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    Junior Member, Member, Senior Member? What does it mean?

    I've seen the titles, and I'm just wondering exactly what it means...What does it take to move up in rankings? What's the difference between being a senior member or a junior member?
    Just curious.
    - Mandy
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    Junior Member is 25 posts, I think, Member is 50 possibly, and Senior Member is 100 posts probably. I'm not sure. I started out as a Junior Member too. Its quite confusing, IMO!
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    Rank is based on number of posts. Between 0-49 your rank is junior member. A member is 50-99 posts. A senior member starts at 100 posts, and that's your rank, pretty much forever. Otherwise there's no difference. As a senior member, I have no different benefits then a junior member or just a member.
    Hope that clears up the confusion!

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    I've been wondering about that!
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    Thanks for clearing this up!

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