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    Wink 5 Families with Initials - can you name them?

    Should be simple enough. I'll give you initials - father, mother, and children - and you'll give them names! The last initial on each one is the surname.

    FAMILY #1
    Surname: J
    Father: TAJ
    Mother: DMJ
    Daughter: AMJ
    Son 1: JAJ
    Son 2: BTJ

    FAMILY #2
    Surname: G
    Father: JAG
    Mother: TDG
    Son 1: ALG
    Daughter: ABG
    Son 2: TWG

    FAMILY #3:
    Surname: B
    Father: GAB
    Mother: ABB
    Son: CHB
    Daughter: CMB

    FAMILY #4:
    Surname: M
    Father: GLM
    Mother: LFM
    Daughter 1: BAM
    Son: IGM
    Daughter 2: SGM

    FAMILY #5:
    Surname: N
    Father: JWN
    Mother: ABN
    Son 1: SAN
    Daughter 1: VJN
    Son 2: TGN
    Daughter 2: EBN
    Daughter 3: LMN

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    FAMILY #1
    Surname: Jones
    Father: Theodore Avery Jones "Theo"
    Mother: Dahlia Marie Jones
    Daughter: Adalyn Marie Jones
    Son 1: Jude Avery Jones
    Son 2: Bennett Theodore Jones

    FAMILY #2
    Surname: Guidry
    Father: Jackson Asa Guidry
    Mother: Taylor Deleigh Guidry
    Son 1: Asher Landon Guidry
    Daughter: Ava Brielle Guidry
    Son 2: Tatum Wyatt Guidry

    FAMILY #3:
    Surname: Bridges
    Father: Garrett Anderson Bridges
    Mother: Alexis Blair Bridges
    Son: Cabot Harrison Bridges
    Daughter: Cambrie Mae Bridges

    FAMILY #4:
    Surname: Merritt
    Father: Gavin Lane Merritt
    Mother: Lydia Faith Merritt
    Daughter 1: Brenna Amelia Merritt
    Son: Isaac Gavin Merritt
    Daughter 2: Stella Grace Merritt

    FAMILY #5:
    Surname: Nolan
    Father: James William Nolan
    Mother: Anneliese Bridget Nolan
    Son 1: Samuel Allen Nolan
    Daughter 1: Vivienne Jane Nolan
    Son 2: Trevor Gray Nolan
    Daughter 2: Evangeline Bridget Nolan
    Daughter 3: Lola Magdalena Nolan

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    FAMILY #1
    Father: Truman Andrew Jones
    Mother: Deanna Margaret Jones
    Daughter: Antonia Margaret Jones *Annie*
    Son 1: Jasper Andrew Jones *Jaz*
    Son 2: Benedict Truman Jones *Ben*

    Truman and Deanna with Annie, Jaz, and Ben

    FAMILY #2
    Father: Jonah Adam Gould
    Mother: Tilly Diane Gould
    Son 1: Aldo Lucas Gould
    Daughter: Aya Beatrice Gould
    Son 2: Teo Wallace Gould

    Jonah & Tilly with Aldo, Aya, and Teo

    FAMILY #3:
    Father: Grayer Arthur Beckett
    Mother: Alba Brielle Beckett
    Son: Crispin Henry Beckett
    Daughter: Celia Madelyn Beckett

    Grayer & Alba with Crispin and Celia

    FAMILY #4:
    Father: Guthrie Lionel McCabe
    Mother: Linnea Frances McCabe
    Daughter 1: Bethany Alice McCabe *Beth*
    Son: Ian Guthrie McCabe
    Daughter 2: Sylvia Grace McCabe *Sylvie*

    Guthrie & Linnea with Beth, Ian, and Sylvie

    FAMILY #5:
    Father: Judson William Nelson
    Mother: Avia Breanne Nelson
    Son 1: Sawyer Andre Nelson
    Daughter 1: Vada Jean Nelson
    Son 2: Tucker Gregory Nelson
    Daughter 2: Echo Breanne Nelson
    Daughter 3: Lillia Madison Nelson

