    10. divorced
    11. divorced
    12. married
    13. bisexual (odd-female even-male) roll for each current/ex SO
    14. homosexual
    15. boyfriend/girlfriend
    16. engaged
    17. engaged
    18. boyfriend/girlfriend
    19. single
    20. married

    Under 20 no more than 3 kids
    Under 25 no more than 5 kids
    1. 4
    2. roll 8 sided die
    3. 5
    4. 4
    5. none
    6. 1
    7. 7
    8. 3
    9. roll 10 sided die
    10. roll 4 sided die
    11. 2
    12. 6
    13. 2
    14. none
    15. 8
    16. none
    17. roll 6 sided die
    18. 3
    19. 1
    20. none

    Age: Parent's age -15 and roll that number highest=infant.
    If parent is over 55 roll 40 sided die and add number to number of years over 55 parent is.

    Adopted Kids
    Only Roll if Over 25
    1. none
    2. none
    3. roll 4 sided die if over 50
    4. none
    5. roll 4 sided die
    6. none
    7. roll 6 sided die
    8. none
    9. none
    10. roll 4 sided die if no biological children
    11. none
    12. none

    Age: Parent's age -20 real that sided die. Highest Number = infant

    Step Children
    (only if they have a current/ex SO and roll for each current/ex SO)
    1. roll 4 sided die
    2. none
    3. none
    4. none
    5. none
    6. none
    7. roll 6 sided die
    8. roll 4 sided die if more than one current/ex SO
    9. none
    10. none
    11. roll 4 sided die if no biological children
    12. none

    Age: Your Choice

    Roll for Number of Pets:
    1. 6
    2. 3
    3. roll 6 sided die
    4. 1
    5. none
    6. roll 4 sided die
    7. none
    8. none
    9. roll 10 sided die
    10. 1
    11. 2
    12. 5
    13. 4
    14. 7
    15. 4
    16. roll 8 sided die
    17. 8
    18. 3
    19. none
    20. 2

    Roll for Types of Other Pets.
    1. Exotic Animal (chinchilla, monkey, tarantula etc)
    2. Large Breed Dog
    3. Your Choice
    4. Dog (you choose breed/size)
    5. Your Choice
    6. Cat
    7. Farm Animal (cow, horse, goat, chicken etc)
    8. Same as Another Pet
    9. Small Breed Dog
    10. Cat
    11. Giant Breed Dog
    12. Cat
    13. Your Choice
    14. Cat
    15. Medium Breed Dog
    16. Cat
    17. Rodent (hamster, rabbit, gerbil etc)
    18. Reptile (iguana, snake, turtle etc)
    19. Bird (you choose type)
    20. Your Choice

    Roll for People First and Middle Names
    1. Boys: 4 syllables or longer
    2. Boys:
    4. or
    5. (north dakota, 1995)
    6. Starts with E
    11. (name of river)
    12. (all categories)
    13. or
    14. (original or changed name)
    16. Starts with A
    17. (new york, 1987)
    18. Boys:
    Girls: (authors first name)
    19. (vietnamese, slovene, chinese and croatian)
    20. Boys: Martin, Danny, Joe, Chris, Jet, Steve, Benny, Eddy, Jack, Calvin, Damon, Brian, Doug, Laurence, Pat, Eddie, Grayson, Justin, John, Richard, Jesse, Nathan, Huntley, Aaron, Gus, Quinto, Donny, Pete, Harper, Paul, Ozias, Adrian, Damian, Magee, Beale, Girauld, Cabe, Declan, Cymbeline, Cris, Waldo, Jacob, Ezekiel, Aloysius, Sergio, William, Anthony, Woodson, Leo, Antonio
    Girls: Renee, Darlene, Traci, Ebonie, Jordan, Bonnie, Kerry, Eleanor, Andrea, Kirsten, Eliza, Gabrielle, Clare, Nicole, Tsianina, Rini, Shamari, Natina, Brandi, Lindsay, Deborah, Gwen, Ellen, Isis, Ann, Noelle, Camilla, Calliope, Joanna, Blake, Kizzy, Adelaide, Lilith, Mila, Delilah, Harper, Etain, Wednesday, Isla, Sadie, Joni, Nerea, Abreanna, Maize, Willow, Annie, Rashka, Catriona, Abitha, Winona

