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    Name: Maisie Susannah Horton
    Age: 23

    When you are in your favourite coffee shop, you catch a handsome man looking at you. After a while he comes over and asks if he can sit next to you. You nod. You both talk for a while and you find out his name is Caleb Tobias Griffin

    Caleb's age: 23

    You really like him and 6 weeks later you are a couple. A year after that he proposes.

    What does your dress look like?:

    A year after that you fall pregnant with identical twin girls named Genevieve Hope & Hazel Grace Griffin

    Two years after that, you, your husband and the twins are on holiday in France.

    While in France, you adopt a brother and a sister named Rheya Amélie Griffin & Devlin Maximus Griffin

    A few weeks after returning from holiday, you feel a bit funny, so you go to the doctors and find out you are pregnant with a boy named Talon Justice Griffin.

    A year after your youngest is born, your 16 year old sister rings you up crying. She is pregnant but doesn't want to keep the baby, so you offer to adopt it. She agrees and 8 months later, your nephew/son is born. His name is Benjamin Lewis Griffin.

    Your house is now almost full. You and your husband decide to try for one last baby, triplet girls named Anastasia Wren, Josephine Brooke, & Penelope Maeve Griffin.

    You are now happy with your family.

    Maisie Susannah {Horton} Griffin, 30 & Caleb Tobias Griffin, 30
    - Genevieve Hope Griffin & Hazel Grace Griffin, 7
    - Rheya Amélie Griffin & Devlin Maximus Griffin, 5 {Adopted in France}
    - Talon Justice Griffin, 3
    - Benjamin Lewis Griffin, 2 {Adopted from sister}
    - Anastasia Wren, Josephine Brooke, & Penelope Maeve Griffin, nb

    Maisie & Caleb Griffin
    - Genny, Hazel, Rheya, Dev, TJ, Ben, Ani, Posy, & Penny Griffin.
    I would rather have a few small speed bumps slow me down,
    causing me to spill my coffee on my dress,
    than ever hand someone else the keys to my life.
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    Alicia Cook

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