    Judson & Avia with Sawyer, Vada, Tucker, Echo, and Lillia

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    FAMILY #1
    Surname: James
    Father: Thomas Anderson James
    Mother: Desiree Michele James
    Daughter: Amity Mauriel James
    Son 1: Jonathan Andrew James
    Son 2: Brighton Theodore James

    FAMILY #2
    Surname: Garrett
    Father: Jensen Alan Garrett
    Mother: Tana Deleigh Garrett
    Son 1: Amos Lincoln Garrett
    Daughter: Abigail Bronte Garrett
    Son 2: Theo William Garrett

    FAMILY #3:
    Surname: Briggs
    Father: Garrison Albright Briggs
    Mother: Amy Beatrice Briggs
    Son: Cayden Henry Briggs
    Daughter: Caitlyn Maeve Briggs

    FAMILY #4:
    Surname: Morris
    Father: Graydon Leland Morris
    Mother: Leslie Fern Morris
    Daughter 1: Bailey Alexa Morris
    Son: Ian Gregory Morris
    Daughter 2: Sullivan Gunnar Morris

    FAMILY #5:
    Surname: Nathanson
    Father: Jack William Nathanson
    Mother: Allison Bee Nathanson
    Son 1: Sebastian Alistair Nathanson
    Daughter 1: Vivian Janelle Nathanson
    Son 2: Thomas Gareth Nathanson
    Daughter 2: Eleanor Belle Nathanson
    Daughter 3: Lillith Margaret Nathanson
    Married my bestfriend 5/11
    Angel Baby Riley Bean 8/13
    Mama to Murron Lydia Genevieve 10/20

    Solomon Jace
    Friedan Henri
    Sullivan Wilde
    Francis Hart
    Phelan Wallace
    Caedmon Wolfe
    Emerich Frost
    Willem Rupert Charles
    Nashua Hartley

    Agatha Helena Pearl
    Cordelia Henrietta Lucille
    Hadassah Francine
    Livia Pearl
    Enid Sylvia Inez/ Gertrude
    Florence Adele
    Agnes Linnea Frances
    Avia Liora Ruth
    Imogen Allegra Edith
    Junia Edith
    Cleora Josephine Helen

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    FAMILY #1
    Surname: Jonas
    Father: Thomas Alexander Jonas
    Mother: Denise Marie Jonas
    Daughter: Anabelle Magnolia Jonas
    Son 1: Jacob Alexander Jonas
    Son 2: Benjamin Theodore Jonas

    FAMILY #2
    Surname: Galifinakis
    Father: Jeremy Ansel Galifinakis
    Mother: Tracy Delaney Galifinakis
    Son 1: Austin Lance Galifinakis
    Daughter: Amelia Beatrice Galifinakis
    Son 2: Trevor Wyatt Galifinakis

    FAMILY #3:
    Surname: Beck
    Father: Gavin Anderson Beck
    Mother: Alyson Bernadette Beck
    Son: Christopher Hyde Beck
    Daughter: Catalina Marina Beck

    FAMILY #4:
    Surname: Montoya
    Father: Gordon Lucas Montoya
    Mother: Laila Florence Montoya
    Daughter 1: Bailey Alexis Montoya
    Son: Ian Gordon Montoya
    Daughter 2: Sarah Genevieve Montoya

    FAMILY #5:
    Surname: Nile
    Father: Jared William Nile
    Mother: Adela Bridgette Nile
    Son 1: Santiago Ace Nile
    Daughter 1: Vienna Jade Nile
    Son 2: Topher Gage Nile
    Daughter 2: Emmaline Bette Nile
    Daughter 3: Leighton Mace Nile
    Favorite Names:
    Lucy Melrose|Jane Madeline|Sophia Matisse|Emma Rosalie|Liliana Roma|Charlotte Helena
    Benjamin Knox|Ryan Chandler|Mason Jericho|Noah Sebastian|Liam Phoenix|James Flynn

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