    Roll for Last Names
    1. Last Name of Famous Painter/Sculptor
    3. (female, last name)
    4. contains an N and V
    7. (last name of senator)
    8. Starts with S
    10. (from scroll on top)

    Roll for Pet Names
    2. (name of celeb or their chihuahua)
    3. (first or last name of celebrity)
    5. Starts with Y
    6. (choose random name)
    7. (ambiguous & all categories)
    8. Contains an O and U
    9. (actor's first name)

    Have Fun. Let me Know what you like and what you don't for future games.

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    British Columbia
    Puppy #1: Valentine

    Owner: Adam Hunter Stark (26, social worker)
    -Owner's roommate: Amy Olivia Stark (22, database administrator)
    --Roommate's DF: Veronika Adelle Conwyn (25, landscape architect)
    -Owner's roommate: Maia Renee Kinsey (23, housekeeper)
    -Owner's roommate: Hazel Roma Ainsley (24, medical secretary)

    Other Pets: Buster (rabbit), Vivian (chicken), Art (dog), Barnaby (pig)

    Puppy #2: Emmy

    Owner: Jeremy Christopher Lane (43, veterinarian)
    -Owner's DF: Erin Dinah Gogh (45, urban planner)

    DD: Carmen Elizabeth Lane (15)
    DS/DD: Adrian Rolph and Annabel Frances Lane (11)
    DS: Rafael Cullen Lane (9)
    DD/DS: Mira Kennedy and Tristan Garrett Lane (8)
    DS: Nelson Tadeus Lane (5)
    DS: Didier Russell Lane (2)

    Other Pets: Chinedu (tarantula), Rocket (cat)

    Puppy #3: York

    Owner: Orion Richard Nayvee (56, college law professor)

    Other Pets: Rayyan (gerbil), Norman (cat), Lou (medium dog)

    Puppy #4: Raven

    Owner: Jon Michael Anthony (51, judge)
    -Owner's DW: Dorothy Louise Sethe (50, accountant)

    DD: Ashley Suzana Anthony (16)

    Other Pets: Dude (parrot), Cougar and Hunter (cats), Grace (medium dog)

    Puppy #5: Fran

    Owner: Kelly Rita Monet (21, electrician)
    -Owner's roommate: Ella Cheng Simon (21, ferrier)

    Other Pets: Aurora and Murphy (medium dogs)

    Puppy #6: Majesty

    Owner: Hudson Leo Renoir (27, firefighter)
    --Owner's ex: Clara Ruby Vent (30, clinical labratory technician)
    -Owner's roommate: Morgan Victoria Hatfield (25, physical therapist)
    --Roommate's ex: John Booker Owen (30, insurance agent)
    -Owner's roommate: Mars Lawrence Corbett (30, Musician)
    --Roommate's DGF: Brooke Alexandra Griffin (30, Designer)
    -Owner's roommate: Robert Charles Never (32, gay, compliance officer)

    Other Pets: Brian and Winston (cats), Lucky (small dog), Rene (medium dog), Minka, Lilou and Clancy (chickens)

    Puppy #7: Sasha

    Owner: Hugh Andrew Cassidy (47, maintenance repair worker)
    --Owner's ex: Lilijana Maria Sanchez (45, personal care aide)
    -Owner's DGF: Ina Grace Neville (44, elementary school teacher)

    DD: Avalon Asha Cassidy (19)
    DS: Matthias Edwin Cassidy (14)

    Puppy #8: Jamie

    Owner: Malda Salome Novak (28, event planner)

    Other Pets: Yorick (canary)

    Puppy #9: Peter

    Owner: Charley Joseph Shoemaker (38, mason)
    -Owner's DW: Leonie Pearl Stahl (40, historian)

    DS: Atticus John Shoemaker (18)
    DD/DD: Esther Georgia and Isla Amalia Shoemaker (17)
    DD: Margaret Stella Shoemaker (4)

