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    Hadley Juliet
    Natalia Fiona
    Patrick Nathaniel
    Jasper William

    I think all of the fn/mn combos work well together, but don't seem the same style for siblings.

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    Jul 2011
    DD: Violet Olivia
    DD: Ginny Wren
    DD: Patrick Nathaniel (Patch)
    DS: Harry William

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    Aug 2012

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    May 2012
    Can't wait to leave, Oklahoma
    Lucille Mae-not a big fan of Lucille but love Mae!
    Ginny Fiona-nonononononono do not like
    James Nathaniel-LOVE!
    Thomas William-ALSO LOVE!
    Catherine, an actress, dancer, singer, brainiac with a guilty pleasure of names.
    Current favorites: Lilliana Joy, Marley Sophia, Isabella Diane, Gabrielle Jolie, Charlotte Amelia, Callista Berlin, Hope Adrienne, Isis Amelie, Austen Elisabeth, Jetta Blue; Wesley Owen, Benson Chase, Matthew Keaton, Brandon Kyle, Carson Gabriel, Elias Marshall, Anderson Cade, Xander Hale, Josiah Henry, Spencer Steven

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    South Carolina
    DD: Hadley Rose - I like it
    DD: Mandy Wren - It's cute
    DS: James Nathaniel - Eh...
    DS: Thomas George - Ew
    Little Bean #1: Due June 27, 2017
    Will the baby be
    Korra Jane, or
    Kai Woodford?

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