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    Name your baby with numbers and dates!

    Here's another quiz for you to do, I've noticed everyone is enjoying them! Although, I just want to say, I've seen a few people use the exact same quiz as I do but change the names. I wouldn't mind if you asked, but I spend a lot of time making these up just for others to get the credit which is unfair. But if you do decide to use them just ask, or credit me when you use them. I'm not angry, It's nice to see people wanting to use my quizzes...but I feel like all my work was for nothing when other people use them and get credit. Thank you!

    To choose the first name for your first daughter choose your birth month.

    January- Jessica
    February- Dominique
    March- Lydia
    April- Verity
    May- Indigo
    June- Eliza
    July- Tamara
    August- Cecily
    September- Daisy
    October- Rhiannon
    November- Dorothy
    December- Elsie

    To choose the middle name for your first daughter choose the date of your birthday.

    1st-5th- Marie
    6th-9th- Etta
    10th-14th- Rosalie
    15th-17th- Ivy
    18th-20th- Anwen
    21st-23rd- Beth
    24th-26th- Gwen
    27th-31st- Poesy

    DD #1 name=

    To choose the first name for your first son, choose the amount of siblings you have.

    0- Grant
    1- William
    2- Thatcher
    3- Griffin
    4- Alexander
    5+- Blaise
    If you're one half of twins- Oscar

    To choose the middle name for your first son, choose the amount of children you want (or have.)

    0- Jack
    1- Nicholas
    2- Ezekiel
    3- Lennon
    4- Maddox
    5- Stanley
    You want/have twins or triplets- Colten

    DS #1 name=

    To choose the first name of your second daughter, choose the month you got/want to get married.

    January- Lauren
    February- Theodora
    March- Adelaide
    April- Phoebe
    May- Bronwen
    June- Eleonora
    July- Katarina
    August- Ophelia
    September- Roxanne
    October- Willow
    November- Carrie
    December- Holly

    To choose the middle name of your second daughter, choose a random number.

    23- Clemence
    7- Erin
    48- May
    82- Heather
    11- Jane
    63- Kate
    50- Vivian
    12- Amy
    4- Elise
    39- Marisol

    DD #2 name=

    To choose the first name of your second son, choose an era you would like to live in.

    1800's- Marcus
    1920's- Samuel
    1940's- Phineas
    1950's- Walden
    1960's- Joseph
    1970's- Micah
    1980's- Asher
    1990's- Callum
    Happy in this era- Lucas

    To choose a middle name for your second son, choose the month of your mother or father's birthday.

    January- Jude
    February- Nathaniel
    March- Matthew
    April- Thomas
    May- Frederick
    June- Huw
    July- Beckett
    August- River
    September- Gable
    October- Vincent
    November- Cooper
    December- Noel

    DS #2 name=

    Hope you enjoyed!
    Libby Felicity Annalise Isla Phoebe Carina Violet Martha Ariana | Iowan Macsen Henry Isaac Jude Freddie Aneurin Niall Adair

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    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    DD #1 name= Dominique Beth

    DS #1 name= William Colten

    DD #2 name= Willow Elise

    DS #2 name= Lucas Frederick

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