    Other Pets: Winnie and Daisy (cats), Drew (large dog)

    Puppy #10: Yarrow

    Owner: Maxine Sydney Teagan (28, marriage and family therapist)

    DS: James Talon Kelly (5)

    Other Pets: Tulip (medium dog), Ivy (large dog)

    Love these games! With this animal adoption format, I've been creating young households (under 30 if single) with roommates instead of romantic relationships and children because I find it more believable and relevant to my current life situation
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    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    15 Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

    Puppy 1: Crumb (f)

    Jesse Orion Avian (34)
    middle school math teacher
    --DW: Ida Frances {Clea} Avian (34)
    commercial fisherman
    ----DD: Yesenia Brenna Avian (18)
    ----DS: Emmett Wyatt Avian (18)
    ----DD: Amelia Tefeth Avian (16)
    ----DD: Phoebe Ascella Avian (13)
    ----DD: Jaimie Fase Avian (12)
    ----DS: Paul Meteor Avian (12)
    ----DS: Conrad Kizil Avian (7)
    ------Beaglier (Beagle/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel): Perry (m) (9)
    ------Asian Cat: Rosie (f) (19)
    ------Bernese Mountain Dog: David (m) (9)

    Puppy 2: Molly (f)

    Asa Akker Navajo (51)
    newspaper editor
    --DW: Clare Verica {Novak} Navajo (53)
    magnetometer operator
    ----DAS: Cellini Alan Winifred (25) {Louis and Equina's brother}
    ----DD: Elwanda Janwillem Navajo (22)
    ----DD: Jordyn Leonie Navajo (22)
    ----DAS: Louis Parker Winifred (21) {Cellini and Equina's brother}
    ----DD: Anea Tiete Navajo (21)
    ----DS: Henry Ezekiel Navajo (19)
    ----DS: Aden Ray Navajo (18)
    ----DAD: Equina Bonnie Winifred (17) {Cellini and Louis's brother}
    ----DS: Eugene Tungo Navajo (13)
    ----DS: Zachary Adam Navajo (10)

    Puppy 3: Danielle (f) "Dani"

    Eliza Rudy Katia (23)
    children's book author
    --DH: Aleister Cassius Derek (30)
    tactical unmanned aerial vehicle operations technician {armed forces}
    ------Sugar Glider: Tracey (f) (5)
    ------Exotic Shorthair Cats: Oulea (f) (14) & Dashiell (m) (6)
    ------Chihuahuas: Cody (m) (12) & Young (m) (15)

    Puppy 4: Aquila (f)

    Ka Osias Lennon (49)
    political adviser
    --DGF: Nicole Victoria Parvana (45)
    obstetric sonographer
    ----DD: Leila Kristen Parvana (26)
    ------Tarantula: Dumisani (3)
    ------Scorpion: Yara (3)

    Puppy 5: Alexandra (f) "Allie"

    Masa Rachel Nia (35)
    delivery driver
    --DF: Marko Jet Marin (41)
    marine biologist
    ----DAS: Hugh Eddy Marin (3)

    Puppy 6: Hunter (m)

    Amanda Tully Undine (65)
    anatomical pathologist
    --DBF: Paskal Aruwimi Mehitabel (68) "Kal"
    slot machine attendant
    ----DAS: Jeremy Gage Mehitabel-Undine (43)
    ----DAS: Aza David Harrington (36) --Nika and Angel's brother--
    ----DAS: Nika Muhammad Harrington (32) --Aza and Angel's brother--
    ----DAS: Angel Dariel Harrington (30) --Aza and Nika's brother--
    ----DD: Noely Philomena Undine (22)
    ----DS: Neriah Asoc Undine (13)
    ------Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs: Yusef (m) (8) & Yeti (m) (14)
    ------Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix: Tovia (f) (15)

    Puppy 7: Ashton (m) "Ash"

    Virginia Callie Winslow (28)
    air traffic controller
    --DF: Zachary Erwin Nuevo (30) Henrietta's Nephew

    Puppy 8: Pouf (f)

    Andreas Bogart Farraday (53)
    2nd grade teacher
    ----DD: Ilenda Emily Farraday (27)
    ----DD: Sankuru Hannah Farraday (23)
    --DF: Aubrey Leah Raphael (45)
    elementary school special education assistant
    ----DS: Emanuel Nicolae Farraday (11)
    ----DD: Amanda Stephanie Farraday (4)

    Puppy 9: Knightley (m)

    Brian David Dolph (25)
    cardiopulmonary technologist
    --DF: Shaula Courtney Stein (27)
    administrative assistant
    ------Old English Sheepdog: Gerrit (m) (6)
    ------American Shorthair Cat: Paul (m) (16)

    Puppy 10: Romeo (m)

    Lucas Calido Arthur (68)
    instructional specialist
    ----DD: Semba Amaya O'Keeffe (45)
    --DW: Henrietta Eteith {Nuevo} Arthur (66) Zachary's Aunt
    health and human services director
    ----DS: Alejandro Eric Arthur (30)
    ----DS: Armigo Brandon Arthur (27)

    Puppy 11: Rudolph (m) "Rudy"

    Emma Leah Hayes (53)
    metallurgical engineer
    ----DS: Yves Abdiel Hayes-Obadiah (30)
    ----DS: Jasper Aiden Hayes-Obadiah (29)
    ----DD: Catherine Ania Hayes-Obadiah (29)
    ----DS: Avery Ashton Hayes (22)
    ----DD: Emily Alyse Hayes (18)
    ----DS: Jeremiah Aras Hayes (11)
    ----DD: Ranka Azha Corbin-Hayes (1)
    ------Hedgehog: Stephen (m) (1)
    ------Brittany Spaniel: Obue (m) (19)
    ------Hamster: Choo-Choo (m) (2)
    ------Manx Cat: Charlie (m) (2)

    Puppy 12: Shelby (f)

    Christopher Danny Mulkey (47)
    ditch digger
    ----DS: Frederico Dmitar Leland (31)
    ----DS: Alexander Tom Matthew (23)
    ----DS: Jeremiah Edward Matthew (21)
    ----DS: Demetrius Felix Mulkey-Verena (14)
    ------American Cocker Spaniel: Buck (m) (12)
    ------Korat Cats: Okuro (m) (8) & Talon (m) (7) & Ira (m) (5 months)
    ------Bernese Mountain Dog: Ouida (f) (6)
    ------Sphynx Cat: Juno (f) (13)

    Puppy 13: Buster (m)

    Efrain Jizo Sasnick (52)
    fitness trainer
    --DGF: Bryony Sarah Kolvin (50)
    paper cutter
    ----DD: Audrey Zosma Kolvin (5)
    ------Singapura Cat: Mousy (m) (16)
    ------Korat Cat: Cruz (m) (17)
    ------Bernese Mountain Dog: Harris (5)

    Puppy 14: Oberon (m) "Obie"

    Zoe Guinivere Neuberger (49)
    marine oil terminal superintendent
    ----DS: Henry Arthur Neuberger (14)
    ------Boxer: Banjo (m) (3 months)
    ------Brazilian Shorthair Cat: Chris (m) (8)
    ------Gold Fish: Finnian (4)

    Puppy 14: Oscar (m)

    Ascella Astra Orleanna (24) {bi}
    park ranger
    ----DS: Filip Isaac Simmons (7)
    ----DS: Connor Peregrine Simmons (5)
    ------Scottish Fold Cat: Cobie (f) (15)
    ------Budgie Parakeet: Audio (f) (6)
    ------Medium Size Mix Breed Dog: Gibson (m) (17)

    Puppy 15: Chocolate (m) "Coco"

    Celestino Elias Mitchell (39) "Tino"
    --DW: Sabrina Christena {Novak} Mitchell (34)
    livestock auctioneer
    ----DSS: Franck Alex Ainsley (18)
    ----DSS: Jude Anno Ainsley (18)
    ----DS: Justin Asa Mitchell (11)
    ------Turkish Angora Cat: Teryl (f) (19)

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    8 Siberian Husky puppies!

    Puppy One: Tyson
    Owner (34): Natalie Adira Robin
    -DexH (39): Sabik Bura Naveed
    --ADD (3): Zoe Elizabeth Naveed
    --ADS/ADD (1): Francisco Michael Naveed & Mackenzie Nicole Naveed

    Other pets:
    -Siberian Husky named Sadie
    -Chinchilla named Milo

    Natalie & Sabik have Zoe, Frankie, Kenzie, Sadie, & Milo, and now Tyson

    Puppy Two: Murphy
    Owner (30): Dylan Matthew Thomas
    --DS (12): Asher Scott Thomas

    Other pets:
    -Parrot named Basil
    -Australian Shepherd named Delilah
    -Rabbit named Thor
    -Cat named Louie
    -Cat named Darby

    Dylan has Asher, Basil, Delilah, Thor, Louie, & Darby, and now Murphy

    Puppy Three: Sophia
    Owner (47): Emmett Murray Varano
    -DexW (46): Emily Magdelena Teagan
    --DS (28): Josiah Lachlan Varano "Joey"
    --DS (24): Samuel Levi Varano "Sam"

    Other pets:
    -Cat named Otis
    -Cat named Sidney

    Emmett & Emily have Joey & Sam; Emmett has Otis & Sidney, and now has Sophia

    Puppy Four: Misty
    Owner (26): Phoebe Elizabeth Underwood
    -Boyfriend (27): Alexander John Williams "Alex"
    --DS/DS (1): Mason Robert Williams & Bennett Andrew Williams "Mason & Ben"

    Other pets:
    -Cat named Ashton
    -Cat named Archibald "Archie"

    Phoebe & Alex have Mason, Ben, Ashton, & Archie, and now Misty

    Puppy Five: Troy
    Owner (70): Grant Isaac Monet
    -Partner (68): Nathaniel Lewis Scott
    --ADD (20): Sofia Harper Scott-Monet
    --ADS (18): Joel Matthew Scott-Money "Joey"
    --ADD (15): Indigo Joan Scott-Monet "Indie"
    --ADS (14): Margot Alexis Scott-Monet
    --DSD (30): Lila Danielle Scott

    Other pets:
    -Cat named Graham

    Grant & Nathaniel have Sofia, Joey, Indie, Margot, Lila, & Graham, and now Troy

    Puppy Six: Joey
    Owner (44): Izar Kendrick Segura "Kenny"
    -DW (43): Amelia Anne Segura (nee Klein)
    --DD (22): Audrey Tereza Segura
    --DD (14): Sadie Aurora Segura
    --DS (11): Hunter Osias Segura
    --DS (8): Dylan Alexandre Segura
    --DS (6): James Isaiah Segura

    Other pets:
    -Rabbit named Linux
    -Rabbit named Jolie

    Kenny & Amelia have Audrey, Sadie, Hunter, Dylan, James, Linux, & Jolie, and now Joey

    Puppy Seven: Dinah
    Owner (37): Mia Eloise Kendall
    -DexBF (39): Evan Michael Schmidt
    --DD (16): Lydia Molly Schmidt
    --DS (12): Elijah Landon Schmidt "Eli"
    -DexH (36): Aaron Nathaniel Wood
    --DD (7): Delilah Eren Wood
    --DS (6): Garrett Levi Wood
    --DS (5): Gavin Robert Wood
    -DexF (38): Oscar Timothy Neville
    --DD/DD (1): Ariana Noelle Neville & Faith Calliope Neville

    Other pets: None

    Mia & Evan have Lydia & Eli; Mia & Aaron have Delilah, Garrett, & Gavin; Mia & Oscar have Ariana & Faith; Mia now has Dinah

    Puppy Eight: Aspen
    Owner (25): Leo Anthony Baker

    Other pets:
    -Goldfish named Tulip
    -Goat named Garth
    -Snake named Honey
    -Gerbil named Olaf

    Leo has Tulip, Garth, Honey, & Olaf, and now Aspen
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    Nov 2010
    British Columbia
    Puppy 1: Louie

    Sofia Angela Hayes (70, Microbiologist)

    Pets: Jupiter and Scorpius (iguanas), Clyde and Eva (lovebirds), Basil, Rufus and Graham (cats), Waldo (medium dog)

    Puppy 2: Wiggles

    Harrison Albert Ellis (38, Speech-Language Pathologist)
    DGF: Anna Rachel Ellis (MN: Peyton, 40, Electrical Engineer)

    DD: Margot Caroline Ellis (15)
    ADD: Antonia Annabel Ellis (7)

    Pets: Mickey (cat), Yarrow (chicken), Yellowwood (pheasant)

    Puppy 3: Hudson

    Mason James Sullivan (46, Truck Driver)
    ex-DW: Jennifer Lila Darcey (45, Cost Estimator)

    DS: Christopher Eram Sullivan (25, Landscaper & Groundskeeper)
    DS: Austin Riley Sullivan (18, Cashier)

    DGF: Karmen Kiri Slater (39, Massage Therapist)

    DS: William Jefferson Sullivan (5)

    Pets: Art and Grace (parrots), Zoey (cat)

    Puppy 4: Paws

    Zuri Nyssa Delazon (61, Landscape Architect)

    DS: Adrian Derek Edison (37, Surveyor)
    DD: Victoria Alanis Edison (37, Paralegal)
    DS: Joseph Mars Edison (37, IT Manager)
    ADD: Lydia Pearl Bennington (19, Student)
    ADD: Delilah Lena Bennington (19, Student)
    ADD: Maxine Oona Delazon (7)

    Pets: Joshua and Mark (gerbils), Judy (snake), Ruby (rabbit), Leland and Yorick (cats), Stellan (medium dog)

    Puppy 5: Scout

    William Shayne Ramsey (49, Patrol Officer)
    DW: Miranda Louise Ramsey (MN: Sweeney, 50, Registered Nurse)

    DD: Paige Daria Ramsey (17)

    Pets: Harley (medium dog), Reese (large dog), Bear (giant dog)

    Puppy 6: Bluebell

    Avalon Pearl Wilder (26, Painter)
    DW: Tara Ashlyn Rutherford (28, Historian)

    DS: Adam Gabriel Wilder (5)

    Pets: Greg (cat)

    Puppy 7: Yates

    Phoebe Ana Winslow (62, Respiratory Therapist)
    DF: Esme Noelle Windsor (54, Physicist)

    DD: Rose Eleanor Kelly (40, School Psychologist)
    DD: Hester Elizabeth Kelly (38, Writer)
    DS: Julian Evan Kelly (34, Professor)
    DD: Renee Xue Kelly (33, Accountant)
    ADD: Mabel Estee Windsor-Winslow (27, Substance Abuse Counselor)
    ADD: Sadie Esme Windsor-Winslow (26, Doctor)

    Pets: Rosie, Ted and Hal (canaries), Isla (cat), Lilou (small dog), Clancy and Duke (medium dogs)

    Puppy 8: Emmy

    Mia Sky Sawyer (25, Pharmacist)
    DF: Jackson Alexander Denver (33, Food Scientist)

    DD/DS: Nina Ellen and Philip Timour Denver (1)

    Pets: Zeus (parrot), Sasha (cat)

    Puppy 9: Darling

    Eddy Michael Sun (40, Urban Planner)
    DW: Lenore Alexandra Sun (MN: Grant, 40, Judge)

    DS: Daniel Mika Sun (18, Student)
    DD: Sarah Mackenzie Sun (14)
    DD: Kate Mariana Sun (10)

    Pets: Rogue (chicken), Yolanda and Henry (medium dogs), Lotus (giant dog), Paderau (pig)

    Puppy 10: Saturn

    Elmmeline Mary "Emmy" Valentine (56, Clinical Laboratory Technician)
    DH: Jeremiah Elias Rafferty (60, Construction Manager)

    DS: Jasper Timothy Rafferty (25, Compliance Officer)
    ADD: Maia Star Rafferty (18, Student)
    ADS: Emmett Toman Rafferty (2)

    Pets: Yara and Lovely (rabbits), Juno (small dog)
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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